Here is a one-size-fits-all universal social media downloader. You can download not only Instagram content, but you can also save content from Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Keep any content from IG, FB and other social platforms you like on your device whenever you want.

Why is that so?

Use it as a Facebook downloader — to save images from the timeline or any profile, or as an Instagram story downloader. You can also download GIFs from Twitter and any type of content from Twitch. Saving content on your device memory is really popular in 2020.

Instagram Downloader

This universal Instagram downloader is created just for getting the best high-quality content from Instagram in seconds.

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Facebook Downloader

The ideal tool to get all content from any public Facebook account right on your device.

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Twitter Downloader

Use this simple Video Downloader for Twitter to save any video right from the social media platform on any device.

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Twitch Downloader

Try the Downloader for Twitch to keep streams from this network on your computer or mobile device.

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Why do people use the best Downloader for Instagram, Facebook and more?

For content curation

Lots of Twitter and Facebook videos are really worthy of being saved forever on your device to be used as part of a blogger review, or a journalist documentary. And these platforms don’t offer saving of videos directly in the app or the website — so it is better to use the special tool for this goal.

So you can bookmark this page and always have a Twitter video downloader and Facebook video downloader on hand. Twitch is not such a popular social media platform to save from. But it also has a large amount of worthy videos on different topics that are really great to save on your device for the future — especially when we are looking for user-generated content for your brand.

To have content for future memories

People download Instagram photos to keep for future memories. They are making albums with various photos of their friends, or albums for events — this is their insurance that all the treasures will stay forever in their pocket.

To save something forever

This kind of tool is quite popular in 2020 as people want to keep content on their device memory forever. It doesn’t seem as safe to keep everything just on the social media platform. In this era of the internet we all understand how fragile social media platforms are. And how your data are unprotected. It is better to have a comfortable and simple tool to save everything you need right on your device and have it in your hand now.

For repurposing content

Not the least popular reason to save Instagram photos is to reuse them in the original quality for repurposing content. For instance, you can reuse the content for your professional goals, for design reasons, as a part of your art, etc.

Need Any Help?

Read our blog to learn more about some new techniques for Instagram promotion. If you have any questions about our service, visit our FAQ section.
What is Inflact?
Inflact is a multi-purpose service that includes modules for Instagram promotion. Influencers, bloggers, and simple users can choose tools based on their needs. We offer free and paid services for building your audience, managing content, and communicating with clients.

All modules can be used independently of each other.

What are the Inflact modules?
On our website, you will find the following modules:

  1. Promo module. A smart AI-based system that drives potential clients/followers to your account via targeting.
  2. Direct module. A fully-fledged CRM for Instagram where you can keep data about clients and manage bulk and auto messaging.
  3. Posting module. A scheduler for Instagram content with the smart feature "Auto-updated description."
Also, we offer a bunch of other useful tools: Hashtag Generator, User Search, Profile Analyzer, Downloaders for content from social networks, anonymous Stories and Profile Viewers, and a Font Generator.

Read this guide for beginners for more details.

I've got a question. What should I do?
Contact our support team 24/7 via chat or at
How can the Promo module improve my Instagram growth and sales?
When you connect an Instagram account to the Promo module, it will interact with accounts you set as a target. This results in users checking on your account and (if they like your content/products) becoming your followers or customers.

The Promo module is smart and never interacts with random people. You can use 3 methods for targeting:

  • Usernames. The system will like, watch stories, follow/unfollow these users plus their followers. For example, you can research your competitors' usernames to interact with their followers (your potential clients).
  • Hashtags. The system will engage with users that apply specific hashtags. Hashtags help to identify niche-specific content and the right accounts.
  • Locations. Inflact will boost activity in the locations you choose as a target. For example, if you sell products for the USA market, it will find people by the US geotags.
You can choose what actions Inflact should perform – like, follow, unfollow (after three days).

Read this guide for beginners to discover more details.
What is the Direct module, and why is it helpful?
The Direct module is more than a desktop messenger. It's a CRM system that is essential if you manage a business on Instagram. It's your assistant that can boost sales with just one automated message you plan in advance.

  • You build an intimate relationship with new followers via welcome messages. Offer them a discount to stimulate first sales.
  • You don't need to be online 24/7 to answer the same questions. Pre-plan replies for everyday issues to help people who are interested in your services.
  • You can gain crazy revenue by reaching out via bulk messages. Nurture connections with clients via offers you can send privately in DM.
  • Your Instagram customer base is organized. Use labels, address fields, and notes to collect clients' data in one place. The tool is powered by a search bar where you can enter keywords to find people.
As you see, this module is a perfect solution for those who need a Direct inbox for making money and building a brand image.

What are the benefits of the Posting module?
The Posting module is a convenient scheduler for Instagram. When you plan posts, you benefit in these ways:

  • No need to think about what to post every day. Schedule posts once or twice a month. You can plan images, videos, carousels, stories.
  • Descriptions will be updated automatically. You can use up to 90 hashtags thanks to this function. This feature can really increase the accounts you may reach organically.
  • Edit after posting. You can modify captions from the desktop after publishing.
Why should I use the Hashtag Generator?
Hashtags work like Instagram ads, but free. Since users can follow hashtags on Instagram, your posts are likely to appear in their feed. Also, hashtags make your posts searchable and help the algorithm show them to potential followers.

It's inconvenient to discover hashtags in the Instagram app. That's why we offer an AI-based tool where you can copy and paste hashtags. Here are the benefits:

  • Green hashtags are ones suggested by Instagram (usually used in one post), and you can copy them in seconds. In the app, you can't see the relevant ideas.
  • Synonymic hashtags suggestions. You can input up to 5 keywords to get diverse results.
  • Hashtag analytics. It's possible to view recent and top posts to understand if the content in a hashtag gallery is relevant to yours.
  • Hashtag volume will help you understand if the competition is tough in this gallery.
Pro tip: You can use the special function in the Posting module – "Auto-updated description." Here you promote a post with 90 total hashtags, in sets of 30 that will be renewed after 10 minutes and 4 hours.