The Instagram future belongs to Stories, haven't you known? Dig yourself out of the rock, it's a promotion tool now. Hurry up to learn how to get more views there!
How to Get More Views On Instagram Story?
You can freely explore the limits of your imaginations with Stories. Thus, you will learn the interests of your followers as well: shoot short vlogs, vines, ask questions, announce any vital information, and so on. In short, this is an excellent tool for getting feedback from the target audience, which, as you know, affects the ranking. So how to get more views on Instagram and finally become popular? Look for the answers below!

What are the algorithms for Stories?

Stories Feed is formed according to the same principles as a regular feed. Algorithms evaluate:

  • Your interests: what kind of content you usually watch and like;
  • The relevance of publication;
  • Your relationship with the author of the post: how often you go to his page, like and comment on posts. More often in your Feed, there will be Stories of people whose content you are interested in.
Each factor is assigned its own special weight, and their total will show the importance of one user for another. And already based on these algorithms, the social network will show your Stories first in the list of Stories of a popular friend. By the same algorithm, you will be beaten out in the forefront of your followers' Stories. Why? The more active they are on your page, the more attractive they are to you, which means that Instagram will rank your Stories at the top of the list.

How to apply this knowledge to Stories, and how to create Stories that would receive a lot of views?

how to get more views on Instagram story

How to get more views on Instagram Story?

Publish only exciting things

Poor-quality content will be quickly scrolled through. After that, you will rank worse for people who have not shown interest in you. Therefore, try to make every published story interesting.

Publish regularly but not too often

When lines indicating the number of Stories turn into dots - this happens when you publish more than ten pieces - it scares people. Stories is a format where content is "consumed" very quickly; people do not expect to spend a lot of time on your publications. Therefore, limit yourself to 4-6 stories per day.

To make your Stories publishing as smooth and effective as possible use Inflact Scheduled Posting. Read more about its functionality here - Refreshed Scheduled Posting: How to Post on Instagram Online in a New Way?

Add hashtags and geolocation

How many times have I told you that hashtags and geotags are the pillars of your fast promotion? Definitely, a lot! Add only proper and relevant tags to your Stories. Use Hashtag generator to forget about searching or thinking up new tags every time. Hashtag generator will save a couple of minutes per day.

Make your followers live on your page (figuratively)

What matters here is not quantity, but quality. You can have 3,000 followers, 1,500 of which will be active in your profile. And believe me, the system will rank your posts better than if they were made by the users with a hundred-thousandth audience but with the same activity. After all, you have a return of 50%, and they have a miserable 1.5%.

Use all its perks - chat stickers, palls, sliders and so on

Everything new and trendy is perceived on Instagram greatly. Arrange, for example, a quest 'inside' your Stories. Post questions and answers. Get followers to brainstorm while they procrastinate in the app. And wit chat stickers you can create group chats with new people easier.

Highlight the important Stories

Thus, they will remain on your profile (the most visible part of it), and views will continue to grow.

instagram app how to get more views on Instagram story

Go live

Instagram notifies followers of live broadcasts, and the profile of the author of the broadcast shows in front of the entire list of Stories. That's beneficial. Therefore, organize a broadcast to remind your followers about yourself.

But do not abuse this method - people may even unfollow you because of constant notifications.

Analyze the efficiency

Connect a business account on Instagram to analyze Stories and keep track of which topics and formats (photos, polls, videos) get the most views and which ones, on the contrary, are scrolled.

Watch Stories of others

Mutual interest is a driving force on Instagram. You like someone's post, he or she likes yours, you follow and are followed. The same is about Stories. Once you view somebody's Stories, you attract attention. The person is more likely to go to your acc and do the same. Inflact has the function of auto Stories views in addition to its standard set. So you can be sure that you will get not only likes and follows from real people, but Stories views as well!


Any Instagram user who wants its Stories to be viewed by as many people as possible, should publish interesting content, use hashtags and point out his or her geolocations, and should do it regularly and always analyze the efficiency. Thus, Stories can go to the TOP and gain additional views.

How to get more views on Instagram story? Honestly, all you need to do is to be creative, experiment, try new things, and always track the reaction of your audience.

And the one thing that you should try is Inflact. That's a completely new approach to your promotion on Instagram - advanced and efficient.