General Terms

The Customer has a right to cancel the subscription on Profile with the help of the instructions given in the FAQ, address a request to, via online chat on the website, or via telegram @inflact_bot.

Once a return has been confirmed, it will be effective on the card used in the purchase (not by other methods) within 30 (thirty) days

Inflact is entitled to change the terms of the Refund Policy on a unilateral basis.

Inflact reserves the right to decline the Customer's Refund Request.

Refund Requests

If you think you are eligible for a refund, you can submit a request at, via online chat on the website, or via telegram @inflact_bot.

Inflact considers all the refund requests and seeks to resolve such disputes through negotiations with the Customer Service by offering to credit additional days, switch to any other module or issue a refund.

Please, note! To get a refund quickly, please contact our Customer Service. In this case, the refund will be issued immediately. In case, you decide to contact your Bank or Paypal directly, the refund process may take up to 3-4 weeks.

You must include the following information in your request:

  • Why you are asking for a refund;
  • Identifying information (e.g. account username or email, transaction number, order number);
  • Any additional information the Customer Service team asks for in order to process your refund request.

The Customer's Refund Request is considered by the Inflact Customer Service immediately after the Customer's Refund Request to, via online chat on the website, or via telegram @inflact_bot.


Refund request must be sent within 30 days of payment.