A creative crisis? Don’t know what to post on Instagram? Here are the top 100 ideas for your Instagram blog that will heighten your audience's interest and help you to make up a diverse content plan.
100 Ideas for an Instagram Blog: Your Inspiration

Life stories

Everything is as easy as possible. Find a photo from school archive and tell the story about your good old days. It will be curious to see you at school age and read your personal stories. Don't forget that Instagram is definitely the most personal social network. Sometimes you across such confessions, well, you know.

1. A funny story;
2. A tear-jerking story;
3. A cautionary tale;
4. The last time when you cried with happiness;
5. A victory story;
6. A failure story;
7. A flashback;
8. A story of good deeds;
9. An embarrassing story;
10. Your weird dream;

Woman and a horse


Surely, the events that occur around trigger some reaction. But posts about each of them can bore your followers. So, speak on the most urgent and exciting topics to write about from time to time. In addition, you're an opinion leader. You influence your followers' minds so maybe you can help resolve some local problems.

As a rule, such Instagram posts provoke lively discussions that involve your followers in the topic through expressing their own opinions.

Here's what you could write based on the latest global and local events.

11. Your attitude to Brexit;
12. In Botswana, a man hijacked a plane and rammed his own house;
13. Why are West Africa's fish disappearing?
14. A 28-year-old inventor unveils contact lenses that correct color blindness;
15. Or new shoes of Mariah Carey;

A player

There always will be something to discuss, but what is most significantly — do not go too far with the negativity, people are so tired with it.

Discovery of the month

Feel free to talk about your new experience, positive or not.

16. A good book;
17. A nice sitcom;
18. An excellent restaurant service;
19. A great nail specialist;
20. A media-finding;
21. The best app of the month/week/etc;
22. The best offline event;
23. Maybe you have realized a universal truth;
24. Some delicious and healthy product you ate;
25. A divine face mask you tested;

A woman holding a book

Personal expertise

Teach your followers something (e.g. a new recipe, how to process photos, etc.) If your account presents some practical value, people will follow you. You never know, maybe some of your followers do not know how to tie a beautiful bow of satin ribbon.

26. Posts of goodies recipes;
27. How to buy something for less?
28. How did you make your hair thick and long?
29. What helps you learn new foreign words?
30. Lifehack how design a room cheap and stylish;
31. How to travel on a budget?

And so on, your knowledge can be useful to someone, do not underestimate it. If useful posts on any topic receive a positive response from your audience, then you can adjust your profile to this very topic.

pesonal expertise


I am very curious about the progress of my friends' challenges: somebody sets a goal to improve his/her foreign language skills, and somebody wants to do 150 push-ups at a set. There is a double benefit: you make yourself better and make your profile more active.

32. Challenge: I’ll lose 10 kilos in one month;
33. Challenge: I'll learn how to crochet in a week;
34. Challenge: I'll learn 500 new Spanish words in 20 days;
35. Challenge: One month without sweets;
36. Challenge: I’ll read 7 new books;

A woman doing yoga

Asking advice

All people love giving advice and sharing experience, so if you periodically publish posts with questions, it will not only raise your audience activity but help your followers feel important and useful. Do not overdo, ask only about what you really want to know. The worst thing is when the phrase "I don't care what you will write there, I just want more comments" is obvious from your posts.

37. Where to buy winter clothes to look elegant?
38. Don’t know what to watch/read/cook/etc, give your piece of advice;
39. I’m going to buy a new car, which one to choose?
40. Where to go on holiday?
41. What to buy for a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s birthday?

A woman asking advice

“I foresee”

For a change, post your opinion about the outcome of any event, which is not obvious, for instance, a football match. This will encourage your followers to a discussion.

42. I think 2022 is the last year for 'America's next top model';
43. I'm sure Elon Musk will be able to make Tesla a profitable company in 2022;
44. I think 200 million people won't have watched SKIBIDI until the end of March;
45. Summer will be very hot;


It is an endless source of posts. Absolutely everything will come in handy for this content – from packing luggage to a photo-report with local tribes.

46. How do you pack your luggage? Do you have a checklist?
47. A story about the best/worst airline or flight;
48. Your travel life hacks;
49. Write about what you expect from this trip;
50. The place you are going to visit;

Travel hacks


51. Your job;
52. Your team;
53. Reviews from your satisfied customers;
54. Changes that take place at work;
55. Show your workplace and write about it;
56. A roadmap;
57. How do you take photos and write posts;


Other ideas for posts

58. Holiday congratulations;
59. Thematic selection of movies/books/TV series;
60. Have a giveaway with a prize;
61. Make a review of any good or service (phone/app/toaster);
62. Create a poll on any topic;
64. Recommend other profiles;
65. Statistics;
66. "Word of the week";
67. "Event of the week";
68. Checklist for a month;
69. A checklist challenge;
70. The wittiest comment of the month;
71. Your hobby;
72. Your gratitude to anybody;
73. Things you can't live without;
74. How does your morning begin?
75. Your follower's story;
76. Good habits. How do you develop them?
77. What made you decide to become a blogger?
78. Old posts;
79. Some secret places in your city;
80. What qualities do you highly appreciate in people?
81. A letter to yourself;
82. “What if…”;
83. What is your perfect day?
84. How your typical day is different from the perfect one;
85. Questions & Answers;
86. A list of questions that people should ask, but no one has done it yet;
87. How you attract followers to your profile;
88. Don't forget about your pets;
89. Do a culinary experiment;
90. Create your gizmo;
91. Share one of your followers' content;
92. Publish a screenshot of the dialogue on an interesting topic;
93. Ask your followers who they are interested in;
94. Don't forget to publish a 'post-acquaintance' from time to time;
95. Post your funny photo, or your child or your pet and ask your audience to come up with a title;
96. Play with your audience. Intriguing, provocative questions and answers to them in the next post;
97. Make a few posts on a topic that is close to yours;
98. Ask your followers to criticize you;
99. Ask riddles;
100. Post your “top 10” lists.

I hope you've been inspired by this material, and made a note of a couple of blog ideas for Instagram. Good luck with blogging, and don't forget to enjoy it!