Clare V. is a brand focused on customized fashion items, like handbags, clothes, jewelry. Learn how Inflact's automation resulted in +10 ambassadors and increased sales to 34,4% in one month.
What Is in Your Bag? Inflact case-study
Clare V. is a French-inspired fashion brand focused on designer bags, apparel, accessories. In 11 years, Clare Vivien grew from a laptop case collection to the chain of retailers across the USA. Clare V. aims to spread the brand's philosophy through designs, social activities, and Instagram strategy.


Hand-made Handbags & Accessories




Clare V. wanted to optimize Instagram's digital strategy, reach leaders of the opinion who built a positive brand image. Clare aimed to boost traffic to the website and sales through Instagram. Also, a lot of followers asked the same questions in Direct about bags hand painted monogramming.

The long-term goal is to boost the corporate gifts segment and travel necessities segment.


Connect to the right influencers correlated to the Clare V. brand image using web chat segmentation filters. Gain the handmade-oriented and fashion-focused audience on the competitors and related influencers profiles, adjust the set of trending hashtags.

Our long-term purpose is to organize customer support via Instagram Direct, adjusting customized auto-replies. Also, we connected to potential corporate clients on Instagram to inform about special offers using Igramer's filtered mass messaging. We boosted niche followers base via AI-based Hashtag generator.


The promotion is still on the go. Considering the first month of the strategy empowered by Inflact, we achieved the following numbers:

  • Average DM open rate – 90,2 %.
  • DMs response rate – 73, 8%.
  • Collaborations with content makers– 5.
  • New brand ambassadors – 5.
  • Corporate orders growth – 5 new companies.
  • Site visits originated from the IG page – 51,4 % higher.

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Clare has been working as a journalist when the idea to design a fashionable laptop case came to her mind. This aim resulted in a niche collection of handbags and jewelry. The spirit of France inspires Clare V. necessities design since Clare's son and husband are French. The Council of Fashion Designers of America marked her bright designs and suggested a collaboration.

Starting with the limited items set, Clare extended the collection with travel, tech, and home accessories, apparel, and many more. Clare V. products are made from the finest materials and textiles from Italy and usually handcrafted with monogramming. Flagships are spread across the USA; Clare V. also sell abroad via e-commerce channels, website, and Instagram.

Instagram for Clare V. is a part of digital brand management, a mean to reach clients, influencers, and proceed requests.

"I set Clare V. up in 2008 when Instagram didn't exist at all. Now corporations and local brands market their goods online, and I think it's beneficial. I can't be present in all my flagships at the same time; I can't observe how my client purchases from the website. But Instagram personalizes my brand and gets me acquitted with my customer's portrait. I want to Direct message customers and fans, follow their lifestyle and bring their needs to my designs. Igramer performs this option in the best possible way via filters and targeting." Clare Vivier, Founder


While the brand's IG account counts 100K followers, Clare's personal Instagram gained 130K audience. People private texted on both pages, asking similar questions – it took the whole day to reply manually from the phone. Direct requests counted hundreds of messages – spammy, and lucrative offers all mixed up.

Also, Clare V. aimed to implement parts of the overall digital marketing strategy on Instagram. Namely, connect to content makers, collaborate with ambassadors, notify clients on sales and takeovers, hold giveaways and contests. They didn't know how to reach potential corporate clients.

No doubt, the need for an Instagram automation tool came to a critical point.

"I always believed that a perfect handbag designer should know what is in his client's bag – that is a great inspiration! Igramer facilitated Clare V.'s collaborations with influencers, and a great idea came to my mind. We organized a dedicated Instagram thread – What's in your bag, and now people adore it. Mass messaging and in-built filters transformed the concept into engaging content." Clare Vivier, Founder


Well, the challenge was evident, and the task was somewhat complicated, but automation solved all the issues. How did Clare V. use Inflact in the multi-tasking digital campaign?

We determined the like-minded audience using Hashtag Generator. The integral hashtag manager is a must-do to browse the relevant content and do research. The tool implies AI-algorithms and generates niche hashtags by an image, a URL, or a keyword.

We organized filtered mass messaging via Direct tool. The module fast-tracks any communications you handle on Instagram. Clare had in mind the following potential TAs for mailouts:

  • influencers to organize What is in your bag contest
  • companies to offer corporate discounts for gifts

The integral Direct messenger was crucial. Thus, Clare spent 5 minutes on mailing to 100 influencers simultaneously instead of 72 hours if she does it manually. Uncover the results of the filtered mass messaging in the next chapter. We can't deny, we didn't expect such a response rate boost – 73,8% of the recipients answered!

That is the example of how Clare addressed to desired influencers:

💡What is in your bag, madame?

Tell us, and become Clare V. official ambassador!

Answer this message to get more details.

We started promo to streamline like-minded audiences on the Clare V. account. The new campaign we set up via Inflact boosted brand awareness, and content makers contacted Clare in Direct to cooperate. We adjusted auto likes, comments, and automatic Stories watching.

We organized targeted promotion based on the niche hashtags we generated previously. Also, Inflact promoted Clare V.'s account based on the location and usernames we manually added when explored influencers in the industry.

These tactics streamlined the promotion of the segment inspired by handbags, fashion, and accessories. Read about the results further in this case-story.

As the promo is continuing now, we plan to set auto-replies on the most popular issues. Soon Inflact will integrate this option to the Direct module, so Clare V. will be able to answer automatically from both accounts. According to our pre-estimates, auto-replies will unload 70% of the inbox, as questions and requests repeat on most occasions.


Every step of Clare V.'s promotion with Inflact led to positive effects. Clare decided to implement the brand digital strategy using automation in the next months too. What have we achieved by now? On the screenshots view the new brand ambassadors who spread a word about Clare V. among their fans.

Effects from Inflact target promotion and automatic mailout are the following:

Traffic boost on the account – 46,5%
Traffic boost on the website – 51,4 %
The average increase in sales – 34,4%
Boost in segment Corporate gifts – 31,8 %
DMs response rate increase – 73, 8%
Lucrative collaborations – 10
New orders from businesses – 5

Target mailouts helped Clare to keep in touch with influencers who took part in What's in your bag challenge. In a short time, Clare V. performed robust results, and the improvements will be even more significant as long Inflact's auto-replies will be added. Looking for updates!

"I adore the partnership and sales we achieved with Inflact. The customer support was helpful and responsive and guided us on every step. Clare V. promotion is not about likes count; it's about engagement and brand philosophy sharing converted to on-site purchases and orders." Clare Vivier, Founder


Instagram is a fast-moving platform with tonnes of content and millions of similar businesses. Make your digital strategy personalized and customized by quick Direct mailouts, target promotion, and thematic takeovers.