How to start the promotion?

Okay, let’s get it started!

Sign Up

1. Enter your email address, think up a password and confirm it;
2. Read and agree with our Terms of use and Privacy Policy;
3. Sign up.

Add an account

1. Enter your Instagram Username;
2. Click Add Account.

You can add as many accounts as you want, but only after you confirm the membership and pay for the service. To add more than 10 accounts, contact the Support Team.

Account Check

If you face problems with the previous step, it means your account doesn’t meet all the Inflact requirements. The pop-up will look like this:

Fulfill the requirements and click Check Again.

Confirm Membership

1. Choose the module, number of accounts you added and promotion duration;
2. Confirm membership by paying with your Credit Card or via PayPal.

  • You can choose up to 10 accounts to promote. If you want to add more, contact our Support Team;
  • The payments are automated. It means that the payments for the period (you pointed it out during the membership confirmation stage) will be debited automatically;
  • We guarantee 100% money refund in case the service doesn’t work properly at least for 2 weeks. However, paying back the cost of a VPN ($10) is impossible.
Once you complete account confirmation, the promotion starts automatically in a couple of hours. For the sake of risk-free promotion, use this time to activate VPN (recommended.)

Activate VPN

For stable promotion, you need to activate a VPN before starting to use Instagram on your device. Instagram and Inflact accounts should have the same source data to log in.
1. In your Inflact account, go to the VPN section;
2. Choose the period and confirm the subscription by paying with your Credit Card or via PayPal;

3. Right after the payment, you will find the Configuration file and the Guide to activate VPN on your Profile page.
Use this guide to connect VPN depending on the OS of the device on which you use the Instagram app (iOS or Android).

If you use Instagram on PC, then you have to connect VPN there as well:
After completing all the steps from the Guide, the VPN button color will turn green. That means the VPN is active.

Confirm email

It’s recommended to confirm your email to stay tuned with vital Inflact updates. Moreover, when you decide to cancel your subscription, you will get the confirmation code on this email.

1. For that, click Resend Email at the top of your Dashboard;

2. You will receive an email from Inflact. Click the link you will find there to confirm your email.

Set up Targeting

Our service provides full automation of likes, follows/ unfollows on your behalf.

Inflact promotes your account with the help of hashtags, locations and usernames you set up as a targets. We recommend to use use all the promotion strategies and run 10-15 targets at each one.

Set up filters to target your audience by gender, language, etc.

You may also precisely target the audience you want the system make interaction with.

Go to Targeting -> Advanced -> Pro Filters

That’s it! Now you can start enjoying the progress.

*From the moment of registration Inflact sets a number of popular hashtags for your account automatically by default in accordance with your previous posts. Smart promotion is one of the main privileges of our service. You can remain them or delete and add your own that you mostly prefer.

Registration Problems

Unfollow doesn’t work
Check if you turned on Unfollow on your Accounts page.

Inflact is able to automatically unfollow:
  • New Inflact follows
  • New not mutual Inflact follows
  • All accounts
  • All not mutual accounts
Note that once you enable Unfollow, it starts to unfollow only those accounts that system were following 3 days before and more. On the fourth day it unfollows those who it followed the first day, on the fifth those who followed the second day, etc.

You can choose which accounts you want to unfollow in your settings.. If you want to know more about Unfollow feature go to Targeting section -> Advanced Settings.

Make sure you set up it correctly and Inflact has the accounts to unfollow

I paid only for one month but you’ve taken money for the next month also, why?
During your first payment you have been subscribed to auto rebilling on a monthly basis. In order to avoid it you have to cancel your subscription before your paid period will expire.

You can unsubscribe from auto renewals on the payment page:

I’ve stopped promotion of my account but you’ve taken money
Stop status doesn’t mean you’ve cancelled a subscription. It means Inflact won’t do any actions with your account, but you still have your paid days running and it automatically continue the promotion for the period that had been paid.
I’ve changed a username/password in Instagram and now Inflact doesn’t work
If you change anything on Instagram, you have to re authorize in Inflact as well in order to allow promotion to be continued.

