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Shows the ratio of likes and comments to the number posts and followers.
Average users activity
Posts per day
-0,19 in May
Posts per week
-1,34 in May
Posts per month
-8,41 in May

Most popular post time

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at :00
Top caption words
Shows what words were used in captions most of all.
From the last 100 posts
saree 20
Saree 19
Jewels 12
frame 12
apoorvaanarayanan 12
weight 10
Policies 10
resolution 10
screen 10
individual's 10
User’s Interests
Shows the categories of user’s interests according to the top words and hashtags used in captions.
Top word matches in user descriptions
fashion 92,31%
clothing 92,31%
handmade 92,31%

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