Do you still think Instagram hashtags are a walkover? Well, you may be treading a tightrope. Before you go for it, make sure everything is in balance. Creative, yet unpopular hashtags aren’t worth the effort. Poetic strains there give way to the relevant wording. With an AI-based Instagram hashtag generator tool at hand, you will always be safe that you have chosen the right route. The feature we offer analyzes your photos, keywords, or links and generates hashtags for social media automatically. So you both take a shortcut and get great results.

How to search hashtags?

Find the best hashtags and grow engagement rate

Organic engagement growth from 500% – explode your account with real followers

Opt for relevant hashtags as they skyrocket permanent and engaged audience to your profile. As we offer a free marketing tool, Instagram hashtag generator costs you nothing, yet brings good results. It boosts following by promoting the account and raising the authority on the platform. You should be aware, it is not a ready-made decision as it takes time and an ongoing effort. Still, if you share quality content, at the end you will extend in growth.

Accounts reached By Hashtags
Enter five key phrases

Add up to 5 key phrases at the same time and get a 5X target results

You can specify a hashtag list. Apply a key phrase or up to 5 keywords to get the best possible option. By doing so, you speed up a searching process and turn it into more targeted and spot-on. Combine several keys and separate them by commas. The search from keywords is a new brand technology for Instagram hashtag generator the Inflact team has applied.

Cross-language hashtag search — optimize hashtags for your location

We analyze relevant hashtags on various topics in any language. All you need is to type the keyword in the language of your target location. Smart algorithms will issue the best hashtags for the area under a request. The feature ensures a multi global reach, so you can extend all-inclusive.

Optimize hashtags for Location

Constantly updated database – make use of the real-time hashtag maker

The Inflact hashtag generator comes out against junk database. Be sure, we keep our finger on the pulse and add Instagram trending hashtags to our lists regularly. With millions of hashtags stored by the service, you will always enjoy fresh and updated ideas for ig posts and Reels.

Hashtag Generator - constantly updated database

Full-fledged hashtags analytics — level up your digital strategy

We offer visualized analytics for each hashtag – graphs, actual metrics, and statistics sufficient for marketing. Before you go with hashtags on Instagram, it’s better to assess readability, hashtags related, as well as the content it was mentioned in. All together contribute to a competitor evaluation strategy, so you can easily outperform and hit the top applying hashtags generator for Reels and posts.

Advanced hashtag analytics Advanced hashtag analytics
Generate hashtags by Image (AI keywords)

AI-based hashtag finder for instagram — upload an image, copy, and paste

If the process of finding the right hashtag takes hours, it shouldn’t be so. AI-hashtag generator for Instagram may be a way out. Upload any picture you are going to share and enjoy a customized list of hashtag options. We have also divided them in three sections based on frequency. Mix them together to build up the fittest and efficient captions.

The one-size-for-all feature — relevant for Reels either

Instagram provides rather a lot of content, so brands and influencers give a go to all viewer engagement strategies to squeeze through the noise. Recently released Reels update revolutionized the platform. Small videos stored in a separate tab are already claimed to be a TikTok killer. Go for hashtag generator for Instagram Reels and enjoy the feature.

Hashtags in Instagram Reels
Choose Related Hashtags

Benefit via the advanced search mechanism — better than Instagram opt-in

As Instagram hashtag search is already included on the platform, you may be confused by the fuss made. Besides the features mentioned above as frequency sections or hashtags related options, the pro analyzes the keyword placed in any part of a hashtag, while Instagram is capable of lining up only those at the beginning.

Case story

Ofri Cohen

How to Hashtag on Instagram to Build a Fashion Community?

"Stop racking your brains, trying to guess Instagram trending hashtags for followers.
This approach simply doesn't work for engagement, and your content remains overlooked."

Ofri Cohen Ofri Cohen, fashion influencer and author at Vogue

Let's dive into and see how Hashtag generator helped a local community come to be the leading fashion hub.
Don't use it as a surefire recipe to scale up the business — we offer a strategy that can be tested in different ways.


Ofri was a fashion buff running a solo IG account with the main line in photo and video content of promising young designers. The chief practical goal on the platform was to encourage them to speak their voice in public and get promoted there.


The influencer ended up weak with bringing out strong points to get the designers into putting up sponsored posts on her account. She had no clear vision of the target audience along with no effective tools to reach it. She applied auto-promotion, random or broad hashtags, which couldn’t add to a successful strategy. Among other things a request to win over the audience in Italy, France, and Germany was conditioned.


We rolled out a 3-steps campaign just powered with the Inflact hashtag generator. Different sets of semantic hashtag groups defined by the audience and location were introduced to promote in a pinpoint manner. We also put the community branded hashtag campaign into action to leverage the personal brand positioning as an expert within an industry. Explore in detail here.

