Raw images generally don't have an attractive appearance, which is why filters and other visual effects can enhance the aesthetic appeal of live footage. Get top ideas for enhancing your Instagram pictures.
Make your IG Stories Shine in 2024: the Best Filters & Effects to Apply

Instagram learned through a hands-on experience that people don't truly appreciate what they have until it's gone. No drama! Just a Stories feature we are getting at. You basically have 24 hours and then the content fades away. Yes, there is a Highlights section, but one can never be sure what photo or video might be deemed worthy.

It is the FOMO that made Stories the most viewed format on the platform. With such a success, it is natural to proceed with rolling out the updates. Since Instagram Stories are very distinct from the feed, the developers are focused on adding special functions like text, stickers, masks, and filters.

So, let’s reveal the power of the latter and find out how to shoot to kill in 2024!Why Use Instagram Filters for Stories?

Why Use Instagram Filters for Stories?

Actually speaking, raw images rarely look eye-catching. This is why filters and effects may come with the help of making live footage aesthetically pleasing. With a wide range of options in-app, you can simply select the one you like to adjust the background or frame, intense saturation, and brightness, decide on sharpness and resolution, etc.

It should be hardly explained why the visual plays an important role for any Instagram account. After all, this is the first thing users interact with before being immersed in your offer or checking on super useful captions. Most likely, the first thing they will fall for is a nice color and a well-thought-out composition.

So, in case you bother with Instagram Story filters and effects, the content gets to be captivating and original. It is a smart solution that automatically draws attention to your profile, creating brand recognition and increasing audience engagement.

3 Ways to Search Relevant Filters on Instagram

- Through the browser effects option

Tap your profile picture to redirect yourself to the Stories section. On the same line as the Home button, there will be a set of default effects. In case you are unable to find the appropriate one, scroll right to the magnifying glass icon.

story mode
From the drop-down list that appears, you can search the filter required by categories or keywords. This way, if you type in, say, “flowers,” the search results will display all the currently available options. Mark the effect you like black-flagged to save it to your personal catalog.

trending filters to save

Please note that some filters may only be available in certain countries or regions. So, make sure your location allows you to keep it.

- From the creators’ Profile

Big influencers are setting trends as many people tend to copycat their digital choices. Being aware of the power exercised, they also create their own cool Instagram filters for Stories or collaborate with photographers and designers. Thus, by monitoring their social media profiles, you will keep up with the tendencies and remain in vogue.

Ig filters creators

- Among your friend’s Stories

Your friends' stories can be just as compelling. So there's nothing wrong with striving for the same visual experience. Whenever you see an unusual effect, click on its name above in the upper left corner. Then decide on whether to proceed with the Try it options for instant shooting or carry on with the Save one.

It is a two-way street as your friend can also share it by sending a relevant link to DMs.

visual experiences in Insta

How to Stay Updated About the Juiciest Filters in Your Niche?

The best Instagram filters for Stories are a variable value. You will hardly succeed by sticking to only one effect. It is clear that filter choices should remain in sync with the concept of the corporate style. However, as long as Stories are aimed at driving users’ interest, the same picture on a regular basis never pays off. In light of the above, it is rather wise to stay in the loop about new styles and designs.

Here are the tips you may find useful.

Keep a close eye on news breaks or high-profile events

Trends are right under your feet. And the main challenge here is to pick them up before your counterparts get ahead of you. In fact, news jacking makes up a great share of viral content.

Those who come up with a way to tie the external reality to their internal product or service skim the cream.

We all remember how the Instagram feed turned pink after the Barbie movie went on screen. And if at the beginning such content has enjoyed public approval and algorithms’ favor, then after almost every second person continues the overexposed “Hi, Barbie, hi, Ken,” a noticeable U-turn occurs.

So, it is advisable to constantly monitor the agenda and feel the context your audience lives in. Be quick to give your response to what is going on around you, as there is nothing more pathetic than betting on a last-season trend.

