Does the magical time to post on IG really exist? If yes, how to find it? Learn the secret right now!
Finding The Best Time To Post on Instagram To Become Freaking Popular

With the appearance of algorithmic Feed, the concept of it has changed, the chronological arrangement of publications disappeared, but that doesn’t mean that the time of publication is of no importance now.

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that posts published at a certain time sometimes gather more feedback in the form of likes and replies. The IG algorithms take into account the topicality of the post — how recently it was published. New posts have more chances to be placed in the users’ Feed higher.

Ergo, the best time to post on Instagram equals the hours when your TA is online.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

There is an innumerable amount of myths about the right, only one possible, universal time to post: 10 am, 6-8 pm workdays. Sometimes they speak about the inefficiency to publish on weekends, which is quite ridiculous to my mind, we live in 24/7-online age.

So my team and I decided to do a little research and find out whether there is such a notion as the best times to post on Instagram.

We find out that it varies depending on the weekday and the niche you represent. So let’s consider that.

Weekdays for publishing on Instagram

The highest ER was noticed for the publications made on Sunday. Monday was in the second place. On Saturday, users were active least of all.

On the other days of the week, activity remained the same.

Best times to post on Instagram

Best time to post on Instagram on Monday — 5-6 pm. Monday is the time when the entertaining content is selling like hot cakes. Users start a new work week and do not want to feed themselves with excessive information.

Best time to post on Instagram on Tuesday — 12 am, 3 pm, 9 pm. On Tuesday, you can post important and useful texts; your fans have already taken on a working rhythm.

Best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday — 3-4 pm. Wednesday is the dream day to share your working process. You can start a live broadcast or take a video from the workplace. Also, readers will be interested to learn about exciting promotions and projects in which you participate.

Best time to post on Instagram on Thursday — 12 am, 3 pm, 9 pm. Thursday is a customer day. Show satisfied customers and tell about your interaction with them.

Best time to post on Instagram on Friday — 12 am, 3 pm, 9 pm. On Friday, it is recommended to post light content that prepares users for the weekend.

Best time to post on Instagram on Saturday — 12 am, 3 pm, 9 pm.
Best time to post on Instagram on Sunday — 12 am, 3 pm, 9 pm.

On weekends we continue to share entertainment pictures and videos. We all are trying to relax a bit.

But this data is extremely averaged. Each person has a different rhythm of life; a part of your supporters live in different time zones. Therefore, you need to track when your fans are most engaged.

When to publish a video?

Video in the story lasts up to 15 seconds, and in the post — up to 60 seconds. If you post a carousel of several videos, then its total duration can be up to 10 minutes.

Usually, videos are best watched in the evening after work, school, and homework, i.e., after 8 pm.

become popular in instagram

How to define it?

1. Find out who your audience is? Where they live, their average age, and interests. You can do it manually or use a special service;

2. Usually, IG is scrolled down, when you need to pass the time: beantime, on the subway, after dinner. And when is it more convenient to do to your TA?

3. Experiment. Use Inflact Statistics to track the response of your supporters when you publish at a certain day and time. Early morning, lunchtime or weekend - try and look at the number of replies and likes. You can publish posts in this test mode for 1-2 weeks to more accurately determine the suitable time;

4. Use IG Insights. It is available to business accounts. Go to the Statistics section and analyze when your fans are most active. If you click on the graph, you can see the number of users who are online on IG at a specified time.

How often should you publish?

It all depends on what kind of content you make. If this is just a beautiful or fun photo in which users do not need to plunge, then you can post up to 4 times a day every day. The interval between publications is 4 hours.

And if you make difficult and meaningful content? If you write an informative text along with the photo, then you can stop at 1 publication in 1-2 days. However, users will not be able to read large, though useful posts, several times a day. In addition, your time is valuable, so it is unlikely that you can spend it on writing posts in such quantities.

You can alternate between informative, entertaining, and advertising posts so that your content doesn’t bother. How to plan your IG content read here — Striking Strategy: How to Plan Instagram Content.


And what if this magical time for you is when you play with your baby or at the time when you are at work? Skip it? In this case, you will lose. There is a solution! Inflact Scheduled Posting was designed exactly for your efficient content management.

Prepare a post in advance, point out the best time you’ve discovered and save the publication. Learn more about Inflact Scheduled posting with the article Refreshed Scheduled Posting: How to Post on Instagram Online in a New Way?