Communication helps to sell online on Instagram. It’s not about being intrusive, but caring and involved in your clients’ needs. Master your scripts and learn how to DM on Instagram with free templates and one great tool.
How to DM your clients on Instagram: 15 templates that lead to sales, loyalty & repeat purchases

When selling on Instagram, just posting pretty visuals isn't enough. It is important to maintain communication with customers even after the purchase. A lot of companies use welcome messages for new followers but forget to remind customers about themselves after the sale. Yet, statistics show it is 9 times easier to convert an existing customer than to attract a new one. Therefore, it's important to maintain the communication cycle at every stage of your Instagram marketing funnel at all times.

For example, if you are a nail artist and clients book appointments through the DM, you should remind them after two or three weeks that soon they will probably need to sign up for the procedure again.

Thanks to the warm communication scheme in IG Direct, you will always have clients and sales. You will not depend on advertising and will be able to reduce your ad costs. Any business will thrive with a consistent, loyal customer base.

Thus, your task is to understand the customer's journey from learning about the product to making a purchase and to develop scripts and communications for each stage and for each target audience group.

In this article, you will find communication templates for different stages of your marketing funnel. You can take them as a basis and adapt them for your business. Save the typical messages that you plan to send to clients in order to quickly follow up with them.

In the Inflact Direct Module, you can sort clients using boards. Create boards for different customer groups. For example, those who have not tried your product yet, for those who are interested, and for regular customers.

Thanks to the visualized boards, you can quickly hop into the desired chat and insert a message from the templates that you pre-planned. Explore how boards work in the blog post 4 Inflact updates – DM boards, simpler bulk messaging, 2X enhanced Stories Saver and notifications.

How to DM your clients

DM templates for a business Instagram

Stage #1 Welcome message for every new follower

You can plan your welcome message like this:

  • Thank them for following.
  • Explain how you can help.
  • Add a call-to-action.
  • Include something sweet and pleasant.

❤️Hello. We are happy to see you as a part of our community. Reply to this message if you need any assistance with [your products/ service].

More items are listed on our website – follow the link in the bio to explore the full assortment.

✨Have a beautiful day and enjoy your 10% discount as a new follower.

Stage #2 Drive your audience to Direct through polls, Stories, posts & countdown stickers

15 templates that lead to sales

Polls, quizzes, and questions in Stories stimulate conversations and orders via Direct. Think about engaging content for your Stories. You can find more examples here: Online sales on Instagram: top content examples to stimulate engagement with potential clients.

Example of the DM after they replied to your question sticker:

Thank you for sharing your ideas, sweetie! 💕😊

There’s a time-limited offer just for you [set the date range]

It seems you already love [name what they’ve chosen]. You can get a set of new [name the products] at a special price [name your conditions].

[Present and tell about the benefits]

What do you think? [ open-ended question]

Example of the DM after they replied to the secret Story promo code:


Your secret promo code is {NAME}

It’s valid until [set the date], so hurry and use it!

Start choosing your dream [your product] right now on [your website].

Stage #3 How to remove an objection

Think over what reasons potential buyers find to decline your offer or choose your competitor instead. Find wise solutions for every objection they may have.

Typical objections questions you may ask in DMs:

  • We don't need this
Have you already tried a similar product? Have you had a negative experience? Can you tell us more? (Possibly the customer just doesn't want to discuss anything, but in fact they need your product.)
  • Others offer us a better deal
Could you clarify which company has made a better offer and what conditions you particularly like in their offer? I am sure if we discuss the details, we can do the same for you.
  • We already have everything we need
Have you really already bought what we offer? How long ago? And are you happy with everything? Do you need any other service?


“I understand how you feel.

I’ve had other clients who felt the same way in the beginning and were concerned about (insert objection).

What they found was that (insert success story).”


“I understand how you feel.

I’ve trained with other working mums who felt the same way in the beginning and were concerned about finding time for workouts.

What they found was that because the sessions were pre-scheduled, it pushed them to pre-plan their day and make health a priority. I also tailored the workouts to be just 45 mins. long, so they could be done during a lunch break. They didn’t think they had enough time to train either, but together we worked out a plan that got them the results they wanted in the little time they had.”

Stage #4 Discounts template

sell online on Instagram

Discounts and promo codes are crucial no matter what you are selling online on Instagram. Prepare a clear discount program to build loyalty and beat similar offers of your competitors.


Hey, I’m contacting you directly to offer a great secret deal.

Would you like to get a golden chain with 30% off?

Here it is: _________

We sell amazing vintage jewelry, and you should look through our Instagram catalog – you’ll definitely find a treasure for your future outfits.

You can use the promo code _________ for your purchase on the website.

But shhh! This is a secret.

You can only ever share it once with your best friend.

Stage #5 After-purchase communication

After the order, the communication is not over – it’s just beginning. Are you curious whether they like your products/ services? You need this feedback and honest reviews.


Hey, [use the client’s name]! Thank you for choosing us / We are happy you are our customer now. Did you receive the {product name}? What do you think of it?

Ask them to share the opinion in DM to take screenshots or share it for their audience in posts or Stories.

Stage #6 Customer reactivation or follow-up

Working with past clients is what should be your main focus. People who tried once are willing to spend more – because they trust you now. So, the aim is to become their friend and go-to, not just one more Insta shop.


  • Hi [name]! How did you like your purchase? Please reply with a rating from 1-5.
  • Good day. We hope you’re enjoying your [product]. Most people also purchase [product] along with [upsell product] if you’re interested.

We have an exclusive offer for you. [your conditions]

Follow the link for more details [Link]. Are you interested?