The amount of content an average influencer is to post grows each day. Save yourself from a burnout by learning how to make the most of what is already uploaded on the platform.
TikTok Selections Made Simple: Download and Curate Your Feed Easily

TikTok started out as the youngest social network with an age group of 14 to 17. And it's still one of the most popular platforms among Gen Zers. However, the numbers have increased these days as the average user has "grown up". About 65% are people aged 18 to 44. By the same token, there is also a surge in 55+ members, which was not observed before.

As the age distribution of the audience changes, so do their content preferences. An adult (or close to it) has much less time to spend precious minutes on monotonous videos with lip sync, dressing up, and dancing. Therefore, thematic selections that are both entertaining and informative are rapidly gaining traction.

Try to use this format at least once a week and you will soon see a boost in reach. People tend to bookmark useful and catchy content. It is a win-win strategy. You benefit them, and they, in turn, improve your statistics.

Don't know what video to make for TikTok? We are bringing up 3 universal ideas for your selections that will ensure you get users' attention on your account!

Use Memes to come into notice

Many users don't even pause while scrolling, so humorous content can get through even a hard-to-reach target audience. Track some fresh and viral trends or, vice versa, touch the right cord by going down the user’s memory line, as TikTok not only gives birth to new memes but also gives a second life to the good old ones.

This is how last year's "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent" literally made Pedro Pascal a walking meme.

tiktok meme Paskal

And his screen partner, Nicolas Cage, has long conquered the meme Everest.

tiktok meme Cage

You just need to download TikTok video mp4 and combine the footage already recorded. Basically, it's the fastest way to create a compelling video because you don't have to do all the work from scratch. Add an interesting caption and make your video stand out.

Use unfamiliar places to pique curiosity

It would seem a go-to option exclusively for traveling accounts or lifestyle bloggers. Yet, people today are much into new emotions, so introducing places they have not been to before is a sure thing to give them a new experience. To do this, you don’t even have to navigate outside their cities or regions.

Think big. Speculate about where you can direct your audience. Perhaps it will be a selection of cafes where you supply your farm products, or local stores where your products are sold. Or maybe you want to tell where to work outside the home if your page is about freelancing. Your main task is to get the needs of your followers and give them exactly what they want.

Making videos sometimes doesn't even require your physical presence. You can also make your work easier and take some visual parts from third parties. What really matters is good research, a profound analysis, and a TikTok download video app or service to have a clip worthy of black bookmarks and shares.

unfamiliar places tiktok

Use pets to win hearts

Since pets are in the Top 10 of the most popular content categories, it's natural that getting a couple of funny videos for clips would be a good asset. However, despite the variety of content that is available for TikTok download on PC, Apple, or Android, such videos are better to be used with the utmost care. At least, it should look organic in your feed and relate to the niche you are operating in.

Cute content unusual for your style and manner will gain a portion of bewilderment rather than a desire to interact. Think about what kind of animal you would like to associate your account or brand with, or select those materials that will be in sync with your video.

There is nothing worse than content for the sake of content. Despite the benefits of the three queries mentioned above, try to only post videos that really fit into your feed. To do this, follow such simple rules:

choosing tiktok topics

1: Make sure the collection matches the topic of your account

Subculture or niche commitment is the goal of a good marketing strategy. Collections can only scale up your exposure if they are clear to your target audience. Content your subscribers don't relate to will never get likes and comments, simply because it will have value.

When your social networks delight and entertain, it is more likely to get shared. Therefore, first, study the needs and preferences of your followers, and only then proceed with videos in this format.

2: Make up your personal library

Spend enough time looking for worthwhile things. It means you need to regularly view trending or viral videos, analyze hashtag queries, and also keep an eye on competitors. Either way, this will help you find new sources of inspiration. On top of that, you keep good content in store for your own selections.

Create your libraries with third-party content or better do a TikTok download of all videos in advance. Knowing what and where you have will make generating topics easier, as well as ensure high-quality compilation pieces. In fact, it is always noticeable when a video is created in a hurry and in an attempt to connect what can’t be connected.

3: Apply the TikTok downloader for the best quality

The visual component is highly valued on the platform, so using screenshots or recording video is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Since collections most often include third-party content, you will need to learn how to download TikTok video hd. Actually, it is not rocket science. The developers offer both apps and services to download a TikTok video online. As practice shows, running the TikTok downloader through Chrome or any other browser is much safer, since it does not require software installation.

For example, you can use the TikTok Downloader from Inflact to save the piece you're interested in without watermarks or registration. The tool has a super user-friendly interface and automates almost all processes. You just need to download a TikTok video with a link and get the video in its original size and resolution on your device. Fast and easy.


It is pretty obvious that selections have already taken their place under the sun and the trend will continue to roll out. Many brands and influencers fall back on them as an effective marketing tool. As with most creative processes, trust your instincts. If you don't find the content you create useful or engaging, your followers probably won't either. The more third-party clips you consume, the more likely you are to tailor some of them to your account better. Use TikTok downloaders to keep the original quality and don't forget to credit the authors. Eventually, you'll get the hang of it.Conclusion