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The Instagram Profile Analyzer is an AI tool that conducts a thorough Instagram profile analysis. The metrics and visualized graphs will help your promotion and content idea generation when you analyze TOP profiles in your niche. The tool doesn't need to be downloaded or registered.

How does Instagram Profile Analyzer work?

Inflact collects statistics on an Instagram profile and analyzes 13 metrics, which are Number of followers; Engagement rate; Average user activity; Posts per day, week and month; Uploads number; Most popular post time; Top hashtags used; Top caption words; Audience interests; most commented posts and most liked posts. For your convenience and to help better understanding, Inflact provides you with infographics.

How to use the Profile Analyzer for Instagram?

To start using Profile Analyzer, just type in the username of a person whose account you want to analyze without the @ sign and click Analyze. You get the results in less than 30 seconds.

How many profiles can I analyze?

The number of accounts you can scan is unlimited. Get valuable statistics on as many profiles as you need free of charge.

Can I analyze any Instagram profile?

You can analyze any public account. Inflact can't perform an analysis of private accounts.

Can Instagram Profile Analyzer help me grow on Instagram?

Sure. You can use the results of the analysis to compare yourself with your competitors and have a clear vision of where to direct your efforts by using hashtags, captions, and publishing time analysis. By analyzing your account, you will get insights into your account management strategy's weaknesses and strengths. It will help you to improve your profile and boost followers.