Monitor the captains of the industry

Even geniuses had their mentors. So don't hesitate to learn from the best in your field how to get filters on Instagram Stories videos, even if they are playing against you. High-quality imitation will sooner or later pay off with the ability to predict their behavior and customize advanced visual solutions.

Keeping an eye on big brands helps to create competitive content. After all, not all Stories increase your reach or at least have a positive impact on your image on social networks. Don't miss out on learning opportunities to find out what filters on Instagram Stories work well and apply similar tactics in your own marketing efforts. It is also true when you observe someone’s failures. This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes and refine your own strategies.

Learn what stirs your target audience

By tracking your target audience content, you can gain insights into customer preferences and expectations. It is powerful knowledge as this enables you to proactively manage your own online reputation. As long as the public sentiment is positive about what content is shared, you can be confident about your engagement rates.

It is always smart to go on with popular filters for Instagram Stories or bring your own brand ones on the market. Sticking to the first option, you put yourself into the mainstream request, which is perfect for encouraging unity vibes. Or go further and make something prominent, which is also a sound step. It is either a one-off edition or a mass trend that boosts curiosity.

To recap all three points, you basically have to stay posted about the current changes the digital environment goes through and distill the best-performing samples. To escape being too intrusive, there is the anonymous Ig Story Viewer, which allows you to handle the process without making too much fuss around.

Actually, there are some eternal classics among filters on Instagram, that we bet you will be able to make use of in the coming year.

7 Trendy Filters & Effects in 2024

1. Retro Dust @by sasha_soul_art

Old money aesthetics is manifesting the general request for royal vibes. This way the trend for vintage photos and videos, finely grained, in rich and bright shades, is on the wave now. It is actually showing no signs of wrapping up as the effects have been top-positioned among bloggers’ Instagram visuals in the previous season.

vintage photo effects

2. Za by @hadhratmirza

Here is one more fetching filter to infuse a touch of elegance and nostalgic feelings into your Instagram Stories. A dreamy glow with a hint of warmth and subtle peachy colors will surely remind you of the sweet mid-spring season. With such a delightful picture, creating a charming and mesmerizing visual experience for your audience is an easy task.

a dreamy picture effects

3. B&W by @iirfanabdiillah

Talking about safe bets, B&W filters in Instagram Stories are the best choice to highlight (whatever it sounds) elegance and class. If you are up to applying something that will last and stand the test of time, then Stories in soft gray colors with little noise and a la cassette shooting are always a good pick.

black & white filter effect

4. Kodak Film by @danielaamero

This filter creates a perfect old feel, which is definitely what most users have been trying to add to their pages. With a hook on the 2000s, which is obviously to cover at least next year, a charm of blurred and scraped pics has come in style again. So, don’t miss a chance to make your stories a bit nostalgic.

Kodak Ig filter

5. Harry Potter Twin by @emmasofija

If there is something everlasting (or close to it) in the world, it must be fan love for the magical universe of J. K. Rowling. Add an immersive experience to your engagement with followers. Sending letters from Hogwarts may be overkill, but giving your audience the opportunity to fancy themselves as a movie character is fun and exciting.

Harry Potter Twin Insta effect

6. Pink Glow by @ianmadria

Sometimes you need to react faster to changes in the information field. After all, not all themes for filters can boast of being in demand for twenty years. Well, while most of the planet is experiencing a massive Barbie obsession, catch the impulse and make your stories pink and cute.

Pink Glow Ig effect

7. As Rare as You by @ines.alpha

As AI technology continues to morph into a metaverse, there are many creators pioneering AR beauty effects. So, push the boundaries of your digital appearance with a filter inspired by the fusion of nature and technology. Discover the power of futuristic facial transformation and improve your self-presentation capabilities.

As rare as u Ig effect


Keep tabs on the updates so that you can add filters to Instagram Stories. It is truly effective to be on the same page with your subscribers. Do your best to please them with unique and catchy content. As long as you make it by impressing people with your ideas, you continue to enjoy a wide reach and an increase in a loyal audience.