How can I test the service for free?
You can try Auto Posting (3 posts for free) and Auto Direct (10 messages for free) as well as our Hashtag Generator (3 inquires for free + 3 inquires after registration.)

Please, note: The payment for VPN service (equals to 7USD=7EUR per 2 weeks,10USD=10EUR per 1 month, 20USD=20EUR per 3 month ) is non-refundable. In the case of Inflact service cancellation, the Customer has all rights for VPN usage.

The payment for Hashtag Generator (equals to 22 USD or 19 EUR per month) is non-refundable.

I can’t add an Instagram account to the system, it says “Username already exists”
This account is already added under another email in our system. You need to sign in there and remove that account from the profile already registered in order to use it with another email.

If you are not able to sign in there to remove it, please contact our support via online chat or by email
My account is paused
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Instagram has new updates and we are trying to prevent this issue. Don’t worry, we will compensate the period it was paused.

First of all make sure you have VPN connected on your device.

Then please do the following:
1. Change Instagram password
2. Re authorize in Inflact system (via "Edit" in Accounts section)

3. Go to this page and follow the steps shown up on the screenshot below

My account is getting paused
If you already changed Instagram password and re authorized via Edit button, but your account still getting paused while VPN is constantly active on your device, then we recommend to turn likes, follows and unfollows off on your dashboard and promote your account by "watch stories" only during a week.

In a week you can turn these features on back one by one. We will add extra days as a compensation of this period. Please don't forget to turn VPN on before you open Instagram app.
I can’t authorize my account in the dashboard
Go to Warning and click Authorize button

If you see the window that asks you to verify your account using a linked email or mobile phone, all you have to do is to enter a received code:

If you didn’t receive a code from the first time - click “Resend code” button.

If you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled in your Instagram account then while adding it to Inflact service you’ll be asked to Verify your account. The code will be sent to you automatically.

If you didn’t receive a code from the first time - click “Resend code” button.

If you still can’t authorize, we recommend you to stop all promo activity for 2 weeks and let your account have a rest from any auto actions performance. Please do not try to re authorize again, each next attempt can block your ability to login for longer. You will be able to do manual actions while this period with active VPN on your device, but please do not use other bots.

After two weeks, please contact us and we will make full days compensation. It will help your account to resume good efficiency.
How to delete my account from the system
  1. Open the Settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose the menu item Accounts
  3. Click on the trash can icon in front of the account you need to delete.

Why do I need to use VPN?
The latest Instagram updates affected all the automation tools on the market. VPN allows you to use Inflact tool along with Instagram app using the same IP address at the same time and not to be detected by Instagram that you use automation bot.

Please make sure VPN is active all the time on your device while you use Instagram app
How can I use VPN on my PC?
If you use Instagram on PC, then you have to connect VPN there: - Windows - Mac

Find the guide to connect VPN using configuration file on this page:

I just run the promotion but it still doesn’t work
Please wait, the system smoothly starts to speed up the bot actions. It may take 2-3 days for normal speed performance due to the latest Instagram updates.You will see bot actions in Live activity soon.

VPN doesn’t work
  1. Make sure it’s connected in your profile page
  2. Check if it’s connected on your device.
Go to OpenVPN app and check stats.

In other cases please contact our support via online chat or by email.

No actions performed
Make sure you have like / follow / unfollow enabled.

How can I get extra days compensation?
You will get days compensation automatically once your subscription will be updated to the next period. You may see how many days will be added in your profile page

In some other cases you should contact our support team via online chat or by email and we will add extra days manually analyzing the stats and calculating the days of bot inactivity.
Why my promotion has low efficiency?
The limit is affected by your current targeting and activity actions.

Delete unefficient hashtags, locations and usernames, add new popular and relevant.

