How to get higher engagement for your Instagram account? Make posts at a scientific-based time! Are you ready to define the best time to post on Instagram on Friday or on Wednesday right now!
We’ve Got The Best Time To Post On Instagram! Real Investigation
Does it actually exist? “The best time to post” on Instagram on Sunday, for example? Disputes continue over the years! Some experts in the SNS sphere are pretty confident that each brand and its TA has a specified perfect time for posting. Others are just guided their marketing strategy only by general advice.

You know, it doesn’t matter what party you belong, my blog post will give you a pause for thought.

In the early days of 2016 IG abandoned the successive display of publications and submitted an algorithm. Considering all factors of the algorithm, IG still takes into account the “freshness” of publications. The newest pics always appear at the feed beginning.

How to guess the “Best Time to Post on Instagram” on Monday or Tuesday?

To understand the activity of your fans, check out the statistics (IG Insights) and additionally try to analyze the competitors’ and industry leaders’ approach.

We’ve analyzed 258,956 pics of the top 20 marks from 11 businesses and is able to explain the critical question about time to post on Instagram. They simplified your job: for 3 years they collected data of the 20 most successful accs from 11 industries and discovered at what time their pics attracted more likes and commentaries. Best time to post on Instagram on Saturday! Run the info for motivation, but keep in mind, that you have a unique approach and followings. Also, do not forget that the determining factor is the essence of your content; a good posting time will not benefit to useless pics.

1. Tourism and travel
Friday from 9:00 to 13:00
According to the research, the greatest engagement rates are for pics posted at 11:00 and 13:00, but pics added at 9:00 and 10:00 are also highly effective. For the travel and tourism industry, the best day of the week is Friday, Tuesday and Monday.
Bad timing: try not to publish pics after 13:00, and try to avoid posting on weekends. Most users at this time are busy with their own adventures.

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2. Media and entertainment
Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00
For the entertainment and media industry, most of the engagement is attracted at 14:00 and 15:00, the second most effective intervals - 12:00 and 13:00. Users dine or relax, so they search the social network for entertaining and inspiring content.
The most effective days are Tuesday and Thursday, Monday and Saturday.
Bad timing: posts that are made in the morning.

3. Food and Drink
Friday 12:00
Users are busy with food at lunchtime, this it has its sense: they are looking for spur or seeking to escape from cold meat in a plastic container. In any case, take into account this trend in your strategy.
The best day of the week for publication is Friday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Bad timing: not at lunchtime.

4. Retail
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12:00
Not only for the food industry midday has great popularity, but also for retail, especially on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Bad timing: posting before and after lunch.
5. Pro services
Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9:00 or 10:00
The best time to publish in the professional services industry is the busy day forenoons, especially Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. People prefer to get acquainted with useful educational content while they are getting already for a productive day.
Bad timing: weekends and evening time.

6. Charity
Tuesday 16:00 or 10:00
According to Unmetric, charity brand pictures, that are published at 4:00 pm attract the most interactions. In early 2018, publications that were uploaded at 10:00 turned out to be particularly effective.
The most likable for the acc day is Wednesday, immediately followed by Thursday and Friday.
Bad timing: non-working hours on Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

7. E-commerce (not retail)
Thursday at 21:00 or 16:00
The best e-commerce brands collect more likes and comments in the evening, particularly on Thursday. The best time is 21:00, 16:00 in second place.
Bad time: during working hours.

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8. Pharmaceuticals and Health
Wednesday and Sunday at 9:00
Most famous brands from this niche are related to fitness and its audience actively interacts with content in the morning, especially at 9:00.
The best days are Wednesday and Sunday, Monday and Saturday.
Bad timing: evening.

9. Personal care
Friday and Thursday at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00
Top accs in this industry are devoted to beautifiers. The most strong publications come after lunch closer to the end of the week. But Tuesday and Wednesday are also effective.
Bad timing: on weekends and in the morning.

10. Technologies
Monday and Tuesday at 14:00
The best time for pics in this industry is Tuesday at 14:00, in the second place, belongs to Monday.
Bad timing: evenings and weekends.

11. Education
Thursday at 4 pm and 5 pm
It is better to attract students on weekdays, especially on Thursday between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Good options are Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 and 12:00.
Bad timing: avoid publishing early in the morning and on weekends.

How to define individual “best time to post” on Instagram on the weekend?

How to define individual “best time to post” on Instagram?
Now you know when the best brands have attracted the most of their likes and comments. But this is not enough to build an effective strategy. Here's what else you should try to do:

1. Gain your target viewers
You must consult your info from IG Insights. It will display the active period of your fans and the time of the most engagement with your pics. Plus include into your content strategy the data of the most active timezone and plan your pics according to it.

2. Test
Constantly test all recommendations and your own hypotheses. Users habits are constantly changing, so you should not relax. Also test the effectiveness of the schedule at least twice, because, perhaps, the success can be made by content, and not time.

3. Optimize posts
First of all, work on the content, improve the visual components, correctly select hashtags, communicate with the audience. Only then think about the best time for posts.

Congratulations! Now you are loaded with the data of Instagram stats, analytics of your Instagram page, and the valid advice about posting time of the whole Internet. Determine the most strong time for posting and improve your ER and Instagram Growth!

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