Instant sales are real with a special group of Instagram users. These are hot clients. These people have already gone through all the phases of marketing preparation. Hot clients have already passed through the awareness stage, they’ve already got interested in the product, and finally, they are ready to purchase. So, what do you do when they reach this stage? Right, you just need to message them with your exciting offer – and 90% of the time they will buy from you.
Get 10 sales in 10 minutes through your Instagram account (Lifehack to try right now)

Where to get hot clients on Instagram

If you randomly offer your product to Instagram users without any targeting or marketing selection, you might get one sale from 100 offers.

But if you message hot clients – 10 sales from 100 messages can be achieved.

In this article, you’ll get a simple yet powerful step-by-step strategy for getting hot clients for your Instagram business.

Spoiler: you’ll get the hot clients right from the freshest comments of your rivals.

For a fast and seamless implementation of this strategy, you’ll need to do some preparation steps. This will take no more than 10 minutes.

Firstly, you need to create a brilliant offer for users who are ready to buy from your competitors. This offer should contain a discount or something that will be precious for the client and can poach them in seconds.

Template for the offer to your potential clients:


I’ve noticed that you’re interested in a {product}, and I can help you right now!

Here is it: {A link to the website or a post in your profile with the same product that the user commented on Instagram}

And I can offer you a 20% discount for the {product}, or

If you’re ready to purchase it I can offer you the second {product} in the order for free!

Hope you’ll take advantage of this great offer.

Warmly, {your name}

One more preparation step is to create a list of usernames of your most successful competitors on Instagram.

10 sales in 10 minutes

If you don’t have this yet, use the Advanced Instagram Search for this.

  1. Go to the Search and type the keyword of your business topic.
  2. Set all the filters: set the profile category and number of followers on the profiles you’d like to find.
  3. Tap Search.
  4. Tick the names from the list of your competitors that you consider most suitable to get clients from.
  5. Paste the list to your Word file.
get hot clients on Instagram

Get sales from your potential clients on Instagram

The step-by-step instruction of selling to hot clients is right here, and it will consist of 2 simple steps:

#1 Step: Find the most popular post

Find the hottest places where your potential customers are hanging out.

For this step, you need to use a professional tool for Instagram profile analysis.

  1. Go to the Profile Analyzer.
  2. Type every username from the list of competitors you prepared earlier one by one.
  3. Tap Analyze.
  4. Look through the statistics the service provides you about each of the accounts.
  5. Go to the lower part of the page and find the most commented posts.
potential clients on Instagram

Here are the most commented posts of your competitors. And the hottest potential customers are right here, under each popular post. This is brilliant knowledge – to see the most commented posts for the whole month in just a few seconds!

#2 Step: Follow and offer

  1. Follow all of these users from the comment box manually.
  2. Message them with your offer.

Be careful with the bulk messaging to potential customers. Try to randomize your messages with different variations of the wording.

Advanced Instagram Search