Your cat deserves worldwide fame — he/she does meow and purr and sometimes scrabbles your face and looks like an angel after all. You deserve that fame, too, as you love this creature with all your heart. You two — duet made in heaven.

The easiest and the fastest way to become famous together is to promote your account on Instagram. Do you know how? The answer is too obvious — via the popular cat hashtags. You should take a crazy pic of your pet and pick up the best hashtags for it. In seconds, you will see numerous ‘incoming’ likes, new Follows, increased audience activity. Actually, it’s people who do all the job: they search by these certain hashtags and find your account. Thus, you drive traffic to your Instagram page organically, just using proper hashtags. As you see, popularity and success are no such difficult-to-reach things as you used to think.
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