If you aim to sell on Instagram, you need to showcase brand credibility and social proof. Thanks to these techniques, even new shops can grow fast and make green from a small number of followers. Loyalty is what will help you to monetize Instagram quickly.
How to build trust in your Instagram tribe: the secret power of customer reviews and UGC revealed
What are the ways to win the loyalty of customers on Instagram?
  • Reviews. I will cover reviews in this article in detail. You will find out top trending ways to showcase social proof on a business Instagram account. This will help you to stimulate engagement and convert new leads.
  • Constant interactions. Instagrammers love getting attention, especially from their favorite brands. Engaging with the content of your top customers will help your brand look like a human – their friend. The Promo module by Inflact is a cutting-edge toolkit that does all the manual work for you automatically – it watches stories, follows, and likes top audiences to drive their attention and bring you profits.
  • Show behind-the-scenes in your stories/posts. Instagrammers love authentic content and unfiltered images. Don't be afraid to cover personal experience around your content, even if it's negative. For example, you can showcase some failures and ask for advice, and you will see that a great number of users will share this post.

Instagram user-generated content: top review formats

If your product and account are new, it might be challenging to stimulate sales. Would you buy immediately from a shop with no reviews and followers? That's why we recommend giving away some goods to bloggers right from the start. It will help drive their audiences and get images of your products made by real people, not models.

Here are amazing ideas for using and collecting testimonials and UGC:


trust in your Instagram tribe

@hanacure is an awesome example of collecting user reviews. They launched a dedicated profile just for showing images of their clients. If testimonials strongly influence your business, but you don't want to ruin the aesthetics of your main feed, you can manage a separate account with customer reviews.


power of customer reviews

Instagram allows customers to freely express their thoughts individually and within a community. People often share their feelings and beliefs about products on the platform.

Communication with happy and disappointed clients will help you to build trust and improve your product based on demand.

When you collect the UGC under a single hashtag, it will be manageable to find all posts made by your clients. What is more, when you are tagged by many accounts, Instagram realizes that many users trust you. As a result, the algorithm shows your publications in feeds of more users.


Many shops collect images of their clients using their products in Highlights. When new potential clients visit the account and see this, their credibility grows, and hesitations are overcome. Since the Highlights section is the center of attention for new viewers, you need to encourage clients or influencers to post stories with your goods so you can share them.


This is the most direct approach to collect testimonials – it requires just a few words from customers. The only thing they need to do is to share their opinion right after the delivery. Screenshot every dialog and share it on your account. New clients will be more confident to buy from you.

Note: many users will never provide their feedback if there's no evidence that your company wants it. Your primary responsibility is to inspire your subscribers and clients to leave their thoughts and share them.

Next, you will find out how you can grab and keep the visuals posted by your fans on their accounts.

How to download visuals in high quality

I often see that companies and business account managers take screenshots of reviews that people publish in Stories. But when it's a video, the quality will be lost. Whenever you need to download clips and images uploaded by other users, I recommend that you apply special downloader tools, like the Inflact downloader.

With the help of this tool, you can keep clips and graphics in the original quality, so it looks professional and catchy in your feed. What’s more, the content that is saved in the authentic resolution can then be uploaded anywhere else – in social media groups, chats, website, or blog, or it can be used for ads. Below you will find the best ways to make the most of the UGC downloaded from Instagram.

3 Top ways to repurpose User-generated content

  1. Post in feed. In 2021 no models and photo studios are needed. You can give away your products to influencers, and they will send you images of your goods in use. Also, ask customers to tag you and apply a branded hashtag when they post your goods. Top IG shops often organize contests and insert the branded hashtags and a CTA to use in the bio.
aim to sell on Instagram
  1. Use for ads. You can apply the visuals from your customers as your ad creatives. It's a proven way to win the trust of new audiences – if other people buy, they will be more convinced to try. Plus, ads will look more natural and trustworthy if compared with typical banners.
  2. Post on the website. Provide website visitors with testimonials for better conversions. When clients find you via Google, they might not know about your loyal Instagram community. Showcase the reviews right on the main page, and you will get more sales.