Check if VPN connected on your device.

Make sure to restore Pro Filters to default.

How to add one more account
You can try Inflact with one account and add new accounts as needed. To add a new account, do as follows

Open Settings → Accounts→ Add Account

Provide credentials and verify your Instagram account. The account should comply with the minimum requirements for the Promo module.

How to re-authorize an account if you’ve changed your Instagram username or password

  1. Go to the Accounts section and choose the pencil icon.

  1. In a new window, you can enter your new username or password to update your account.
How to activate an account if it turned red and an exclamation mark appeared on it?
  1. That can happen if your account is not working and you have to re-authorize it. Just click on the exclamation mark and you’ll see a new window that will ask you to enter your username and password in order to update the account.

2) Your account can also be temporary paused. In this case you only have to wait for 24-72 hours until it will be reconnected automatically.

3) If you see a warning mark that asks you to check an account it means that your account doesn’t meet some requirements.

You’ll see the next window and have to meet the requirements in order to start the promotion

How to re-authorize an account if you’ve changed your Instagram username or password?
Go to accounts section and press the edit button

In a new window you can enter your new username or password and update your account.

Terms Of Payment

How can you pay for the service?
Our service accepts 2 types of payment: via PayPal and via Credit or Debit card. From the moment of Registration you’re offered to connect any of those options to confirm your membership.

You can choose a period of promotion time that mostly suits you: 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months. Please note that the wider period you choose, the bigger discount you get.

Moreover you can select the best Module for promotion:
  • Basic Module offers auto-liking, following and unfollowing options only
  • Posting Module allows you to make posts on the scheduled time
  • Direct Module allows you to answer automatically in Direct
  • Comments Module allows you to control and post the Comments (in developing)

How to make a payment
  1. Go to Settings→ My Subs→ Choose the module you need to pay for → Click on the pencil icon.

  1. Click on Credit Card.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the fill-in information page, where you’ll have to enter your payment data.

  1. After making the payment you’ll be redirected to the Inflact page saying that your membership has been successfully confirmed and your module is active now.
  2. You can check your payment history in the “Payments” section.
*By clicking the "Confirm Membership" button below, you agree that your membership will begin right away, and that you will not be able to withdraw from the contract and receive a refund.

We guarantee 100% money back if the solution doesn’t work for your account in 2 weeks.

*Refund excludes returning of $10 for technical services performed during account setup and unique VPN connection.
How to cancel a subscription
  1. Go to your Inflact dashboard.
  2. Click on your nickname in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the menu item Profile.
  4. Find the module you want to unsubscribe from and click on Edit.
  5. Scroll down to the payment details and click on Unsubscribe.
  6. Confirm the cancellation.
You've canceled the subscription.

How can you check if your subscription is canceled?

The cancellation icon at the bottom of the subscription page disappears along with the subscription expiration date when you cancel the subscription.

Note: After you’ve canceled a subscription you won’t receive any confirmation that it has been canceled from us. Not on the dashboard, nor by email.

If you cancel your subscription, your days of use are not deleted. If you cancel your subscription, the automatic payment will also be canceled.

How to change the Module
If you want to choose another Module you can either unsubscribe from the existing one and choose the one you want or just update your subscription. Your existing paid days will remain on your account, but they will be recalculated in accordance with a new Module.

You’ll see the active module and the number of active accounts. You can make payments from this page and set the number of accounts that could be in active promotion at same time.

How Inflact Works

Inflact. What’s that?
Inflact provides full automation of likes, follows/ unfollows on your behalf. Our service starts performance smoothly according to the limits of Instagram. The system is picking up speed during a few days.

To reach your target audience, you need to create the right promos.

We have 3 strategies of promotion:
- hashtags
- location
- username

Inflact provides the most exact targeting on the market as it’s based on AI technology. It enables targeting by hashtags that your TA uses, by the location which they use in posts and the list of usernames that you make (that can be your competitors, for instance). Moreover, you have option to add certain hashtags, locations, and usernames to the blacklist so that Inflact won’t target its actions toward such accounts.

