Valentine’s Day is an amazing occasion to show your love and affection in digital. Make this holiday to remember and check out the most romantic IG gestures and special gifts to produce a wow-effect on your significant one.
Say That You Love Me…on Instagram: Best Ideas to Melt Your Special Someone’s Heart

The KISS rule on Valentine’s Day may not be the best strategy. At least, one is hardly able to keep it simple with such a complex concept as love. If you are not the second Shakespeare, more than a hundred sonnets turn out to be a great challenge. Yet, making your affection prominent through social networks is a good relationship target.

Still, that may be easier said than done. How to avoid being plain vanilla? Where is the clear line between cringe and creativity? What to do if nothing bright comes to mind? Don't take on so! The Inflact team is full of great Valentine's Day ideas.

Here is a list of fancy ways to confess your feelings. Read to the end to take your Happy Valentine's Day solution.

Make the Most of a Story Section

First things first, let’s start with something as obvious as Stories. We are a hundred percent sure that you have a couple of birthday wishes, Christmas greeting cards, whatsoever. The IG audience mercilessly exploits this format to celebrate any event. After all, the very essence of Stories is to reflect life at the moment. And it is true. Nothing beats spontaneous and sincere congratulations.

Your phone’s gallery must have witnessed a lot of warm memories you’ve shared together. Go with some photos or videos you like the most to edit a short clip instead of going with a regular Happy Valentine's Day image. There is no need to be tech-savvy for an attractive piece. With a decent offer on the market, finding a suitable app is not much trouble. Probably, you have already heard of CapCut or VN Video Editor. Although, we really have a thing with BEAT. Or check on this TikTok Guy with an amazing post set of Story tutorials for February 14 X date. You should discover Valentine's Day wishes to everyone you care about.

Valentine’s Day messages

Anyway, as long as the perfect template and super transitions are settled, the Valentine's Day messages are finally made up, don’t forget to add a profile’s tag of your loved one. In this case, content should reach the right eyes. After all, there is the one person for the sake of whom you have started all this.

Create an Instagram Collab Post or Reel

Things may differ with something that is expected to stay put in your account for more than 24 hours. Valentine's Day memes or life pics which fade away may be a smart decision, but you won’t probably be happy to make it part of your feed. It's time to think about aesthetics. For those who are used to doing everything to a T, a joint romantic photo shoot is a perfect choice for celebrating San Valentine Day. On top of that, you save yourself the hassle of searching for the right gift. Certificates always help out.

Let the photographer capture the best and tender vibes of you two. Thus, in addition to warm memories of the day, there will be a material embodiment of beautiful photographs, so that you can post them on your feed.

And to avoid duplicate content, use the Instagram Collab feature, which allows you to publish it together with other users. These posts will list all the authors, so you can collect overall likes, views, and comments.

To make a joint post, start regular posting steps. After you have reached the caption stage, click the “Tag people” icon. Choose “Invite Collaborators” in the dropdown which pops up. Tag the account of the person you would like to involve in creating a joint post and carry on with publishing or check a preview, if needed.

Valentine’s Day posts

And don’t forget the final touch!

Hashtags are Always a Cherry on the Cake

In fact, getting reactions to personal publications may be even more substantial than enjoying high user activity on useful or informational posts. Introducing your significant other on the platform means being completely emotionally naked with an audience. This takes courage!

In such a vulnerable state, discovering that your post has been ignored by the Instagram community can be a great blow. And the point here is, users may be indifferent to your feelings. It can be that this content simply does not hit their eyes.

Hashtags are of help with the second. High-frequency #love or #valentine with millions of mentions will slide you down in the search results. However, less worn out options are capable of bringing consistently intense traffic that naturally drives interaction.

Measuring love in likes is not the best idea. Yet, if you are, say, interested in promoting your profile, why not give it a try.

For GOOD measure, you can always rely on the Hashtag Generator by Inflact to provide relevant Valentine Day hashtags with just one click. Simply enter up to five keywords to get powerful combinations. The results are automatically labeled by difficulty level, which gives the tool a special charm. This way, users always know which option is suitable for their profiles.

Go on an IG Shopping Spree for a Valentines' Gift

Hashtags are a lot helpful to boost Valentine's Day gift ideas. And what makes things even better, in most cases, you can place the order online. This way, Valentine's Day treats requests will navigate you to endless users profiles with mouth-watering masterpieces. Sweet and nice.

Valentine's Gift

To narrow the search down, go to the “Places” tab and pick the location where you expect the product to be delivered in.

For those, who are looking for something top-notch, a St. Valentine gourmet box from Louis Vuitton chocolate shop is definitely worth attention. A heart-shaped delight with hazelnut, almond and pistachio filling, softly embraced in ganache and stamped with a brand mark is more than just something tasty. It comes as a true piece of Art.

St. Valentine gourmet box

Since there are people who stand for something more practical than treats, checking brand pages may also spark Valentine' gift ideas.

It clearly takes more time to go through a bunch of random pages. So, you’d probably better decide on the product or service first. Then pick the brands you trust in the industry and go on with monitoring the content.

By the same token, the Inflact team has probed some fashion movers-and-shakers. Out of ten accounts monitored, Tom Ford, Timberland, and Stradivarius happen to have introduced Special Valentine Collections.

Saint Valentine advertising posts

Or go further and win the gift. At least, the Giveaway from Crystale Clean sets the opportunity to earn an extra £200 for it.

Valentine’s Day advertising posts

So, we are pretty sure you are able to find such Saint Valentine advertising posts in your region. Just follow the same scheme as the above one.

Set up a Quest With Digital Clues

Instead of sharing Valentine's Day sayings or quotes in DMs, come up with something far more creative. We admit the idea is not for everyone. Yet, it is absolutely something off the beaten track. If your partner has nothing against long city walks, arrange a romantic surprise quest to create your own Valentine's Day history. The preparatory work is a must here, yet, it pays off with the elation which comes together with the adventure.

There are ready-made scenarios on the Internet. However, they most often lack a personal approach. So, it is recommended making the event from scratch. The general concept here is to come up with a number of tasks your loved one is to deal with for getting the present or reaching the place of the date, whatever. When the Valentine's Day game is ready, send serial messages with all the necessary information to your Valentine or Galentine to solve the puzzle.

You will see if your idea is a success. A sparkling look and a joyful smile — these are characteristics.

Make for a Virtual Date

Some things are not determined by our desires. There are cases when people simply physically cannot spend this day together. Well, there should be no barrier for true feelings, especially in the era of social networks. Organize a virtual holiday date evening!

There are many social media that enable online communication. Think over the possible activities you may engage in while chatting. For instance, send each other gifts in advance to unwrap them during a joint video call or book a surprise dinner for each other by the agreed time. There are plenty of options to come up with. Choose what you like and enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day.

As you already remember, the right Valentine's Day ideas can be easily dug up on Instagram. Go through the Explore or Hashtag Section to hit the perfect fit for your couple. Even a flower delivery may be turned in the best-ever-in-the-whole-life experience if done with a pinch of Instagramable approach.

Final Hugs and Kisses

Social networks are a creative power for setting up an unforgettable Valentine's Day atmosphere. And you can also save a lot of time and effort there. Thus, Instagram organically unites people who are in search and those who can satisfy this request. And it's amazing. Make all the Valentine's Day dreams come true for your significant other.

It is only you who decides what day Valentine's Day will work out in the end. Whether it is something from our list or a classic dinner at a restaurant. may not be that important. What really matters is that there is the very person near to share Valentine's Day joy with.