Though some years ago the idea to buy Instagram account or to sell it may have sounded rather weird, now it’s quite a natural thing for those who are developing business on this platform.
How To Sell and Buy an Instagram Account: Key Tips!
It’s clear that you won’t find an ad offering to buy Instagram account somewhere in a newspaper but for the online world of social media, it’s quite a normal proposal. As a rule, such offers can be found on special platforms or via special online services. Nevertheless, to speak on this topic more precisely, let’s start with the reasons for the high demand for these offers.

Sell and Buy Instagram Account: What For?

If you know the key principles of Instagram functioning, you definitely understand that that today the main value for everyone who tries to earn money on this platform is the audience. Yes, if you want to build your Instagram business or to develop yourself as a blogger, you need to gain a strong army of supporters=followers who will ensure your popularity and contribute to your promotion.

If you want to realize better how to make money on Instagram in 2022, I invite you to study one of our articles on this issue.

But let me point out once again that the main idea is as follows: the more followers you have, the more chances to attract new users and earn money there are.

To get a sufficient amount of followers that will let you earn decent sums is a rather challenging task that requires a deep understanding of all Instagram mechanisms from your side as well as free time. Yes, to gain a lot of followers manually is a very time-consuming process.

As today the time itself has become a very important value, people are trying to find different methods to save it. And our Instagram bot that will automatically perform all the actions needed to widen your audience is one of the most efficient solutions.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to deal with all these things and continuously invest your time and money in promoting your profile, you can make a serious investment only once and buy Instagram account with real followers. Yes, when you buy an account, it’s more sensible to say that you buy an already shaped pool of followers which can be an excellent start for your business.
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As you can understand, while there is an opportunity to buy accounts, there is an opportunity to sell them as well. If you have a well-established audience that you have managed to gain thanks to your efforts and efficiently built strategies, but now due to some reasons you are fed up with all these things, you have several options.

The first one is just to log out and forget about your Instagram. As a result, you get nothing. The second option is to sell your account and to earn good money. What would you prefer?;)

How to buy an Instagram account: two options!

Before we will proceed to real ways to buy an account, let me warn you that from the point of view of Instagram rules, buying and selling accounts can be considered fully legal. That’s why you should bear in mind that in case the fact of transferring the account from one owner to another on a paid basis is revealed, the account can be blocked and it will be practically impossible to restore its activity.

But if you are still ready to buy Instagram account, you should know that there are several ways to do it:

  • to buy it directly from its owner;
  • to buy it via an intermediary.
Though some people strongly believe that turning directly to individuals you have an opportunity to save money, please, be very attentive especially with financial issues. It’s really easy to become a victim of some fraudsters and to lose your money or to get an account with bots instead of real followers.
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As for the second option, there are a lot of platforms offering such services. And Social Tradia is probably the most popular and widely known of them. The platform claims that it carefully filters all the accounts offered and you won’t be disappointing after making a purchase.

Via such services you can also sell your own profiles with followers if you don’t need them anymore.

If you are seeking to buy an account with a view to developing your business, you should understand that even after a successful purchase, that’s not the end of your work with your new account.

You still have a lot of things to do to achieve success. To get motivated and inspired for further work, I offer you to carefully study our article How to Promote Your Small Business on Instagram? 5 Real Examples of Success! I know that there you will find some interesting ideas for you.

Good luck!