The last article about Instagram DM template where we have collected only сatсhy examples of templates!
Instagram DM Template: 30 Catchy Examples of Messages
The creation of the text for the Instagram DM template, as well as the preparation of any advertising text, should be carried out according to several rules. Some are fairly obvious, others everyone brings for himself after a series of direct-mail advertising. However, one of the most important points is the correct preparation of the Direct message template.
The most important task of mailing is its uniqueness and power. The beginning of this complex process is an interesting content (about it I wrote in one of the articles about cool ideas for mailing, read here). So, before you begin to compile templates for distribution, you must first sketch a draft version. This work required a creative approach.
In the last article, I shared with you cool tips on writing the right templates that will help you to implement effective direct mailing! Besides, we have considered the principles of creation on specific examples. Today, I offer to consider the rules for writing messages, and provides Direct message examples of templates that can use Instagram bloggers! I promise all the information will be not only interesting but also very useful! Prepare a piece of paper and a pencil! You will need to write down a couple of rules and ideas! Are you ready?

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Instagram DM Template: The Golden Rules

The creation of the Instagram DM template must be following certain rules. Consider some of them:
  • Come up with an interesting title. The title should be simple, contain figures or facts if possible and attract the attention of the user.
  • Write clearly and understandable. Try to use short sentences without an abundance of appendages and formulate your thoughts.
  • Get right to the point. If you start the text with a long introduction, few people will come to really useful information.
  • Provide factual information. Five times faster, three times more accurate, ten kilograms of meat per hour — all this specific information that inspires confidence and attracts the attention of the recipient of direct mailing.
  • Accompany the text with a link. After reading the text of the letter, the user is likely to want to know more. So leave the links so that he could easily find the information that interested him.
Also, the main point is the Unification of messages. When sending messages, they should be as different from each other as possible. Ideally, each user should receive a unique message. To do this, our service has developed a system of unique messages of each mailing. It works this way:
Ex.: Hi! I've been reading your tape, and I like your photos. I'd like to ask you to cooperate. Let's repost each other's records at 6:00 pm and share our followers. Check out my account - I'm sure you'll like my content too!

We will add more greeting options, as well as make additional options in the body of the letter:
Ex.: {Hello!|Good afternoon.|Hello!|Nihao!} I've been reading your tape for a long time, and I like your {photos|posts|photos}. I would like to suggest you to {cooperate|work together}. Let's repost {records|photos|posts} each other every {evening at 6 pm|day at 2 pm|Monday at 10 pm} and share our followers. Look at my {account|profile} - I'm sure you'll like the idea and {my content|my posts|my page} too!

Now the message has a lot more options. We will add more sub-options to further enhance the diversity of the message.
Ex.: {Hello!|Good afternoon.|Hello!|Nihao!} I've been reading your tape, and I {really like your {photos|posts|photos}|strongly impressed with your style|high}. I would like to {invite you to {collaborate|work together}|team up with you}. Let's {repost {posts|photos|posts}|mention {posts|posts}}each other every {evening at 6 pm|day at 2 pm|Monday at 10 pm} and share with each other followers. Look {in my {account|profile}|to my page} - I'm sure you'll like it and {my content|my posts|my page} too!

Now we have quite a variable message, which will vary greatly when sending to each new user. You don't have to use all the techniques from this example; just create a sufficiently variable message, and then the risk of ban your accounts will be reduced to zero.

Get Inspired: 30 catchy Instagram DM examples!

Let's take a look at 30 unique direct message examples of templates that can be used by lifestyle bloggers, educational bloggers, culinary bloggers, fitness bloggers, music bloggers, photographers!

5 templates for lifestyle bloggers!

  1. Hi! I'm Christine! I'm a lifestyle blogger. In my profile, I share stories from my life. Follow my posts! They will be fun and interesting! Link
  2. Do you know how to simplify your life? I'll help you with that. My name is Rebecca and I'm a lifestyle blogger. I tell people lifehacks, which at times can simplify their lives. Link
  3. Hi! As you know, I recently arrived from XXX, where I rested for a month! All the most useful information about a vacation in XXX I wrote in this post (link). Come to read, there's a lot of interesting things.
  4. Girls! I miss being with you in chat! Let's renew our tradition and spend the evening together in the chat, where we can share cool tips that can make our lives easier! Link
  5. Hi! I hope that you have not forgotten that today I want to conduct a video broadcast. I will answer all the questions of my followers about my life. Join us, it'll be fun. Link

5 templates for educational bloggers!

