Inflact post planner: Robust scheduler for Instagram content

Save your time and focus on your business
Save over 300 minutes each month
Increase your business productivity, and don't bother posting. Schedule all media for the entire month in 5 hours instead of worrying every day
Manage 10 accounts at once
You can plan Instagram posts and Stories for multiple profiles via the all-in-one dashboard
Smart performance
Take advantage of the auto-updated description feature to reach the maximum number of people via the various hashtags set
Invest 0.76 euros a day to free up 5 hours of your life every month. Your work-life balance costs way more

How it works

It's simple to use and super easy to plan
Add Photos, Videos, Carousel, or Stories
You don't have any limit on the type of content to schedule. Inflact will take care of everything
Enter Descriptions and Hashtags
Write catchy captions and add the best hashtags from the Inflact Hashtag Generator
Add Locations
Remember, that noting a location is a free way of Instagram promotion?
Set Time
The post will be published at the appointed time. You can adjust your Account Time and post according to the chosen Timezone
And Save Publications
Keep drafts and edit them when needed

Our Prices

Try all the features at the best price

The Ultimate Post
Scheduler for Instagram

Fully Automated
Manage all your posts from one place – no reminders or post control. Content is published at the right time and on schedule
Instant Preview
You can see how Instagram posts will look in the feed. Curate the aesthetics for your grid before you post anything
No Phone Required
Forget about the annoying inconvenience of mobile posting. Inflact is an online and desktop solution compatible with every device and software
Auto-updated description
Test several hashtag combinations by using the automatic caption edit. Set aside the time range, and the description changes automatically
Instagram Policy
Using Inflact automated posting does not violate Instagram Terms of Use
Multiple accounts
You can upload and schedule posts and save drafts for multiple Instagram profiles. Add up to 10 accounts into one platform
Instant Posting
You can post immediately by clicking on the planned publication
Promotion via Location
Add Location to your posts so more Instagram users can reach your content
Live your life
Free your mind from remembering about constant and daily posting. You have much more in this life to pay attention to
Are you ready to organize your work?Use Inflact as your irreplaceable assistant

Need Any Help?

Read our blog to learn more about some new techniques for Instagram promotion. If you have any questions about our service, visit our FAQ section.
What types of content can I pre-plan via Inflact?
Inflact lets you schedule images, videos, carousel posts, and stories. You can schedule content and publish it instantly.
How many accounts can I manage via Posting?
You can add up to 10 Instagram accounts to post from the desktop. If you need to switch the Posting module to more than 10 accounts, contact us at
How do I plan a post/story?
  • Go to the Inflact dashboard.
  • Pick the tab Posting.
  • Click the button Add content.

  • Add your media for a feed post or choose the tab Stories.

  • To add more images, click on the + icon under the Upload section.
  • Set location.
  • Choose the time and date for posting.
  • Schedule the content, publish it immediately, or keep it as a draft.
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What is Auto-update description?
Auto-update description is a function you need to activate if you want to automatically change the caption in 10 minutes or in 4 hours.
Using Auto-update, you can test 90 hashtags in a post instead of 30 by inserting them into the auto-updated field. Thus, the reach of your publication will organically increase.

How can I find Instagram hashtags for my posts fast?
You can add hashtags in one click while planning your content. The Inflact AI generator will scan your photo and create the best combination. Do as follows:

  • Upload your image.
  • Navigate the cursor over the photo.
  • Click the button Hashtags.

  • Wait until hashtags appear in the text field. Leave the relevant ones in your caption.
How can I crop an image?
You can crop and zoom photos right in the Posting tool.

  • Move the cursor over the uploaded image.
  • Choose the button Crop Image.
  • Edit the file as you need and save the changes.

How to change the Time Zone
Find the Settings icon next to your Instagram name. Pick the Time Zone according to when you need to publish posts.

Can I edit posts after publishing?
Yes, it’s possible to change a caption and hashtags after posting.

  • Open the Posting tab.
  • Move the cursor over a post you need to edit.
  • Click the button Edit publication.

  • Save the changes.
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How to change my subscription
You can modify the plan in your Inflact profile. Do as follows:

  • Open your Inflact profile by clicking the arrow next to your name.

  • Click on My Subs.
  • Choose the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.

Modify the number of accounts or period of subscription, and apply promo codes in this section.
How to cancel the Posting subscription
You can stop the subscription anytime. You will not be charged the next month in this case.

  • Open the Inflact profile→ My Subs.

  • Click on the pencil icon in the block with your subscriptions.
  • Find the button Unsubscribe at the bottom of the block.

  • Confirm you want to cancel. Check your email for a confirmation letter.