Watch Instagram Stories anonymously and download them with Instagram Story Viewer. Save stories IG from any public profile automatically — free, compatible with any device, no third app installation.

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What is a Story Viewer for Instagram?

Instagram Story Viewer is a free online web service that allows the watching of Instagram Stories without a trace. You can view all active Stories and Highlights of any public Instagram account.

Additional features – save a Story to any device in one click and download Story updates automatically.

What does it mean when you say I can autosave Story updates?

Our innovative Story Viewer for Instagram will track every new Story a user you monitor has uploaded. You can monitor up to 100 profiles, and their Stories will be collected in your Inflact profile. No constant tracking. The subscription tariffs for the update autosave are:

  • 3 profiles – $3 per month
  • 10 profiles – $1 3-days trial, then $9 a month
  • 100 profiles – $49 a month

Why use an anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram?

Let's say you have a list of users that post Stories you are eager to see right now. Now you don't need to create fake accounts.

With the help of this web service, you quickly and anonymously get access to all Instagram Stories of any public account, without revealing who you are. You can see Stories of people who blocked you on Instagram.

You will never appear in the viewer lists since you do not enter your data to gain access to the Stories.

How to see Instagram Stories?

Everything is straightforward:

  • Write a username in the search bar;
  • Click on the Search button;
  • All the content is now available to you.

Remember, you can also download Stories as well as viewing them anonymously.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. Forget about installing third-party apps and enjoy Stories from our free web service. Just enter the profile name. You can do it from any device with Internet access.

Should I pay to view Stories anonymously?

No, the feature is free and unlimited. We also offer paid packages for your convenience. If you need to track and save Stories anonymously for several profiles, choose the most suitable tariff.

Where can I view Instagram Story downloads on a smartphone?

All your downloads are instantly saved in your Photos or Gallery.

Is it possible to use the tool as a desktop viewer?

You can watch anonymously absolutely any Instagram content from a computer, phone, tablet, etc. There are no limits.