With social media marketing being on a roll today, human potential isn’t enough to take a grip over all IG musts to leverage the account effectively. Learn what tasks can be delegated to automation tools to keep up with the workload.
How to Automate Your IG Account Routine: Essential Tools & Strategies for Content Creators

Instagram has survived dramatic changes since its early days, making it one of the five largest social networks worldwide. So, having started as a funny image-sharing app, it’s now an amazing marketing powerhouse with more than two billion users worldwide. Along with social media ad spend, which is expected to keep increasing, so do the platform’s features.

It has broken new ground by launching a business account feature that allows getting the most out of published content. Switching to this mode allows brands and content creators to promote themselves via photo and video posts, Stories, Reels, action buttons (Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, etc.), inbox filters, and more. On top of that, your social media marketing strategies become more result-oriented due to extended performance tracking options.

With such an ample marketing toolkit, a lack of expertise may end up in sheer chaos.

So, it is high time we learned to handle the process!

what is a healthy account management

What is Healthy Account Management?

Since Instagram is rather consistent with rolling out updates, be prepared to never master it to a tee. To make it big, you have to put up with the eternal learning curve and enjoy the process. But there's a catch though.While all your energy is being spent on exploring new horizons, dark times may come for your current routine. Actually, this is the Pareto principle in action. You can’t improve anything without encroaching on your existing strategy. However, it is still possible to break this vicious cycle by delegating the workload for maintaining quality account management.In this case, automation tools can be a real go-to., To keep things running smoothly, you will want to figure out what tasks can be replaced by code and where human intervention is still required.

How to Apply Automation Tools Without Running Into Issues

Social media starts with “social” for a reason. After all, Instagram algorithms are primarily tailored for manual operations. It means that no matter how bad you want to cut corners,, you should side with the services that not only perform tasks efficiently but also adhere to Instagram Community Guidelines.

To find the right one, make sure that the software application is capable of the following:

1. Staying Within Limits

A huge number of Instagram activities are restrained by time and frequency. Since the developers place the main emphasis on organic growth, there are limitations to finding ways around it. So, getting away with a temporary block is a good end of the story. Then again, there are plenty of cases of permanently disabled profiles.

2. Acting Authentically

Since we have already highlighted the value of the human component, which actually generates reach and engagement, quick fixes are the most ineffective thing you could do. Emojis and blatant ads are commonly seen as spam, and taking this low-effort approach will only hurt organic engagement. If you don’t want your efforts to be left in vain, make sure you take the time to engage with your audience, large or small.

3. Doing Settings

Again, taking a fully creative approach isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes, templates work better. The only thing to consider is to ensure you have an extended supply stock. Make sure that you have prepared, several ready-made scripts, each catered to a unique audience. Hands down, there is nothing like full-fledged high-quality communication. However, there’s something to be said about being organized with your social content.

It is easy to see that, most often, content creators and brands need to manage communication processes through their content. Yet, things are easier with the latter as business accounts were recently enabled to schedule a post-in-app. This has inevitably made it much simpler to work with media files. In the same vein, managing audiences, communication, and ad content can feel like a burden in itself.

With the help of third-party services, you can find the help you need to manage it all.

Handling IG Chats With Automated Direct Messaging

While captions and comments should be unique, the same rule doesn’t always apply when it comes to direct messaging. Utilizing automated features in direct messaging can help streamline your responses to common questions or general comments.

For example, when a user asks about the cost of a product or service, they aren’t going to mind if your response seems automated. In this case, they are simply looking for a direct answer rather than a conversation.

Moreover, they more than likely won’t catch on to the fact that the message is automated anyway. But what will really get noticed is your response rate. This is where auto-replies in DMs prove to be an amazing asset as it operates 24/7.

The Instagram Auto-DM Bot by Inflact allows setting up an auto-response with a keyword. This is a quick and easy process thanks to its user-friendly interface. So, just in case, let's see how to auto-DM on Instagram.

Enter as many keywords into the search as you want. After the filters are configured, enter the answer in the special field and put it in curly brackets. Use the Add variation button to create multiple text samples.

how auto DM works

You can also customize messages through multi-language recognition or labeling clients by categories which adds up to a positive user experience.Yet, auto DM on Instagram isn’t the only thing that can be improved. Since your account has to continually gain new followers to thrive, you’d better bring your A-game to make your business profile visible to target audiences. As SFS strategies are now more of an old story, there are newer, more effective methods you can make use of.

Grow Your Page With Ongoing Interactions

Instead of begging for likes or comments, consider viewing stories, leaving likes, and engaging in comment sections. The method is that you aren’t asking for anything, but simply stir the user interest to check out your account.

If you do this haphazardly, then you won’t be seeing organic results any time soon. So, you either spend a decent amount of time doing it manually or get an Instagram likes bot to do the same stuff without participating directly. We bet the choice is obvious.

The service proceeds with Instagram auto likes through hashtags, locations, and usernames. Yet, in case you already know what accounts to hit, it’s possible to upload a relevant drafted list in advance. The software also offers extensive filtering options, allowing you to tailor the tasks to your needs. Basically, you manage the time zones, the language, the gender, the content formats, and the number of likes of the feeds selected. With such an integrated approach, Instagram bot likes and views offer higher performance that cuts down significantly on blank run.

how to automate likes on Instagram

Alongside Instagram auto likes, the Instagram auto view is also available. Since the Stories section is a great opportunity to appear in the user's field of vision because of the view count feature, the bot is coded to auto-view an Instagram Story. Decide whether to engage with the evasive content of your current subscription, which beefs up trust and authority, or go onto random pages for better coverage.

Give it a shot to automate your likes and Stories viewing.

The Bottom Line

No other social platform has boosted the social media marketing phenomenon as vividly as Instagram. This benefits thousands of brands tapping into the appeal of big audiences and revealing their brand to those who look for shopping inspiration or any on their social media feeds.

So, being among marketing professionals who integrated automation into digital marketing campaigns raises chances for sustainable growth in a competitive environment. With that said, sticking to high-performing services is the key to reaching consistent growth on the platform.