  1. Hi! Thank you for following me! I hope my profile helps you learn XXX. In my blog, I share useful tips for studying. Go ahead and do it. Link
  2. Good day! Finally, I'm launching the second stream of XXX XXX XXX! If you want to radically change your life, I suggest you start right now! Sign up and go for it! Link
  3. Do you know that life is constant learning and self-improvement? Gaining new knowledge is so necessary for this life! Therefore, please, read my post on this topic and leave your thoughts on the comments. Link
  4. Would you like to go to XXX, where you could communicate with native speakers of the language you are learning? Now you have the opportunity to win a month of training in XXX for free! To do this, you need to read the conditions in this post, and pack your bags!
  5. Hi! As you know, I am recruiting a team of people who will help me make educational courses for you. If you have the necessary skills and qualifications, please contact me! Let's start working together! Link

5 templates for culinary bloggers!

  1. Hi! Have you seen my new recipe for the pancakes? Hurry up and do them! It's just a bomb recipe that you keep! I promise! Link
  2. Hi! I finally finished my first cookbook! I have collected the juiciest recipes that will not leave anyone hungry. Pre-order at a special price right now! Link
  3. Hi! Thanks for following! I am very glad that you share my love for cooking! In my profile, you will find a lot of tasty and healthy recipes! Link
  4. My cooking blog is coming to the next level! This XXX I invite everyone to my first master class! We will prepare a stunning dinner that will appeal to every member of your family without exception! Register for it right now! Link
  5. Hi! As always happens with creative people, I ran out of ideas that can be tasty and interesting to cook. That's why I need your help! Follow the link and leave the dishes that you would like to see in my performance!
5 templates for fitness bloggers!

  1. Do you know how to lose weight? I know the answer. Go to my profile, where I share cool and effective tips. Link
  2. Training has not been so exciting! I have developed a very cool fitness program that suits everyone without exception. I wrote more in this post (link).
  3. Hi! Let's practice together! Now I'm broadcasting live videos from my training! Join up at this link.
  4. Hi! Thanks for following! You're very lucky because you have found my profile. It will radically change your life! In the blog, I share delicious recipes for proper food, fitness training, as well as tips for weight loss. Stay in touch, there are many interesting things ahead! Link
  5. Do you want a great figure like mine? Then run to the gym! I have developed a fitness program especially for you! All you have to do is follow the link and start training! Link

5 templates for music bloggers!

  1. Have you already estimated a new track? It is now available on all platforms! Download now. Link
  2. Hi! Thanks for following! I'm an aspiring musician. I write great music. If you want to stay up to date with my new masterpieces, then stay in touch! Link
  3. Hi! I decided to present my guitar! We've come a long way, but it's time to take leave! If you want to take part in the draw, then follow the link!
  4. Do you want to learn how to play guitar? In this case, you can help my video tutorials! Link
  5. Thank you very much, dear follower, for supporting me in all my projects! I appreciate your opinion about my music products. Leave comments under my posts, please! Link

5 templates for photographers bloggers!

  1. Hi! Have you seen my new post? I have collected the most vivid pictures this summer! Check it out! Link
  2. Hi! I'm a photographer! I publish my works in my profile. I appreciate your opinion about them. Share your impressions and leave comments. Link
  3. Do you want to get a free photoshoot from me? Make it much easier than you think! Follow the link, see the rules of participation and win a unique prize! Link
  4. Hi! I am a photographer with an audience of over 250,000 followers! Let's have a collaboration to increase your and my audience. If you have any ideas on how to do this, then be sure to write to me. I'll wait for your message. Have a nice day! Link
  5. A lot of gifts from me! I know that you are always looking forward to my new works that inspire you to create your masterpieces. So I decided to have a great giveaway. Follow the link and find out all the details.

Final word

Yeah, My Dears, we did it! We have completed a course on creating cool templates for DM on Instagram! I hope that now each of you will use Direct on Instagram not only for correspondence with friends and relatives but also as a cool tool for promotion on Instagram! Start sending bulk Instagram DMs with Inflact! It's faster and more efficient.

However, remember that sending messages to Direct will become an effective marketing tool only if you use high-quality information which is useful for users. The text in the newsletter should be so attractive to the reader that the proposal has been read completely!

So, I wish you a lot of followers, My Instagram Lovers!
P.S. Do not forget that Inflact offers the most advance solution for automatic messaging on Instagram! Check it out!