All personal should remain personal. Today we becomу too public and almost everyone knows a lot about us. Therefore, it’s better to write messages one-on-one. This article will focus on the question “Can you send a private message on Instagram?”. We hope you will learn a lot of new information.
Can You Send A Private Message On Instagram?
It should be noted that there is no question on can you private message on Instagram from a personal computer or laptop because Instagram is primarily an app for mobile devices (for example, smartphones and tablets). We have already written an article about the possibility of using Instagram via a computer. You can find it here.

The main reason for writing this article is a specially created guide for you, how yo can send messages using any possibilities!

Step by step: Can you message on Instagram?

  • Step #1
Not depending on your gadget, visit the thematic resource, and download the official app from the real developer Instagram, Inc. (the app must be verified – the presence of a blue checkmark).

  • Step #2
Push the sign of the downloaded application and go to Instagram. If you have done this before, then open the home page with the news feed. To access Instagram, you must first register and in the column “Nickname” and “Password” leave the personal data specified during registration. Then push the sign “Enter”.

  • Step #3
Push “the paper airplane” image in the upper right corner. This picture with the airplane is used to open the function of direct Instagram. Next, find the button “New message”, which is located at the bottom of the screen. When you are not on the “home page” (otherwise called a news feed), push a small house in the lower-left edge of the display.

  • Step #4
Identify the person to whom you want to send a private message. To make it easier to find the right user, it is necessary to use the multifunctional search string interlocutor.

  • Step #5
Type text using the numeric pad on the keyboard with the English or layout. To send one or more photos, click on the corresponding picture and select the appropriate photo from your archive or the Internet.

  • Step #6
Push the button “Send message”. It is located to the right of the place on the screen where you typed your text. After clicking on the corresponding button, the message has been sent by you and will be delivered to the user.


Can you send messages on Instagram from a user profile?

The second method, which allows you to exchange personal messages between you and your followers, is sending a message directly through the user profile itself.

  • Step #1
If you do not have Instagram installed — download it from the official app store. Depending on your gadget — it's the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store. If the program is already installed — just go to the second step.

  • Step #2
Push the icon of the downloaded application and go to Instagram. If you have done this before, then open the home page with the news feed. Before you can send messages, you must be registered.

  • Step #3
Find the icon at the bottom of the screen with “a magnifying glass” (magnifier) and click on it. The picture with a magnifying glass is located between the images of the house and the plus sign enclosed in an oval frame.

  • Step #4
Find the search bar and click on it. The search bar is located in the bottom corners of the phone screen.

  • Step #5
Type the user's name and nickname in the text form. Entering the characters, you will notice popping up (perhaps you need) the names of people under the search line.

  • Step #6
Choose the nickname of the person you want to send a private message to. In this simple way, the Instagram platform will redirect you to the personal profile of the right person.

  • Step #7
Touch "..." (on iPhone) or “⋮” (Android) button – the location at the top-right edge of the screen.

  • Step #8
Find the icon “Write” (“Send Message”) – is placed on the bottom half of the screen.

  • Step #9
Write text using the keyboard.

  • Step #10
Push the button “Send message”. It is located to the right of the place on the screen where you typed your text. After clicking on the corresponding button, the message sent by you will be delivered to your followers.


Can you send a private message on Instagram from the PC?

Despite the stunning popularity of the service, its creators have not yet created a full-fledged multifunctional site for visiting the site by users of personal computers. However, everyone knows that there are no unrealizable tasks for PC-users. Your next steps depend on which version of the Windows operating system you have installed.

Instagram App

This method is suitable for Windows 8 and Windows 10 owners. The official Windows store has an official Instagram app. First, you need to install it.

  • Step #1
Launch the official Instagram app. When you run it, a pop-up window will appear asking you to register. Please note that if you are already a user of this social network, you need to select you already have an account at the bottom of the app.

  • Step #2
If you have had previous experience in correspondence and sent personal messages on Instagram to your friends from your mobile device, this information will be displayed in the application for your computer. Select chat with someone you've already had a conversation within the service. If there is nothing like this, then create a new chat from scratch.

  • Step #3
In the icon “To” you need to specify that (or those) user(s) to whom the private message is intended. You can send messages even to the person whose page is not even available for viewing. Enter a user name and nickname and the Instagram search engine will give you a lot of results.

  • Step #4
In the new window, click on the sign “Write a message”, and then type the appropriate text.

  • Step #5
To send a private message on Instagram you just need to click on the icon “Send message”. All your message has been successfully sent to your follower!

Final word

Can you send a private message on Instagram? Obviously, yes! Cause Instagram Direct is a great way not only for sharing photos and videos that will never be published for public viewing but also for chatting with friends. Now you can send messages to completely different users, add photos and videos because not everything should be reflected on the main page and be in the palm of all users! If you haven't already appreciated all the possibilities of Instagram direct, now it’s high time to start doing it!

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