Instagram Anonymous Stories Viewer

View Instagram Stories anonymously and download them with Instagram Stories Viewer online. Save stories IG from any public profile automatically — free, compatible with any device, no third app installation.
Stories are the most exclusive type of publication as you share live content that fades away in 24 hours. Let’s own up to it, it is freaking out. Sometimes you want to go back and rewatch it or just not cherish a person's ego by getting into the viewers list.
Get it real with Instagram Stories Viewer by the Inflact team.

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What is a Story Viewer for Instagram?

Instagram Stories Viewer is a free online web service to watch Instagram stories both online and offline with no Instagram limitations. You can apply the web viewer for all active stories and highlights of any public Instagram account.

Advantages of this Stories Viewer

  • You don't need to create fake accounts

    After you have chosen publications to watch, Instagram Stories Viewer gives access to any public profile without an account.

  • See content that has already expired

    You will always get the chance to deal with the archived content. So, you don’t have to bother yourself with constant updates. Apply the tool and enjoy stories at your own pace.

  • Inspect a story without installing third-party apps

    Enjoy stories from a free online Instagram service. Just enter someone’s ig nickname. You can do it from any device with Internet access.

  • Compatible with all devices

    Anon Ig Stories Viewer is available from a computer, phone, tablet, etc. There are no limits. Make sure only you have Internet access.

Disclaimer: The downloaded content is available from public accounts and aimed at private use only, unless you deal with your own data or get the author’s consent. We are strongly against any copyright infringements and encourage respect for intellectual property.

How to Use Instagram Stories Viewer

instagram story viewer
  • Paste the URL to the search bar
  • Click on the Search button
  • All the content is now available to you

You can also download as well as view stories. All the downloads are instantly saved in your Photos or Gallery.

Auto-Save Stories Updates

auto save story

Insta Stories Viewer can be used for downloading Instagram highlights (story archive) from the browser, as it can track every new story a user has uploaded. You can monitor up to 100 profiles. Their stories will be collected in your Inflact profile, so you won’t have to follow Instagram expiration policy.

There is a restriction for Instagram Stories Viewer, private accounts can’t be added for tracking.

Instagram Stories Viewer tariffs are the following:

  • 1 profile – $3 per month
  • 3 profiles – $7 per month
  • 10 profiles – $19 per month
  • 100 profiles – $99 a month

Private Instagram can’t be added for tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an Instagram account to track someone else's profile?

The only Instagram Stories Viewer order is the Internet access. To view a story, you don’t need to create a fake account. Through this resource, you can watch Instagram stories posted on any public account without registration and without logging into an Instagram account.

Can I use Instagram Anonymous Stories Viewer to scam content without a trace?

Instagram Stories Viewer is a free online web service to deal with the platform without logging in. You can also refer to it if your personal account has been blocked for whatever reason. Under these conditions, the app provides access only to public content. Private profiles are not viewable as we respect the individual's right to privacy and are committed to protecting personal data.

Can I download a story from someone else's profile?

Downloading stories is equally easy as watching them. After you sign up for the Inflact account, you can download Instagram stories unless it is private. The rest content is available for storage in your Photo or Video gallery. We respect the user’s privacy/copyright. In case you are up to share them in public or for any other commercial purpose, please, attribute a due credit.

How do I open a downloaded story?

The desktop viewing takes any modern video player, if it's a video. The photos are available for any image viewer set on your computer. Don’t bother with the software as for mobile usage. The files are automatically stored in the Gallery. If you want the platform to get it covered, we offer a Story Saver. This tool works securely in the cloud from any PC or phone. All you need to do is register with Inflact and get started.

What file formats are available for download on Instagram Stories Viewer?

All formats are available for download. You can save stories, IGTV, Reels, and videos from any public Instagram profile. On the top of that, the information previously deleted or archived is accessible in IG Stories Downloader

Which file format is supported when downloading a photo/video?

Video files are saved in mp4 format; the posts are in jpg, jpeg format with a resolution 720 x 1280 pixels. The quality of the materials as well as the resolution can vary and equals to the original. We guarantee you receive an exact copy of what you request while scrolling the feed.

How can you download Instagram stories/ photos / videos?

Instagram Stories Viewer doesn’t put any watermarks on the content downloaded. Still we call you to stick to the ethic code and use the materials as a source of inspiration for running your own feed or for personal use. While sharing them publically you violate the rights of their owners.

What devices can the website be used on the Instagram Stories Viewer?

It is alright with any device you have, as our web viewer takes only Internet access. You can view and download Instagram stories/posts/videos and save them on computer, mobile phone, tablet, Android or iPhone/iPad.

Does the viewer work on mobile?

Yes, including. It is an online web tool that requires no installment. The only thing needed is the Internet access to open Instagram Stories Viewer online in any browser.

What is the cost of using the Inflact Anonymous Stories Viewer features?

Stories Viewer can be used for downloading Instagram older stories. It will track every new story a user has uploaded unless it is a private account. You can monitor up to 100 profiles, and their stories will be collected in your Inflact profile. The subscription tariffs for the update autosave are:

  • 1 profile – $3 per month
  • 3 profiles – $7 per month
  • 10 profiles – $19 per month
  • 100 profiles – $99 a month

Do we store photos/videos?

Instagram photos/videos are downloaded directly to your Gallery. If you want us to store them, Stories Viewer subscription is available. It gives access to the resources over the whole subscription period and terminates at the expiration.