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⚽️ اسپانسر رئال مادرید ٢٠١٧ 💵 سقف برداشت روزانه ٢٠٠ میلیون 💬 پشتیبانی فقط از داخل سایت 👇👇 آدرس بدون فیلتر
Shows the ratio of likes and comments to the number posts and followers.
Average users activity
Posts per day
-1,69 in May
Posts per week
-11,86 in May
Posts per month
-60,00 in May

Most popular post time

From the last 100 posts

at :00
Top caption words
Shows what words were used in captions most of all.
From the last 100 posts
Gates 1
walhalla 1
Pragmatic 1
Creedroomz 1
Popok 1
Gaming 1
User’s Interests
Shows the categories of user’s interests according to the top words and hashtags used in captions.
Top word matches in user descriptions
car 0,50%
art 0,50%

Top most commented posts

From the last 100 posts
Top most liked posts
From the last 100 posts

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