Every 1-2 weeks we recommend to change or just remove targets (hashtags, usernames and locations) from statistics that have low efficiency.

In case you change your targets there may be small delays in promotion (about 3-4 hours). So don’t worry, the system just needs to rearrange.

Inflact emulates a real person behavior, that’s why it makes intended breaks and night pauses in order to provide a stable work with Instagram. For achieving the better results we recommend to set your real timezone in your account settings.

You can check the “Live activity” to see all the system actions and time when they’ll start again.

If you need to make some actions in your Instagram manually you’d better do that when your account is in the rest mode in order not to interrupt the work of our service.

Also we have a night pause. During this time the system sleeps in order to make your promotion more comfortable.
Features Set
On your dashboard you can turn on/off the next features: like, follow, unfollow.

There are 4 methods of unfollowing.

Inflact is able to automatically unfollow:
-New Inflact follows
-New not mutual Inflact follows
-All accounts
-All not mutual accounts

Note that once you enable Unfollow, it starts to unfollow only those accounts that system were following 3 days before and more. On the fourth day it unfollows those who it followed the first day, on the fifth those who followed the second day, etc.

You can choose which accounts you want to unfollow in your settings.. If you want to know more about Unfollow feature go to Targeting section -> Advanced Settings.
In order to let you check your statistics in details we provide an explicit table. You can check the Statistics on your Dashboard in simple numbers or watch after the progress in table. Checking the detailed statistic will help you to set your targeting right in order to make your promotion even more successful. If you see that some targeting don’t work well you can simply remove them. And vice versa if you see that some chosen targeting works good - you can add more similar ones in order to attract more followers.

According to that you can check your targeting progress, change some actions and settings if they don’t suit you.

What tools does Inflact provide?
Inflact provides 3 basic smart tools which help you to grow your Instagram account:
  1. Promotion by auto like/ follow/ unfollow.
    Targeting by hashtags, location and username.
    Advanced filters and Statistics provided.
  2. Auto Direct Messages
    Sending auto DM to all existing followers or to the new ones.
    Try 10 free messages.
  3. Scheduled Posting
    Posts and stories planner at scheduled time.
    Try 3 free publications.
How can I use Direct module?
Just click “New Message” and choose destination :
  1. Send auto DM to All existing followers
  2. Send auto DM to New followers

Type a text you want to send and customize filters if needed

How can I use Posting module?
Just click “Add content” button and choose what kind of publication you want to do:
  1. Posts
  2. Stories

You are able to upload photo, video or carousel. Add caption, location, set time and date.

You can even edit delayed publications at any time.

Profile Settings

What can you change in settings?
In the Profile section you can edit your personal data, email preferences, time zone settings, and payment credentials, as well as manage your subscriptions.

How to verify email
Right after the registration in Inflact you will receive a confirmation email. In order to verify it you have to follow the link we’ve sent to you.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email automatically you can press “Resend email” button at the top of your dashboard.

How to change password or email
Open Settings→ Profile. You can change your password or email in the Personal Data menu item.

Just enter the new email or password and click on the “Save Data” button. Note that you have to enter the old password in order to save the changes.

How to unsubscribe from email notifications
Go to your Profile page. In the lower right corner you can find “Notifications.” Choose what kind of notifications you want to receive by mail or just disable all of them.

Also, on this page, you can choose your time zone and set the account currency.

Promo Module

How does Promo Module work?
Promo or Basic Module allows you to promote your account with auto liking, following and unfollowing.

Promo Settings

On your Dashboard in Targeting window you can select the type of promotion.

You can promote your account by hashtags, location and usernames.

