Color hashtags for Instagram

Color hashtags
Colors evoke our emotions and imagination. The past keeps many examples when eminent artists immersed themselves into a one-color span. We all remember the blue and rose periods of Picasso’s work, which brought about such masterpieces as “Life” and “Boy with a pipe”.

Van Gogh’s obsession with yellow is reflected in “Sunflowers”. And if playing with shades and colors has been a perk of the artistic underworld, a swaying trend for colorful feed awakens the same desire among the Instagram community. For those who know nothing about color composition, popular hashtags for color are a great opportunity to come across inspiring content.

You shouldn’t be florid to show your true colors. Discreet black and white shots attract no less. And minimalistic monochrome is still a sign of good taste. The main thing is to have your aesthetics resonating with other users. If you know how to make yourself seen by the right audience, you will never lack attention. Help your potential followers discover you.

A fact to think about. Among top 10 most color hashtags, the request for art and photography alternates with pretty mundane things. Services to get a tattoo or dye your hair blond also deserve a promotion. So use hashtags correctly.

Perhaps you will not succeed right away with hashtags, so posts with fresh manicure are likely to be featured among watercolors and oil canvases, instead of the content alike. But over time, you will learn to select what you really need.

To select the right hashtags for your content, you need not a muse, but systemic efforts. Therefore, the ghostly prospect of organic growth may not be enough to force yourself into spending hours for relevant options. Especially, when you need to carry out the same activities every month.

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The list of the best color hashtags

The given set is a safe bet for the Instagram boost. Examine all three sections based on frequency to get the most of it. Popular hashtags are a smart strategy for coverage advancement, yet engagement is the priority of mid-frequency and rare variants. Mix all three to get what you want. If it is not enough click any to find related options.

Use an automated selection to have the whole 30-color pallet ready for copy and paste. To add special shades choose the hashtags manually. Or combine all two to make sure you take advantage of both approaches so you can get more likes, followers and reach more people.

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