As Britney once sang, ‘you better work, sis.’ The workout is your rebirth, a person's triumph over his own weaknesses, self-improvement. If you belong to this discipline, congratulations, you do everything right! Now you need to uplevel yourself and earn an audience, which will be your motivation, and for whom you will be the motivator as well, it’s time to think about active Instagram promotion activity.

Start with posting high-quality content —photos, videos, and Stories. Always write captions to your posts. They would encourage people to do the same, tell about your experience, offer something useful. And then just add workout hashtags to your captions. They will make your publications visible to the wide audience, and you will be given a hefty boost to continue doing what you are doing now. But remember that each time, you should use different hashtags not to be excessively annoying. Moreover, this way, you will increase the posts outreach even more.

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