Inspect and download an original Instagram profile picture

By default, it's impossible to click on and expand images users put as their main photo. Use this web tool to view and download main photos. It works even for private profiles and those who put you on the blacklist

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How does it work

With this website, you don't need to log in to your account or register. Just follow these steps:

  • Copy the unique @nickname of the desired user.
  • Paste this name into the field at the top of the page.
  • After you choose the menu button View, the media file is presented on the screen in large size.
  • Save the photo on your device, if needed.

Why should you utilize the tool for zoom-in IG profile images?

  • Enlarge the smallest images. You can open them in genuine resolution with this web service. If you are desperate to view the main photo, check it out here – free and fast.
  • Determine if you should accept requests from people. Sometimes Instagrammers with private profiles don't indicate their real names on the page. How can you decide if you should approve their requests to become your followers? Examine their profile pictures on this page.
  • Identify who is texting you in Direct. If you receive Direct messages from users you don't know, they are displayed in requests. In cases where these users hide their posts from non-followers, examine their main image in full size to gain some insight.
  • Get inspiration for your own main image. If you have no idea what picture you should put as your account icon, scan the accounts that motivate you or your competitors. When you enlarge visuals, you can examine what fonts they use for business logos. Plus, by saving these images you can show examples to your team.


Is it possible to observe an Instagram profile picture of any Instagrammer?

Yes. This website is a universal instrument to open images of any person registered on the social network. Check out celebrities, business accounts, friends, and any private account.

Can a user tell that I browsed, viewed and downloaded their IG profile image?

No, the process is anonymous. A user can't be notified because you don’t even need to sign in to scan a photo.

Can I see IG profile pictures if I don't have a valid account?

If you are not registered on Instagram or deleted your profile, you are still able to inspect the main account icons. When using this web-based service, the only thing you have to know is the correct nickname a person or a company uses for IG.

Can I view images of accounts that blocked me?

It's simple with Inflact tools. Did any user ban you on this social network? Utilize the browse bar above if you need to examine their main picture. Additionally, it's simple to save this image in original quality to your gallery. If you need to investigate posts, stories, or highlights of IGers who prevented you from watching, use the Web Viewer and Story Viewer.

Is this service free?

Yes. Anyone can experience this Igramer tool forever without fees. Check our other free tools, like the Profile Analyzer, Story Viewer, Downloaders, etc.