Birthday hashtags for Instagram

Birthday hashtags
Under the Instagram updates you need to add your birthday, even if your account is for something like a business or pet. Many users find the feature handy. We are used to sending our wishes via socials, but remembering the date is a real toughie. Now you will be kept posted for sure. And with happy birthday hashtags in posts or stories, your shoutouts are likely to make others aware of it.

In fact, any event can be turned into a cool advertising campaign. It is enough to come up with thematic shots peppered with thought-out captions and relevant hashtags. The approach is not typical solely of big names. It is what a far from influence marketer users opt for. For example, 30th birthday hashtags gained more than 1.7 M mentions. If you regret that you have not yet reached the most Instagram age or you are already a little over, relax 20th or 50th birthday hashtags are no less popular.

Creative hashtags for birthday are a real go-to for those who want to stand out from the rest alike. Yes, most often they generate less traffic than their general counterparts, but the birthday person will definitely appreciate them. On top of that such hashtags go viral as users are more inclined to connect with and remember hashtags that impact them emotionally. The same is true for funny birthday hashtags. Take a look. What appeals to you more — 40th birthday hashtags or funny 40th birthday hashtags? Actually, we know the answer. And a double dose of cuteness with dog birthday hashtags beats the two above.

I hope you have got the idea. Hashtags are still a legit strategy to come up on users’ explore feeds. Hashtag-enhanced content receives higher interaction. However, it is true until you run with relevant options. Random or poorly selected hashtags pave the way to the bottom of recommendations.

Finding the right ones takes time and skill, or a one-click action with the Hashtag generator by the Inflact team.

See for yourself!

The list of top birthday hashtags

The set is split into three sections according to frequency metrics. Each of them provides the exact number of mentions for every hashtag included. The data are available on the same line to the right. So you are able to ground your choices on deeper analysis. Apply popular, mid-size, and rare hashtags evenly to both swell the reach and boost the engagement.

You are sure to find relevant options for all your birthday hashtags ideas. Use automated selection for a balanced caption or go with a manual one for some specification. If you still need more, turn to related hashtags. They are available after you click on any hashtag from the main set.

Try different combinations to find your balance!

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