Are you dreaming about becoming a fashion influencer? Or maybe you think you need to be a rich model to start a fashion blog?
3 Instagram fashion influencers who influence without original photos (brilliant examples of content repurposing + takeaways)

The truth is you don’t need a personal invitation to the London Fashion Week to become a notable fashion influencer on Instagram. You can start influencing from the comfort of your pajamas and couch. Do you believe you just need a laptop and creativity?

Spoiler alert: I will tell you how to start a fashion blog without photoshoots, fancy travel, or plastic surgery. This article, along with good taste and patience, will lead you to the top of Instagram.

We have inspected 3 successful accounts in this 6-figure niche to make your creative juices flow. None of the influencers in this article use their own images (or they very seldom do) – they just know how to curate the content. In this review, you will discover concepts for profile aesthetics, content, and caption ideas. Your dose of inspiration is here! Plus, I will show you the Inflact tool that will help to steadily grow your community and curate the content. Let's start!

Instagram fashion accounts + hot ideas

If you want to start a fashion blog on Insta, it's crucial to find your niche. Notably, you don't necessarily need to buy fancy clothes and travel to luxury resorts. You can repurpose images and write your own exclusive and valuable content. For example, Instagram magazines are blogs that reuse influencers' images, photos from fashion runways, and expert opinions behind this content. People start following these accounts because the content is systemized and the captions are interesting to read.

Importantly, such accounts are closely devoted to a specific niche, like 90s fashion, vintage clothes, or underground fashion.

Let's review examples and learn from them.

#1 @parisianvibe

fashion feature account

This is a fashion feature account and digital magazine that is devoted to French style. I included this account at the top because it's a perfect example of a well-established niche that is working great for promotion. People follow because they know what type of content to expect – the style they like, which is connected to their taste and interests.

The Parisian Vibe goes outside Instagram and produces YouTube clips for their fans of Parisian culture. For example, videos about French skincare, French hairstyles, etc. Just a perfect match with the target audience.

Note: There is not a single image made by the account owners. All the content is reposted from influencers, brands, and other resources. The key point – you don't need to produce content to establish an influencer account on IG.

We explored this account with the Inflact Profile Analyzer.

Inflact Profile Analyzer

Even tough the engagement rate is not impressive, you can learn remarkable strategies from this account:

  1. Post as often as you can. The account lists an impressive 1.5K uploads, but now they post 1.45 times a day. This means that you should actively post when you start a similar account, slowly decreasing the frequency as the audience grows.
  2. Post at a particular time. Inflact says that from the last 100 posts, the most popular time is Friday at 16:00. You can use a similar timetable if you want to create a fashion feature account.
  3. Content is carefully picked around one topic. If you get a closer look at each post, you will notice that every single image is connected to Paris or France. For example, influencer's shots made in Paris, 90s French idols, Parisian museums, recommendations for French movies, French resorts, etc. The content looks diverse but is united under a single topic, valuable for the audience.
A lesson to learn: Choose one topic or niche and try to look at it from different angles. Try to fill your feed with images of people, architecture, movie footage.
Topic: France

Content ideas: Model snaps, movie reviews, shots from influencers traveling to France, architecture, street style, runways, apartment design.

Insight: By making your content diverse, you give a source of inspiration for followers.

  1. Short captions with tags. This account doesn't provide informative and deep copy. It seems that they are more focused on content selection. But there are some trends:
  2. Questions that boost conversations. Parisian Vibe often asks followers' opinions about looks, movies, etc. Also, the conversation happens in Stories.
Short captions with tags
  1. Tags of original accounts. If you use the content of other users, the tag or mention is a must.
  2. Stories and Highlights. Highlights of this online magazine deserve special attention. Highlights are sorted by month with carefully picked styling tips. Catchy examples, custom illustrations, and a bit of fashion history turn this section into fully-fledged guides.
Tags of original accounts

Conclusion: if you dream about a fashion blog but have no opportunity to create content on your own, establish an IG-based fashion magazine. Start with selecting your specific niche, pick the content, and begin posting asap. When your account grows, you can charge for promotion posts or sell your products correlated to your audience. These can be themed T-shirts, books, guides, postcards, or courses. Imagine how much your income will be if you sell a $10 product to even a 10K audience? Impressive, right?

#2 – @fatannawintour 74.7K followers

Stories and Highlights

This profile is one more splendid case of a fashion influencer blog. Compared with the previous example, where the author is more focused on the visual part, this fashionista dives deeper into fashion history and trends. People can study by reading the captions. And again – no content is shot by the author herself.