  1. Hashtag promotion is a smart algorithm production of the most popular and effective hashtags for your Instagram account. From the moment of registration Inflact sets a number of popular hashtags for your account automatically. You can leave them or delete and add your own that you prefer.
  2. Promotion via Location assumes interacting with other users, who make publications in a definite place. You can add it by simply typing and choosing from the list exported directly from Instagram. We recommend experimenting with different locations and choosing the most convertible locations (check Promo Module -> Statistics in our FAQ).
  3. If you analyze your business competitors, you might find a great number of useful and available followers. With the help of Username promotion, we can easily interact with this audience. If you add usernames of the chosen accounts the smart Inflact algorithm will interact with your possible target audience.
  • Advanced Settings

  • Our AI can recognize the gender and language of accounts you interact with, so you can choose those you’re interested in.
  • You can choose if you want to watch stories automatically during the promotion
    • watch stories of people I follow (watch stories from your feed)
    • watch stories of the people I promote among (watch stories of the people you liked or followed, if they have any)
  • Add hashtags, usernames and locations to the Blacklist if you don’t want to interact with them during the promotion
  • If you want to show your activity to the new followers you can
    • auto like account feed (like posts from your feed)
    • auto like comments (like from 1 to 3 comments of users that were liked by Inflact)
  • Choose whom of your following should we unfollow
  • Choose your timezone
  • Set the amount of likes you want to put on each profile

  • Pro Filters

In Advanced Settings you can also find Pro Filters to set the limits of profile rates that we are going to work with

Here you can set the number of followers, followings, posts and last update time

Also you can choose if you want to interact only with profiles that have avatars.

If you choose “Unique profiles”, the system will filter accounts only one time according to your settings. If the system meets this account again, it won't spend time checking it.

Changing Pro Filters may seriously affect the performance of promotion. Use them carefully. In case the performance goes down too much - restore the filters to defaults, because Inflact might skip too many accounts that don’t suit these settings with no interaction.

  • Statistics

On the Dashboard you can also check your Statistics of promotion.

There are common numbers for likes, followers, follows and unfollows made and a schedule of all actions.

You can see one exact day and choose the period of time for which you want to see the statistics. At the very beginning our system is gaining promotion speed gradually. If you mention that activity slows down after a few days of promotion, please contact our support. And don’t worry, it can happen with a newly added accounts, it will run a full strength in a week.

Below you can find an Average per day statistics which shows total actions from the limit. The less filters you set - the more actions will be done.

If you have a low efficiency like in the screenshot below you should do next:
  1. Try to add another hashtags, locations and users
  2. Advanced settings and Pro filters affects the promotion. The more filters you have - the less TA service works with. If you’ll have a small target audience, Inflact couldn’t work effectively.
  3. If the efficiency is still low - contact our support and we’ll help you to improve the rates

And the best thing is that you can check the promotion results for each hashtag, location and username in order to analyze them and choose the best ones.

Efficiency is the ratio of new followers to the actions that were done. For example, we’ve made 100 likes of a certain hashtag and got 2 new followers - the hashtag efficiency will be 2%.

If your efficiency is 2% and higher - it’s a good indicator, but if it’s lower than 2% - then it’s better to replace it with something else that suits your account more.

All of them are divided into Efficiency, New followers, Likes, Comments, Follows and Stories watched.

Best performance results

Unlike competitors, Inflact is a product of constant development. An average Instagram Bot performs 1000-1300 actions per day, according your setup settings.

Posting Module

How does Posting Module work?
Our Posting Module is used to schedule posting to make auto posts and stories at any needed time. It is especially useful for those who do many posts each day as it saves time. Download all the needed photos or videos and Inflact will post it for you!

  • How it works

All you have to do is to push “Add content” button, choose Post or Stories, download the photo or video, enter description, location, date and time of posting.

You can publish the post or stories now, schedule it or save it as a draft.

You can choose your timezone and the photos will be published automatically as you’ve set.

You can edit the scheduled photo before posting, publish it now or delete it.

