Be ready to LOL and ROFL! Look at the Top photo and selfie fails on Instagram!
Too funny for words: The Best Photobombs and Selfie Fails on Instagram!
Taking photos for Instagram is art and science at the same time. You should choose the right camera angle, find the proper lighting, not to forget about composition and finally snap off the shot. But sometimes something can go off course. We can get completely unexpected shot. Sometimes confusing, sometimes funny. What to do with such photos? Burn and forget? Naah, friends. Post it! Share it with the World just like it did today’s heroes of the article.

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Make yourself comfortable on your sofa and enjoy Best Photo Fiascos on Instagram!


What? Odd dog out?
The spaniel just wanted to play a little bit. Is that a crime?

A couple and a dog


Even if you want to take a pic of your daughter in a zoo, this little otter does not give a damn. Just let it swim there!

An otter and a girl


Yep, a doggy again. Just love them, pet them, take photos together like this one
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a dog


Yoga is cool, yoga is nice. If I could take such a pose, I would do that, but I can’t. Maybe the dog shares my thoughts. Look at its sad face!

girl doing yoga and a dog


What a nasty rabbit! How dare it so shamelessly interfere in the photo of this man standing on the rock?! Oh, stop, it seems that the pic became more awesome!

a man and a rabbit


It seems to me that this man feels goopy about a girl, hope he is OK. But even this strange face couldn’t ruin the gorgeous pic of this hot girl.

girl at sweeming pool


- What the heck, pigeon, that’s my photo!
- Not yours anymore, sis! By the way, left part of my face is more photogenic.

girl and a dove


Is that a Time Machine or Teleport? What is going on on the picture?

selfie of a man


Imagine, you want to take a photo of your dog’s butt, and this blowball was so rude to intercept the view. What would you do?

dog and a flower


Wedding day. One of the most important days in the entire life. Each photo is precious. Each, even this one!



Poor little girl. Seem that pup-dog doesn’t know his place. Or knows?

a girl and a dog


The situation when you want to take a picture of fabulous ice cream just like any other millennials do, but your little sun decides not to miss the opportunity. If I were him, I would do the same - bite it!

an ice-cream


And they lived happily ever after.
Husky doing a poo right when you take a photo with fiancee is a good sign, make no mistake!

pooping dog


Do not even ask me, what is going on this photo. But that party is to my liking!

a couple and a butt


Peace and harmony.
I wish I could promenade in the streets of my city without embarrassment like this naked man.

naked man on a beach


Either this man with a T-shirt with the word “Idiot” is really amazed to see the camera, or he is a good actor. But the problem is that he was out-of-place a little bit.

surprised man


I think, this female chicken misunderstand why these two goats were invited to the hen party, and it is not. Look at its pained expression!



Jealousy is when a human chooses this little monkey in a red polka-dotted dress to take a photo together.

two monkeys


Gracefully and con eleganza this bird made this gorgeous photo more gorgeous.

flying bird


Do you consider yourself a MILF? Show it to the world! But be aware, your child could be leaking out of your armpit. Not cool, sis!

mom and a kid


Marvelous photo: great family and not less great gull.

a family


When your man has a sense of humor, that’s awesome, that’s great, but not when you are trying to take a selfie. Nevertheless, the picture is funny.

flying man


Why is he so happy? He didn’t manage to catch the Cheops-Pyramide with his fingers. Hmm.

man and pyramid


Let me finish this chart with the dog again. I know, I’m too “no-nonsense” but look at this boy who just wanted to be near his owners in such a Big Day!

wedding a a dog

What’s the final note?

Each of these photos is wonderful piece of masterpiece which deserves your attention. They are not perfect but they are vivid, and that’s why the best! That’s why they gather thousands of likes. You can do that, too! Make a couple of unique photos, use Inflact to promote your IG account and attract more admirers of your talent! If you doubt that you can, take a trial, check it out! All the best!