Customers will buy from you if they fear they might miss out on a benefit if they don’t. We can achieve this by limiting the time flash promotion. It’s best not to make the promotion period over one month.
How to make a flash sale on Instagram? The hottest examples and instructions

Users should understand that they are in luck now. But in a week or a couple of days, the promotion will end, and they may miss their chance.

“Discount 25 percent. Only until the end of the month. “There are 8 days left until the end of the promotion.”
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Countdown timers on websites work effectively. By placing one on the page, you can increase the conversions by 2-3 times.

Publish information about the promotion as noticeably as possible. Make an enormous banner on the profile, and make a separate Highlights section "Promotions."

And be sure to place information about the promotion on the post and the latest Stories that you published. This is often forgotten. But when a user enters the profile from a search or through an advertisement, it may turn out that he will study the information and leave the profile if there is no information there about the promotion.

The general flash sale procedure is:

Prepare a very attractive offer.

The longer the period during which customers did not buy, the more interesting it should be. So that people, figuratively speaking, would almost tear their hair out if they let it go. It can be a substantial discount, or a set of products at a bargain price, or a bonus – in each case you need to decide individually.

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Determine the period for action.

Without a clearly defined deadline (the end date of the promotion), we can waste all our efforts. If there is an opportunity to postpone the decision "for later," most people will do so.

The duration of the promotion depends on what you are selling and who your customers are. The main principle of the deadline is that the shorter it is, the more effective it is. If the product or service is expensive, then you can make it longer, so that customers have time to collect money and gather their spirit.

On average, when selling goods offline, it is enough to allocate 2-5 days. When selling online, 2-3 days works for ordinary goods, but for expensive goods and services allow 5-15 days. For Instagram flash sale 2-24 hours is ok.

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Create a dedicated post and Highlights section.

Now, this step is not optional it's better to have it than not have it. It contains all the details of the promotion and the ability to make a purchase online or just leave a request. And people are not looking for any information - there is just in their eyes. After the promotion ends - just archive it.

The presence of a countdown until the end of the promotion and a counter for the number of remaining goods in the warehouse (if there are a few them) further encourages customers not to wait until the last minute, but to react immediately.

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Make a follow-up.

Two to three days after the first one, send out a second message reminding them that the special promotion, which it would be better not to miss, is coming to an end soon. Naturally, those who have already responded to it and bought it should not receive the second message: their addresses must be removed from the list to which the follow-up message is sent.

The message in Direct should be personalized with the name (don’t be lazy and set up automatic personalization in the Inflact bulk messages – it is so easy!) and even taking into account some other available data (such as purchase history, client's interests, etc.). All of this information can be tracked in the Direct module using labels and notes.

The client should get the impression that you are really making an offer only for a small group of customers, to which they belong, and not that you have made another spam-like, impersonal mailing.

Get the results and analyze them.

Summing up the results of the action is also a rather important stage. It is necessary to take note of the various rough patches and imperfections that arose during its implementation, so as not to repeat them next time. Analyze what you did well, what could be improved, and what could be done differently in your Instagram flash sale.