Use this simple Video Downloader for Twitter to save any video right from the social media platform on any device.

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How to use Twitter Video Downloader?

Easy and fast method. It will take less than 30 seconds to download video from Twitter in 5 steps:

  • Find a Twitter video you’d like to keep on your device
  • Click the “save or share” button in the lower right corner of the video window
  • Tap “Copy the link”
Tap “Copy the link”
Paste the copied url of this link into the line in the Twitter Video Downloader
  • Paste the copied url of this link into the line in the Twitter Video Downloader
  • Click on “Search,” and you will see the selected clip on your screen
  • You have two options on how to save a video from Twitter. Firstly, you can right-click the button “Download Video” and choose the menu item “Save Link As…”. The file will be saved as .mp4
  • Secondly, you can click on the button “Download Video”. The clip will be opened in a new tab. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the video and press the button “Download”. The clip will be saved to your device

What are the goals of using Twitter Video Downloader?

There are several common ideas of how to use Twitter Downloader for your needs

Firstly, the main and most popular reason to use the Twitter Video Downloader is for saving content that you really like in your collection.

I mean that we all live in the internet age, but we always remember that there was a time when we had no internet at all. And most of us (especially those that were born in a time when we had no opportunity to surf the web) always look back on those times and keep in mind that one day we might come and see that everything we had in our Safari browser has vanished. So for those nervous users downloading content to their device memory, collecting it in a box is such a crucial thing.

The third goal in using the irreplaceable Video Downloader for Twitter is to always have your competitors’ content to hand.

It doesn’t mean that you would just take it and reuse it! It’s more about having an album or gallery of videos on your device that inspire you. If these videos have more tweets than others, have many more comments and more engagement - why not get into the idea, while having the content in your hand. You can use these saved videos to get into marketing strategy, saving you tons of time for your research. Or you can even use it as a template for your future videos, finding effects and animations that you wouldn’t find without saving it and putting it in a video editor. This is an important step for any marketing strategy - follow your rivals and learn from them.

The second, and not so dramatic, reason to have Twitter Video Downloader on hand is to save content for future reuse.

This is not about stealing somebody’s content. This is more about curating content. As you know Twitter is a field in which content is circulating so fast, where user-generated content is so viral and so unique, and your competitors’ content is really speedy here… So wouldn’t it be easier to save some really important videos, group them, or even make some edits, add text or logo, or change sound adding another MP3? So you can present totally another video made from downloaded content later. Your curated content can consist of hundreds of details that you found on Twitter for this purpose. If you give credits to the authors of course.

Can I download many videos at once from Twitter?

No, only one by one. One of the most common goals for saving Twitter videos is to get all the content from one event, meeting, celebration, etc. Anything that people love to post for sharing their emotions. It is really difficult to gather all this content to keep it for future memories. We advise copying all the links into one document and then pasting them into the Downloader one by one.

For all these reasons and benefits Inflact Twitter Video Downloader is a brilliant service for those who need to have content on hand right now and forever. It is simple, it offers high-quality downloads, it is updated and smart.

Inflact Video Downloader from Twitter

None of the other services would offer you the ability to download any video content from any public profile with just one click. Inflact downloads the highest quality ever and saves it as a file on your device - computer or mobile. I mean in exactly the same quality that the video was originally uploaded to the social media platform in an MP4 format.

What devices are compatible with this Video Downloader for Twitter?

You can save video content from Twitter on any device with this downloader. Do it on a PC, desktop, laptop, smartphone etc.

Have you been searching for “How to download video from Twitter”?

You’re in the right place, finally. Have you been looking for a website, service, or tool that can get any content from Twitter and put it right in your device’s memory? Are you already tired of looking for somewhere that can guarantee you’ll get the best quality possible from any tweet? Let’s imagine that you’re scrolling through content on Twitter - just your own feed. You might stop at one very interesting video and realize you need to save it immediately before it gets deleted from the web. (It happens with Twitter so often!)
Where do you go then? You might go to Google and type “how to download videos from Twitter”. Wrong. It will offer you a bunch of awful online services or an app. Half of them ask for your email, the other half offers a difficult and long download process, or even worse - save the video or gif in poor quality.
I advise you to stop and bookmark this page. Because it is simply the best around.

Can I download videos from Twitter from my iPhone?

It doesn’t matter what software you use: you can save videos from Twitter using Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android - it doesn’t matter. It works for any device and any software in the same way.