The Inflact's team is about to release a new update. Give a warm welcome to the Profile Tracker tool. Read more to know what amazing features are now added to your marketing toolkit.
Discover the Powerhouse Profile Tracker Tool for an Enhanced Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is hands down one of the most promising areas of online marketing. Since a great deal of internet users are used to browsing social media platforms for entertainment, inspiration, and product recommendations daily, getting social media’s most recognizable faces to promote your brand is a smart move.

Even though Facebook is still considered the most preferred social network for influence marketing, Instagram has plenty of opportunities to take the lead. The platform has tripled in earned brand value, which is clearly a good sign of a formidable influencer community.

So, it's only natural that the platform has become a common way to find potential partnerships. To be clear, the average number of sponsored weekly posts by a brand as of 2023 was around five.

Instagram's increased focus on brand collaborations has also contributed to its rapid progress. When you switch to a professional account, websites can directly be linked or reached through the shopping tab or via direct contact information. As the platform continues to diversify its services and features, creators are more flexible in customizing commercial content for a brand's product or service. This can range from photos and tags to Stories and Reels.

However, a perfect visual doesn't guarantee results if the influencer you choose to work with is out of touch with your target audience. In other words, sponsored posts from mega-influencers with a broad reach don't always perform better than posts from nano- and micro-influencers. In many cases, they’re more adaptable to niche audiences and effectively boast the highest engagement rates on the platform.

This is the reason the Profile Tracker tool by Inflact may come in handy.

What is the Profile Tracker at a Glance?

Since Instagram is only testing the waters with business accounts, there are plenty of white spots that can’t be covered in-app. There’s no argument that the Business Insights feature is a great asset for partnering decisions.

The catch here is you have to request the creator's performance data instead of studying things by yourself. Your budget is at stake, so not having the ball in your court may be a bit unnerving.

This month, the Inflact team released the Profile Tracker that enables getting the inside scoop on the influencer and filling in that gap. It is an online service that allows users to monitor and track the performance and engagement of any social media profiles. The tool provides analytics and data on metrics such as followers, likes, comments, shares, and other key performance indicators.

We're proud of this helpful tool that's now part of our marketing toolkit and thrilled to introduce it in more detail.

Available Information Through Tracking an IG Account

Let's start with something old-but-gold like follower count. Even though you don’t need a special tool to learn this as the data is publicly opened for everyone, it is still a key metric to consider.

We hope we’re on the same page in that the number of subscribers still measures the success on the platform. No matter how many marketing gurus claim otherwise. This means that you will need profiles with a growing audience or at least someone who is able to break even. After all, the more users that unfollow, the fewer potential views you get.

Discover how accounts are leveraging this through our followers charts. Here, you can’t find out the subscriber’s monthly gains and declines. It's also important to keep an eye on the dynamics from the day you start tracking. So, when comparing the growth curves between Ronaldo (let's dream big) and Selena Gomez, partnering with the former is far more beneficial.

how to monitor influencers

Well, we take the highest paid forward in football history and take action. At the initial stage, we were pleased with the indicators, but we shouldn’t focus exclusively on the reach. After all, for some time now, the palm has been taken over by engagement rates.

To do this, feel free to go to the Likes&Comments tab and look in which direction the blue and red lines curve. With upward movements, you’re free to sit back and relax. The second stage of verification was completed successfully.

Take it easy if finding out likes are more numerous than comments. Double-tapping the screen is easier to show approval compared with the time spent on typing. So, it is a common occurrence.

So, don’t stress too much when likes outnumber your comments. This is common for several reasons, one of which being it’s faster and easier to double tap the screen than type out a comment.

how to track influencers
Yet, an unexpected boost in comments should, on the contrary, alert you. It is much more likely that Ronaldo’s case will be explained by content virality. Yet, recalling Lord Buddha’s case, the prerequisites for a huge scandal are still rising. You can either confirm or refute your guesses by investigating the Post-calendar section.

We have gone through all the occupied icons in May and have seen that the average number of comments was 46.68k, while the most commented post showed a value of 99.5k. With a history of such indicators, we recommend going to the application and finding the required post to eliminate any potential doubts.
how to find the most commented posts
Let's scroll to everything below the caption “I don't follow the records, the records follow me” and calm down. The comments are mostly complimentary, so you shouldn’t be too worried if an influencer seems to be receiving some backlash in the comments.

This was to be expected given the profile chosen, but it's worth drawing straws no matter how many big names you plan to work with.
how to find an Insta profile

Up to this point, we've talked about features that are great for posts, videos, and Reels. However, stories are considered the most uploaded and popular format on the platform. No surprise that advertising through 24-hour-long content pieces is a real game changer for influencer marketing.

The thing is that advertising through feed posts is slowly losing the element of “spontaneous friendly advice.” In the end, it’s very doubtful that you decided to talk about the pellet removal machine out of the blue by posting a professionally edited video with a clearly drafted advertising script and corresponding hashtags.
It's not bad and it still works, but the sense of the on-the-spot spontaneity has gone.
Since stories are only viewable for 24 hours, they are more inclined to include an unfiltered peek into users’ lives. By adding Instagram Stories to your influencer marketing strategy, you’ve got a great recipe to bring back authentic vibes.

However, talking about business vibes, not everything is so rosy. Considering they aren’t permanent, Stories are not easy to track.

It wasn't easy before the Profile Tracker came along. We went the extra mile and paired the tool with Instagram Stories Saver. Thanks to the innovative merge, the user automatically receives results for the tracked account.

In other words, you can now study the quality of the published content in advance. Simply adjust your specifications to sync in with the influencer’s style and tone of voice for a smoother outcome.
how to use profile tracker

Let's Sum It Up

Influencer marketing is a way to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, strengthen its image, and ultimately increase sales. The main thing is to pay attention to preparation:

  1. Decide on the purpose of advertising
  2. Study the audience
  3. Carefully select a blogger
  4. Discuss the terms of cooperation
  5. Be sure to record them
  6. Prepare clear technical specifications.
Don't be discouraged when your ad doesn't work the first time - this is normal. You can help to prevent this outcome through A/B testing with several bloggers at once. Make sure to start with bloggers whose audiences most overlap with the largest segment of your target audience.

All it takes is a little trial and error to find the right bloggers to advertise your product effectively.