Video hashtags for Instagram

Video hashtags
Now that technology allows us to shoot movies even on a mobile device, becoming an indie filmmaker is no longer a fantasy. If your filmmaking ambitions stretch as far as being shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival or Berlinale, you probably don’t need our tips on how to find good hashtags for video production. However, you’d better not skip this piece of advice if your video content is meant for social media, as we have something handy for you.

Whether you’re looking for the right funny video hashtags for Instagram

or hashtags for a new music video, Inflact’s AI-based tool is always here for you.

Played a practical joke on an unsuspecting friend, filmed it and can’t wait to post a reel? Take a moment and type ‘funny video’ in the input bar on the right. Once the tool’s come up with the results, pick what you think are the best hashtags for your Instagram reels video to go viral. Don’t forget to check the second list. Those are related organic hashtags that can nicely complement your choice.

What is good for one social media will most likely fit another, so our tool can be just as well used for finding, say, the best hashtags for TikTok funny videos.

Along with generating tags, you can study our list of top video hashtags:

Quite a bunch of them are video editing hashtags for Instagram which once again proves the popularity of self-made videos. Surprisingly, hashtags for Instagram music videos are not on the list, but it’s not a big problem since you can use the hashtag generator to find something relevant. Anyway, the best hashtags for a music video are those that match your post, and generating tags by keyword is perhaps the optimal way to make it catchy.
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