Let's examine this blog and point out the key takeaways. As usual, we use the Inflact Profile Analyzer to see the engagement and user's activity.

likes and comments

According to the numbers, followers are super active in this community. Almost 45% of users leave likes and comments, which is a high number for this number of followers. At the same time, the posting schedule is totally different from the previous example.

Most of the posts are published in the morning. Friday is the least active day in terms of posting. This technique is well-fitting for the type of content @fatannawintour publishes. Many fashion enthusiasts like to wake up and read the news, and this account shares insightful facts that go well with morning coffee.

A lesson to learn: Correlate posting time with the type of content. In-depth captions, news, and facts are better for fresh morning minds, while impressive visuals, memes, and short captions will help people relax and shift the focus after the workday.

Key takeaways:

  1. Provide your personal attitude to the facts. If you read the captions by @fatannawintour, you will notice that the author never shares bare details. The information is very niche specific and tied to the author's tastes and visions of fashion. This gives Instagrammers the impression of expertise and deep understanding of the topic.
Diverse content
  1. Diverse content. Yes, this point is a must for a 2022 fashion influencer on IG. @fatannawintour posts fashion memes, architecture connected to the fashion world, bios of fashion models, niche collection runways, makeups, and more. This diversity showcases that this influencer is an expert and puts much effort into content-making.
  2. In-depth Highlights section. If you don't want to write lengthy captions, leave the most exciting texts in your blog. Thus, @fatannawintour collects all the articles in the dedicated Highlights section. A link to the blog post is attached.
  1. Stimulate discussions in comments. We investigated not only copy but the way this influencer replies to comments. It is almost never a monosyllabic answer – the girl's responses prove she is in the know.

#3 – @savanasblog

different vision of a fashion blog

This Instagram account presents a totally different vision of a fashion blog. Savana doesn't post inspirational styles or meaningful insights about fashion history. She shares collages with outfits and items with prices and the name of the brand. Also, you can find links to the posted items in the Highlights.

3 reasons this idea is a win-win:

  1. You can easily monetize with referral programs. Many brands offer affiliate programs that are one of the main income sources for influencers. They share coupons and get a commission when someone buys using this coupon. This means that this idea of a fashion blog is likely to pay off soon.
  2. You don't need to carry out expensive photoshoots. As we discovered, Savana uses outfits from other influencers and finds the closet pieces they show in their catalogs. That is what you can start doing right now, without any investments and tricky strategies!
  3. Your content is clear and valuable. Every post serves a particular purpose – provide references for inexpensive items that look high-end and stylish. The aesthetics and clear idea of the account stimulate people to start following as soon as they visit it.

Are you inspired to use some of Savana's ideas for your blog? Let's elaborate on the key points:

  1. Stick to one style in the collages. As we noticed, Savana uses the same pattern for all graphics in the profile.
Mirror selfie look + a screenshot of the online shop + price + Brand logo + watermark of the blog.

You can also use watermarks if you don't want someone to steal your ideas. Also, watermarks can function as your personal brand; you will become recognizable if someone reposts your content.

  1. Don't overthink your captions. You don't need to provide a detailed description – all the needed information is presented in the collage. It's visual and is easy to consume. Mention that the link to this or that item is available in your Stories highlights.
  2. Use hashtags. Hashtags are everything for the amateur influencer – you will be surprised how much more viewed your content will become. Savana knows this rule and uses hashtags in every single caption.

Inflact Hashtag Generator will help you to discover hashtags by the keywords – by brands, by outfit style, item, location, etc. You can easily copy those hashtags that are uncopiable from the Instagram mobile app. This tool is what you need when posting from your desktop. Read our dedicated article where our expert in hashtags uncover effective and unobvious strategies for 2022.

  1. Post often. As the Inflact Profile Analyzer shows, Savana posts approximately 3 posts a day. This makes sense because the more diverse outfits you publish, the more chances that your audience will be engaged. Use the Inflact Scheduled Posting to manage your posts in advance and not wrack your brain every day.
Inflact Profile Analyzer shows
  1. Use Highlights to provide links. According to the Savana account, she saves every Story with a link to Highlights, and it is a good strategy.
  2. Experiment with content. Savana mostly posts outfit ideas. But to add variety to the page, she adds styling tips for interior design. All the furniture aligns with the niche and account idea: low price, stylish and modern. The idea is just right for the audience! You also can experiment with cosmetics, accessories, and furniture.

All in all

As you see, deep knowledge and analysis of your niche competitors will help you generate fresh ideas for your blog. You can combine what you like the most from the top accounts and use all of these ideas for your Instagram. I recommend using the Inflact Profile Analyzer – it really helps to understand when to post and what content is the most appealing for the audience.