You are in love and want to tell the world about it? That’s understandable. Instagram encourages love birds like you by offering all the means for the promotion you need. The first and prime one is the hashtag.

A single hashtag can bring you new followers and likes. Can you imagine what can do 30 relevant hashtags out of this selection? Yes, a lot. If you pick up the top love hashtags to accompany your posts with, you do 3 things: make your post easier to notice, you attract users who are a priori interested in what you publish, you increase the activity on your page through attracting engaged followers. And updating hashtags from time to time of already published post you double this effect. Isn’t that really rewarding?
In view of this, you start running a successful Instagram account, thanks to the right hashtag strategy only. So, it makes sense to use the right love hashtags, don’t you think so?

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