Reels Video Downloader for Instagram

Below you can download Instagram reels videos online from any public account in a heartbeat. Just paste the URL copied from the application into the search bar.

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Why is Video Downloader for Instagram Reels helpful?

Reels are the most engaging type of content that is now present on Instagram. You can repurpose these clips saved in original quality in the following ways:

Upload Reels as Instagram Stories

Take away some Reels from niche accounts that will stimulate interactions with your target audience. Publish them in the Stories in order to fine-tune your content strategy.

Publish Reels on TikTok

Since Instagram Reels and TikTok are similar in format, you can repurpose content that Instagram users create for your business profile on TikTok. It’s a smart way to engage users on both social media platforms.

Upload Reels on your website

Use short and eye-popping Instagram videos to demonstrate to your site visitors the possible use of products, positive reviews, and tutorials.

Download Reels for private groups and chats

If you manage groups with exclusive content for your target audience, it's a good idea to sometimes entertain them with funny Reels that are relevant. Download them in high quality so participants don’t need to click on the links and users who don’t have IG accounts can enjoy this content.

How does Video Downloader for Instagram Reels work?

In order to save any video that has been uploaded as Reels, you only need to copy the link to the post.

  • Open the IG app and click on the three dots located in the lower right corner of the screen. Select the “copy link” menu item.
  • The link will be copied to your phone's clipboard.
The link will be copied to your phone's clipboard.
Paste the link into the downloader that is embedded above on this page.
  • Paste the link into the downloader that is embedded above on this page.
  • After a few seconds, the video will be available on the screen with the Download button.
  • You can download it to the Downloads folder on your phone, and after that it will appear in your gallery.
This downloader is suitable when you need to download Instagram videos from a browser on a computer. To do this, you just need to copy the link to the video from the search bar in the browser and paste it into the downloader search bar.

Will users recognize that I have downloaded Instagram videos?

No, this service is completely anonymous, so other IG users will never know about it. You can be sure that everything will remain anonymous because you don't leave your Instagram login details anywhere on this service when you download videos. What’s more, this service allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously via a link to a user’s profile.

How much does it cost to use the downloader?

You can download Reels absolutely free. If you want to download a whole profile from Instagram, download content in bulk, or monitor Stories of some users and save them all to the archive for later download, then you can use a special paid feature of the Profile Downloader. With this tool, you can track content updates without the app and download the media in large volumes in original quality.

What devices can I download Insta videos on?

Now you can download videos from Instagram both to your phone and to your computer. Since the service that we have created is web-based, operating system, device model, and so on doesn’t matter. All you need is an internet connection and a URL to the desired content.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a trending IG feature that allows full-screen vertical videos in your account. You can also add music or effects to the up to 90 seconds long clips, and design and edit content in-app. A new engaging format can be discovered in the profile’s Feed or in the Explore tab that maxes out the exposure and turns the tool into a real traffic generator.

Is downloading Instagram Reels video legal?

You can download Insta Reels from public accounts. No further steps are required if you are storing content for personal use. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes, please make sure you get the author's permission. Copyright infringement and further action taken against you in this case shall be your own responsibility.

How to download Insta Reels?

With the Instagram Downloader, you can download IG Reels in a few clicks fast and easily. It is a free online service that requires no registration, so you just need to select the Reels tab on the site and download the content by link using any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Paste the copied URL into a Search box, click Download, and get Instagram Reels videos on either desktop or phone. The tool saves to the gallery by default on any device that you apply: mobile (both IOS and Android), PC, or laptop.

How to download Insta Reels with audio?

The Instagram Reels Downloader saves in high-quality mp4, jpg, or mp3 audio formats. It means you receive the videos with the original music or sound right in the phone gallery for iPhone and Android or in the Downloads for desktop devices.

How to download Ig Reels without a watermark?

The tool is designed to provide the best user experience and initial quality downloads. You get a Reel on your device that is identical to the one you have viewed in-app. We add no watermarks or frames to ensure the original look. At the same time, we highly respect copyright, so the download process is available strictly for public accounts and the saved files can only be applied for private use.

How to download Instagram Reels in HD?

The Instagram Reels Downloader allows unlimitedly downloading full-screen and full-length publications in high quality. The download is available in mp4 or jpg formats and is determined automatically by the type of the content provided. It lets the service save in the initial size and resolution, so the only chance you get a blurred or fuzzy image is to choose the one from the Ig feed.

How to download Instagram Lite?

Since Reels are included in the Instagram Lite package, you can use the Instagram Downloader to download images and videos. The tool works in the same mode it does for the full version. You don’t have to sign up or provide any account data to start the service.