In 2019, almost everyone can find a way to help others. Today, for the implementation of some projects, it is enough only to connect to the Internet.
How to Use the Donation Sticker on Instagram Stories?
Now, social networks are no longer just entertainment. In them, users can not only communicate but also draw public attention to current problems, run contests, and challenges in someone's support and even collect donations. How Instagram can help you in this and how to use the donation sticker on Instagram stories read below!

Rules for online donations

For the success of the charity campaign, it is very important to tell people about its tasks and to make them feel involved in the common cause. The project should reflect:

  • history – it should be detailed, photos and videos attract attention;
  • the purpose of the collection – it is necessary to specify;
  • the required amount – it must be confirmed by calculations.
To organize a fundraiser, you need to think about how sponsors can transfer donations. If the campaign is deployed on social networks, you can specify the card number of the person to whom the assistance is addressed. The effectiveness of such solutions, usually not too high – many are suspicious of requests for money transfer.

How to use the donation sticker on Instagram Stories

If the project affects a group of people or money is collected for socially important purposes, it is better to apply to crowdfund sites – they provide for the use of various payment systems. At the same time, on large and long-working resources, the charitable fee is transferred to the addressee in full, without deducting the usual commission percentage.

How to avoid scams?

As statistics show, over the past 10 years, people have changed their attitude to the topic of charity and began to do good deeds several times more often. However, cases where people are faced with the actions of scammers on the network, unfortunately, have not decreased. Therefore, we have prepared the rules of safe charity, following which you will be able to distinguish these calls for help from false:

  • Check the information. Scammers on the Internet, especially in social networks and messengers, very often use the stories of real people in trouble, for their selfish purposes. Changing these details on their own, attackers without any difficulty collect thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars, leaving really in need without help. In such moments, be very careful and do not make reposts of information.
  • No hurry. Today, in the Internet is increasingly possible to see typical stories calling for “urgent” to raise money for “emergency hospitalization of the patient” or his “treatment in a foreign clinic.” Using this approach, the attackers are trying to exert psychological pressure and under the pretext of urgency to lure your money.
  • Don't start discussion. Once you start asking questions to the author of the ad, it may be that he not only refuses to answer them but also begins to behave aggressively towards you — pounce on you with accusations and try to cause a sense of guilt. If this situation has occurred — be sure in front of you a scammer!
  • Check charities online. You should also pay attention to the links provided in the fraudulent messages. They can lead to pages that only copy the site of a well-known charity.
  • Choose the most convenient way to donate. Thanks to the development of information technology donations today can be made from the comfort of home — directly on the website of the Fund, crowdfunding platform or platforms aggregators of proven funds,
Also, you need to use proven sites that have internal rules and restrictions in the collection of donations of visitors. Like Facebook. In 2015 on the platform has appeared the option of sending donations. It has proven to be successful. Another platform for collecting donations this year was the Instagram. If you don’t know how it works and how to use the donation sticker on Instagram stories, let’s read the useful data!

Donation Sticker on Instagram: Use its at full blast!

Popular social network Instagram has not stayed away and in February of this year presented a sticker to collect donations in stories. Also, if you remember, sometimes ago, my Inflact team and I have prepared for you the articles about how to post a video on Instagram stories and how to save Instagram stories. Do you read them? It’s high time to do this.

The new option allows charities to raise money directly on the social network. Fundraising will last 24 hours.

What is important, the right to add such a feature to your page or in the announcement of a particular action will not get all users, but only non-profit organizations. Such companies will have a chance to get closer to their target audience and receive funding directly from other users of the social network.

How to use the donation sticker on Instagram Stories

Those wishing to contribute do not even have to leave the page, go to the web resource of the respective recipient and look for details to transfer money to the account of the charitable organization. When clicking on this button, they will be automatically redirected to the implementation of a money transfer from their Bank card to the address of the relevant company through a secure payment service.

How to use the donation sticker on Instagram Stories?

Do you know how to donate on Instagram? It’s very simple. We have listed the scheme of work:

  1. Open the camera, take a photo or video;
  2. Click on the add stickers icon and select "donation Sticker" from the list,
  3. Choose a nonprofit to support and set up fundraising with creative tools.
  4. After the story is published, the screening and fundraising will begin.
Note that 100% of the collected funds will go to a non-profit organization that you have chosen. It is perfect if you want to start a donation with your followers for the cause that most excites you and does a good deed.

Final word

Thanks to new technologies, helping people and organizations has become even more convenient and easier. Many social networks have a donation feature. Now, to make a noble cause simply click on the desired button and send funds to those in need. The Instagram platform, which has been actively developing recently, has also launched this convenient feature.