In this article, I will tell you what to do if your Instagram account was hacked and explain what measures you can take to protect it against hackers.
What To Do If Your Instagram Account Was Hacked? The First Thing Is To Stop Panicking!

What may happen to you if you see that your account was hacked or if you see that somebody tried to hack your account is a panic attack. Your feelings are quite understandable, especially if for quite a long time you have been working hard to promote your page and getting followers.

But keep calm! Your nervous system is a much more valuable thing than your IG account (sorry, but you should admit it). To be on a safe side and not to faint seeing that something not very pleasant has happened to your acc, I recommend you to read this article to find out what to do if your Instagram account was hacked. Moreover, I have prepared a list of preventive measures that deserve your attention.

What to do if your Instagram account was hacked: Solution #1

Before we proceed to the details of this approach, I want to warn you that it is a comparatively new feature introduced by Instagram only in June 2019. It means that it may be unavailable for some users still. Nevertheless, I advise you not to scroll down the page and to study this solution carefully.

If you open your acc and understand that someone has altered your password, the “My login info isn’t working” feature is for you.

As soon as you tap it, you will be offered an option to enter your telephone number or the email address that you submitted during your registration on IG.

When it is done, you will receive a six-digit code. Using this code, you will be able to get access to your acc.

That’s it! It’s very simple, isn’t it? But let me point out once again, Instagram started to test this feature not so long ago, which means that you may still have no access to it. But don’t worry, there is the second option for you, a more traditional one.

What to do if your Instagram account was hacked: Solution #2

It may happen so that you will get an email from IG that will tell you that somebody has changed your linked email address. If you haven’t done it, you will have an option to undo this action. But if this person also changes your password, you won’t have a possibility to do it. In such a case, your task will be to report this case to IG.

To do it, you’ll need to press the Forgot password? button that you will see on the screen when you will be trying to log in.

The next option that you should tap is Need more help?. After that, please, follow carefully the instructions that you will see on your display.

When the system will ask you to provide an email address, enter the one that is really secure.

You will get an auto-reply soon.

The IG security team will ask you to provide some proofs that you are the real owner of the account.

For verification of your identity they may ask you:
  • to take a pic showing you with a paper in hands. On the paper you will have to write (not type) a code that you will be provided with;
  • to reveal what phone number or email address you used for signing up and what device was used;
  • to make both these things at once.
As soon as you do fulfill these tasks, you will get some instructions to regain access to your acc.

How not to let hackers get access to your account

So, now you know what to do if your Instagram account was hacked, but are there any preventive measure? Sure! Here they are!
  • Choose a secure password
Do you know how many hackers get access to accounts of other users? They just guess passwords. Though according to IG recommendations, your password should contain at least six characters, I would advise you to include at least eight characters. Moreover, update your password at least once a year.
  • Take care of your email
Use a secure password and do not ignore the warnings of your email provider regarding the suspicious login attempts. Take measures!
  • Do not work with suspicious apps
If you want to promote your account efficiently, it’s obvious that you may have a desire to use third-party services, but you never know how your sensitive information may be used by them. In case you are looking for a reliable IG bot that is 100% safe, you can stop your searches right now. At Inflact, we work honestly and guarantee you that the data that you share with us will be kept safely. To make sure what the most reliable IG service is, just read: Looking For The Best Instagram growth tool? Here It Is!
  • Use two-factor authentication
With 2FA you will get a code via SMS each time you’ll be using a new device to log in.

To turn it on, open IG acc settings, proceed to the Security section and choose the 2FA option.
  • Don’t ignore some simple rules for every day
I want you to remember a couple of tips, especially, if your aim is to reach success on this platform or even become the most popular person there, who knows (By the way, in case you are interested Who is the most famous person on Instagram?, I should say that we know the answer and even know how to become a serious rival for him!).

There are two key rules:
  • Always (have you caught it? ALWAYS) log out each time you use a device that is accessed by somebody else. And never choose the Remember Me option in such a case.
  • Don’t share your password with some suspicious people (okay, your boyfriend or mum are not suspicious, but you have the right not to share the password with them as well).
Though in this article I’ve presented some valuable info on what to do if your Instagram account was hacked, I hope that you won’t need to apply these tips in real life. I wish you a safe IG journey!