All published photos will be saved on the page with a white tick on them.

*You may try using our scheduled posting service by publishing 3 posts for free, to make posts after first 3 you'll have to subscribe that module. Choose the necessary tariff plan in your Profile.

Direct Module

How does Direct Module work?
If you experience troubles with sales, try auto direct messages and reach out to your followers in the more personalized way.

How it works

All you need is to click “New Message” button.

There are 2 options:
  1. Send auto DM to All existing followers
  2. Send auto DM to New followers

Try to randomize your texts using several options like {Hi | Hello | Hey!}. Also, contact the user directly, using @username or @fullname. Maximum number of symbols is 500.

You can also upload an image and add it to your message.

Check out the Custom filter which is situated below the message text. You can ignore it or turn it on and set the filters you need.

You can choose the languages of accounts, its gender, number of followers, following, posts and last update date.

Once you’ve entered all the needed information press “Activate now” button and auto DM will start sending messages.

Inflact is able to send 100 auto messages per day. It’s up to 12-14 messages per hour.

*You may try using our direct message service for 10 first messages for free, to send DM after first 10 messages you'll have to subscribe that module. Choose the necessary tariff plan in your Profile.

Hashtag Generator

How does Hashtag Generator work?
Embrace the power of our new AI algorithm — generate hashtags for social media automatically. Inflact Hashtag Generator provides you with relevant hashtags through analyzing your photo, keywords, or link

How it works

Just enter a keyword or link or upload your photo and Inflact will generate the relevant hashtags for it.

Now you can choose the best hashtags from the Frequent, Average, and Rare columns by clicking them and copying all the selected ones to add them to your photos.

Scroll down to see the related organic hashtags – these semantically close hashtags are suggested by Instagram based on their usage together with your inquiry.

General Recommendations

Safety tips (to avoid Instagram blocking)
  1. Don’t run several promotion bots simultaneously.
  2. Meet the next requirements in order to start promotion in our service

How to choose Targets for Promotion?
  1. If you have a certain niche
    Let’s imagine that you promote make up in your account. Then the best target accounts will be make up stores and other beauty bloggers. You will interact with their followers automatically and they will follow you back if interested. Try to choose those who have about 10k followers and more in order to make your promotion more resultative.

    What concerns hashtags - you can use our hashtag generator and find the best ones that will suit you. For example:
    #beauty #lipstick #eyeshadow #makeup #makeupideas #makeupaddict #makeuplover

    In location section you can mention popular make up stores and your country/city if you plan to sell the items.

    Moreover as women are more interested in make up you can choose a gender filter in order to interact only with female accounts.
  2. If you don’t have a certain niche

    If you plan to promote a personal account that don’t sell anything and is not related to any niche you can try to promote with accounts of celebrities you like.

    If you travel a lot or have pets, photos of which you post quite often, or you’re addicted to sport - use our hashtag generator in order to find best hashtags for you and interact with users with same interests.

As for the location you can choose the places you like most, your country/city or country/city you plan to visit or already have been to.

For both of cases don’t forget to check the statistics and change your targets in accordance with its efficiency. You can find more info about it in Promo Module -> Statistics.

Examples of Promotion Campaigns
Let’s imagine that you live in New York and your account is related to sport equipment niche. The first place where you can start looking for competitors is Google.

Go to the website and find their Instagram account

Copy its username and add it to your usernames in Inflact. You can find about 5 big competitors like this.

The second way is to look for competitors in Instagram. Just enter “sport equipment” in search and choose the accounts with big number of followers, then add their usernames to your usernames in Inflact. For better conversion you can choose those from your region.

The third way is to use related hashtags. Open our hashtag generator and enter “sport equipment” there

Choose the ones you like most or those that have more mentions in Instagram.

Don’t forget to check the statistics and change your targets in accordance with its efficiency. You can find more info about it in Promo Module -> Statistics.