“Who run the World? Girls! “ sang Beyonce and no one would argue!
11 Female-Empowering Instagram Accounts for Your Ego Boost
Of course, I’m dissembling a little. Women around the world feel substantially insecure: beauty magazines with retouched ideal faces, Instagram accounts with young girls’ posh silicon bodies, the great desire to appeal to the opposite sex and what we get in the result? Lack of self-trust, low self-esteem and fierce attempt to look like models and celebrities.

The International Women's Day is right about the corner, so I decided to dedicate this article to Instagram accounts that every self-respecting girl and woman should follow. They will learn you how to cope with daily hardships, how to start loving yourself and your body, how to find harmony and inner strengths.

I offer you to look at Instagram at the upside and to see it not only as a hub of unrealistic concepts of women’s beauty and adverts of fat-loss programs but as your own shelter where you can find inspiration and true beauty. Off we go!


The woman of striking Indian beauty, Rupi Kaur, is a poetess and the owner of the no less aesthetic account. Her inspiring, tender and profound poetry and illustrations narrate about strong women, the sorrow of love and broken hearts, about nature and universe. Her every post is a little masterpiece. I promise you will find some fire here.

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A young but deserving your attention woman, an owner of the Instagram blog @MH_Stories, which is dedicated to mental health issues. Some time ago Kay has been experiencing the stressful period which caused the post-traumatic disorder. Once, having decided to talk about it openly, the girl discovered that people who care began to appear in her social network. Thanks to the strong support of a community, she managed to overcome the disease. Now Kay stands for positive thinking, care for yourself and the right living.

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The Instagram account of the Brit + Co media company was created to inspire girls and women all over th world. It will encourage you to be positive about everything as it positively affect your mood and well-being. Taking care of yourself is made up of little joys that @britandco reminds us of.

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Alison Rachel, an admirable woman created a place where girls can hide for the prejudicial content that we face on Social Media. Through her illustrations and drawings picturizing girls and women, she calls to love your body, make mistakes and learn from them, be honest with yourself and others, and what is most important, not be afraid to help other women succeed.
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This is an account of a global platform GirlsGlobe for people’s education of human rights and gender equality. They create a global girls’ movement which appeal to people’s awareness of the state of modern society, health, motherhood, arts, tech, and many other issues.

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Stephanie Birch, a yoga teacher, is an embodied inspiration. The most difficult asanas become the most beautiful and graceful when this woman demonstrates them. Yoga is a big part of her life (if not the whole life). It is even more pleasant to watch her when she is engaged with her baby. At the same time, each pose seems to be even more successful and, of course, you will immediately want to repeat after it. And her deep thoughts will give you food for thoughts, no doubt!

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It is a one-of-a-kind account. Beautiful pictures with inspirational messages will be your secret weapon against low self-esteem and a sense of vulnerability. If you feel that you have no strengths, and there is no one who would be ready to help you, open this profile and fell the relief.

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Girlboss chants the praises for being a woman. Funny, witty posts will put you in a cheerful frame of mind and make you feel gorgeous.

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Cleo Wade - artist, poet, an activist for gender and racial equality and feminist. In her Instagram account, she depicts the beauty, vulnerability, and power of humanity. She is smart, stylish and her ideas definitely worth making a mental note of.

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It will give you a portion of daily motivation to stop mistrusting own powers, having any hang-ups for no reason. Simple and at the same time strong advice can give you an idea of how to stop acting like a potato head.

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A more of a joke, but still. Since sometimes you want to see female beauty at different perspectives, this playful account can come to the rescue, which will not only remind you that being a girl is great but also helps to develop your imagination. The curator of the account once again reminds: every body deserves love, and candid photos of fruit, cakes and flower buds will regularly remind you of it.

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So, girls, the only way to live happily is not to treat yourself too seriously. Love yourself not only in the International Women's Day, love yourself every day and every minute!