24,4%Traffic boost driven from hashtags
+500New posts on the branded hashtag
15KOrganic followers boost in 2 months
431The number of people started following #spotlighttime hashtag
Follow the link to compare before and after.
Other Questions
What is a Hashtag generator tool?
A hashtag maker is a smart AI-based database containing the best Instagram hashtags and search mechanisms. You only need related keys, an image, or a URL to a post to view and copy hashtags.
How do I find hashtags?
Here you can research ig hashtags by picture, by keywords, or by a link to an Instagram post. You can combine these research methods to improve the results.
Is there any Hashtag app?
Yes, we advise you to download Android and IOS apps to research hashtags on your smartphone. These apps are third-party apps with the same functionality as the Inflact hashtag generator desktop. The in-app purchases are charged separately. Download and boost your posts impressions effortlessly.
Do hashtags work for reels?
Hashtags are created so that anyone can drive into the search box and find publications on their request. This feature is also available for Reels videos and, if used wisely, provides greater coverage.
How do hashtags work on IG Reels?
When a video gets into Recommendations, a large number of people see it, which peaks the engagement. The most effective way to find popular hashtags on Instagram is to use a hashtag generator for Instagram Reels. If the content is doing it for the public, you will be paid off with a new audience.
How to find the best Instagram Reels hashtags?
The approach to selecting hashtags for Reels is exactly the same as for all other content formats on Instagram. Such tags can be found in the recommendations tab (magnifying glass icon), the tags section, or you can analyze competitors’ Reels hashtags. Either way, you are risking messing something up. To make the most of it opt for popular Instagram reels hashtags through Inflact hashtag generator. The bot will select hashtags for you by word, picture or link.
How many hashtags should you include?

It is up to you. The number of hashtags is a personal choice unless it exceeds 30. The main thing is to pick the most effective ones that actually work. With the Inflact hashtag generator, you will be tooled up with just out and trending hashtags which will pave the way into Instagram Recommendations and likes. For more info tap here.

How many hashtags should I use for Reels on Instagram?
There is no other recipe. The usual formula 20/30/50 will do. 2-3 popular hashtags + 6-8 average hashtags + 12 niche tags is the best option to max out the coverage. Just don’t go over the limit in 30 hashtags.
How to come up with keywords for the Hashtag finder?
Analyze your audience’s interests, content you post, related topics, you can even use your SEO keywords. Also, you can grab ideas from top accounts in your niche. Track the keys in a document or spreadsheet. Mix them in the Hashtag generator search bar.
How to search by keywords in the Hashtag Generator
  • Enter up to 5 keys;
  • Click on "Generate hashtags";
  • Check the boxes with relevant hashtags;
  • You can choose Smart selection if you want a random selection;
  • You can update the keywords in the search after you mark the hashtags you need;
  • Copy them to the caption or document.
You can enter up to 5 keywords separated by commas or spaces.

  • Enter keywords separated by commas – hashtags will be selected based on both words.
  • Enter keywords separated by space – both words can be included in one hashtag.
For example, when you enter the query "model, Spain", the Generator will offer you tags for 2 topics: model and Spain. Whereas typing "model Spain" will give you hashtags that contain both words in the tag (like #modelinspain).
How to apply the Hashtag generator from a link?
  • Go to an Instagram post;
  • Copy the URL address from the browser search bar;
  • Paste the link to the generator;
  • Copy and apply relevant hashtags.

How to use the Hashtag generator from a picture?
  • Browse and upload an image from your device;
  • Mark the relevant hashtags;
  • Copy and save them.

What is the difference between the frequent, average, rare hashtags?
Inflact defines the hashtags groups based on the number of posts uploaded with a hashtag. Thus, you can estimate the competitiveness of a hashtag before using it.

  • Frequent hashtags are overused and count up to several million posts.
  • Average hashtags are less competitive but sometimes spammy. They count up to several hundred posts.
  • Rare hashtags are more specific and tied to a certain niche.
Use hashtags from various categories when you add them to your set.

Why are some hashtags marked with green color?
Hashtags that highlighted with green are related hashtags suggested by Instagram. If you search hashtags in the app, related hashtags appear here:

How to choose hashtags effectively
The simplest way is to use the Smart selection button. The set will be randomly generated in a smart proportion.

If you choose the tags yourself, pick them in the correct proportion. Of the 30 hashtags, it is better to include:

  • 3-5 Frequent. Posts in these hashtag galleries because they quickly leave the first pages and you will receive likes on them only within the first two minutes
  • 10-15 Average. By these tags, you have a chance to be displayed in the gallery of posts for an hour.
  • More than 15 Rare. In the galleries of these niche hashtags, you can get to the top due to the fact that they list fewer posts. Perhaps you will be liked on these tags for another month!
In addition, we advise you to put 2-3 hashtags that are related to the subject of the account itself and 2-3 hashtags related to the location of the account.
Choose hashtags wisely, because hashtags are a powerful tool to help you increase the number of subscribers in the safest way.
Tip: Scroll all the way down to the Related Organic Hashtags section. Here you will find synonyms that are often used in Instagram posts with your key idea. These are often related hashtags that you might not have guessed.

Other Questions
Are hashtags still effective in 2023?
Yes, hashtag marketing is a free traffic source you should use correctly.
Our tip for Instagram users is to pick two to three hashtags that reflect the main subject of an Instagram account and another two to three location-related hashtags with all the rest being relevant to the specific post.
Using most popular hashtags doesn’t always bring the best results. What matters is being featured among top posts by hashtag because in this case a post will be shown to a larger number of potential followers.
A smart approach to using hashtags is critically important because Instagram algorithms rank posts based on location and hashtags, i.e. anticipating what content may be of interest to users.
We advise that you include in a hashtag set at least 12-15 niche or rare hashtags. Never repeat the same combinations from post to post.
Why should I add rare hashtags?
This group of hashtags is crucial for promotion since it's less competitive. Your posts are likely to get to the TOP feed and on the Explore page. Rare hashtags bring an interested audience rather than spam.