HO HO HO it is a holliday season in a full swing! Get some nice tips and tricks right from the Santa’ s sack to enhance your engagement and positive brand experience.
It is Christmastime: Brands’ Run-Ups to a Festive Season

While everyone is enjoying the festive atmosphere, it's a pretty busy time for businesses. It is Christmas coming on Instagram! And this means that you have to roll up your sleeves.

Getting a Closer Look at Christmas Marketing Campaigns on Socials

Brands do not want to miss the chance to increase sales during such a fertile period, so competition between products intensifies during winter. Fierce battles are being waged on all fronts, including on social media. The winner is the one who, as Sun Tzu used to say, has “mastered the art” of marketing.

You’d better do things unobtrusively on social media. The prime focus here is to entertain without pushing it too hard.

So, going on with the quotes, let’s “learn from the best” how to harmoniously integrate festive vibes into your advertising campaign.

Limited Christmas Edition by Yves Rocher

The French manufacturer of natural beauty & skincare products Yves Rocher annually presents a Christmas collection perfumed with traditional “winter” scents. And this year is no exception.

The company has introduced two Christmas-themed collections on Instagram, each with its own flavor.

“Spice Infusion” is a cozy mix of citrus oils and spices, vaguely reminiscent of the smell of mulled wine. The fragrance creates a wonderful feeling of home and sweet family gatherings. “Frozen Lychee”, fresh and fruity, is a more cheerful composition that is sure to energize you for long walks in the fresh air.

Yves Rocher X-mas posts

What is so unique about this collection? The particular line embodies the coming 2024 and will never be released again. Therefore, fans of the brand are literally sweeping it off the shelves, and some even snatched up some items for safekeeping

On top of that, Yves Rocher Christmas collection products come in festive packaging, making them perfect for gifting.

accounts in X-mas with brands

The brand also designs Christmas advent calendars, which users love to take unboxing videos of.

brand festive promotion

Such an approach generally contributes to the promotion of Instagram, and in particular allows receiving more profit, since the limited version of the product is always more expensive than the standard one. Often these lines become collector's items and are an important asset to a brand's reputation.

Holiday Recipes With M&M’s Specials

While some may be nostalgic for traditional red and yellow M&M’s from commercials replaced by plasticine mittens, the brand’s official account delights us with our favorite characters in the role of Instagram food bloggers.

This year, the brand took special care to clearly demonstrate the versatility of its candies for preparing holiday dishes. In the feed you will find a lot of tutorials for making Christmas tree cookies, vibrant popcorn balls and even decorating a ginger house.

M&M’s popcorn balls

By using their products as the main ingredient in recipes, the brand literally leaves no chance for you to pass up them on the store shelf. Thus, without directly calling for the purchase, the company skilfully stimulates sales.

They didn’t stop there with creativity. You may find a few Reels with unconventional ideas on how else one can use their products other than ending up in the stomach. Why not put M & Ms Candy Canes on a tree or use them as stocking stuffers?

You don't have to limit production to attract customers. Just show how people can put it to practice.

Since users come to the social network not only to feel the festive atmosphere, but also with very specific requests, making your page a source of how-tos and tricks is a smart decision. Accounts that are able to bring down useful content do especially well on Instagram and are promoted through the platform's algorithms.

Duracell’s Humorous Christmas Reels

Most people are bothered about gifts to create a wow effect. A simple joke can be quite a good fit for the same on Instagram. And the Duracell team seems to be well aware of this. Such content is highly memorable, quickly goes viral, is shared and discussed.

Along with basic Christmas posts, their feed is diluted with ironic Reels about Christmas procrastination and parental burden during the whole family gathering for the holiday season. Actually, these are two topics that will definitely resonate with most of the audience.

The guys are superb at it. We couldn't help but share some clips in the work chat.

Duracell for winter gamers

Anyway, the brand page is filled with classic Christmas advertising. In addition, they regularly publish behind the scenes content and collaborate with influencers.

a brand X-mas videos

However, funny videos get more comments and likes, which contribute to good coverage and allow you to quickly improve brand awareness.

#AmazonFinds for Quick Fixes

Let's face it, the working routine is not very conducive to thinking about Christmas gifts. Therefore, an everything-at-the-last-moment situation sooner or later overtakes most of us. It is for this category of buyers that the world’s largest online marketplace Amazon came up with #AmazonFinds to simplify your online Christmas shopping spree.

The company publishes Christmas-themed selections throughout December, which can be an excellent source of inspiration for your own buying solutions.The Christmas Flop of Marks & Spencer

Amazon X-mas selections

The hashtag itself is actively applied by other users of the platform. Therefore, there is no shortage of this kind of content in the Explore and Recommended sections.

New Year Eve outfits

In fact, the brand succeeds in driving the creation of UGC and getting tons of extra traffic without heavily investing in advertising.

Speaking of ads, Amazon also released a very touching commercial. The company did not try to play with trends. It was a story that most of us can easily identify with. The video is not trying to surprise, but rather reminds of what is most important.

Amazon winter posts

We hope you’ve got the message that Amazon is here to help you meet your inner child. After all, this marketplace is a vivid example of dreaming big itself.

The Christmas Flop of Marks & Spencer

We have mentioned above that humor is a great way for organic leads. However, to make things work, you have to subtly sense the audience and delicately balance between funny and offensive. As it turns out, not all brands are able to stay on the edge.

The ad, with a touch of reality and humour, shattered the usual fairy tale. Making fun of children's crafts, long-running board games and boring charades, the video tried to encourage people to spend Christmas not as it was imposed, but as they themselves wanted!

Marks & Spenser X-mas posts

But something clearly went south! Some people found political overtones in the video. In footage of green, red and white paper party hats being burned, they saw an insult to Palestinians. The others simply didn’t get calls to ignore the Christmas spirit, since the idea of “doing whatever we want” undermines the very essence of the holiday, which is self-sacrifice and gratitude.

To somehow settle the situation, Marks & Spencer removed the post from social networks, but the aftertaste still remained.

This is just the little part we were able to fit into the article. Head over to Instagram and discover your own sources of inspiration.

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To Recap

Christmas advertising on Instagram offers brands an opportunity to tap into a large audience, showcase their products or services in a visually appealing manner, drive sales, increase brand awareness, and leverage influencer collaborations.

Still, you shouldn’t behave too intrusive to connect with users during the holiday season and make a lasting impression. Be it either manually or automated, it is up to you how you search for a user on Instagram. Keep an eye on competitors and big names to learn tactics which actually work out.