Do you know that you can use labels and notes for the WEB version of Instagram Direct Chat? Whaaaaaat? Yeah, my honey bunny, we've updated Inflact Direct Module, so you can use it like an everyday sales tool or even CRM!
Labels and Notes to Instagram Direct Chat [February 2023 Update]

Chat with followers/customers single-click ease. All you need to do is to use convenient web version of Instagram Direct messenger. Label chats, sort them, add notes about the clients.

What's new?

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  • Multiple accounts

Add multiple accounts and chat in one window. The number is unlimited.

  • Create notes

Write additional info in notes not to forget something. Fix the data about the conversation topic.

  • Use labels and tags

Group chats adding to them labels and tags. Simplify your work with the specific ones.

  • Use one chat for all

Chat with your audience in one chat at the same time. Don’t waste your time.

  • Upload pictures

Send catching pictures to your friends and customers. Upload them at any size and format.

  • Implement AI-optimization search function

Use the search function to find the necessary chat in one click. One word - the scope of variants.

  • Fix data in details

Collect the users’ data and fix them in detail. Add phone number, address and email.

  • Add stickers and emoticons

Add some fun in your daily chatting routine. A great deal of choices is here.

Don’t enough? Well, we’ve prepared some additional perks too.

How to automate your Direct chatting?

P.S.: It’s easier than you think!

Do you forget about a bulk-messaging feature?

Direct Chat Inflact screenshot 2

  • Send messages to new followers

Create welcome mailouts to thank your new followers! Get acquainted with them from the first seconds!

  • Send messages to your followers

Create informational mailouts to notice them about news and updates! Stay in touch with them 24/7!

Personalize each mailout under the needs and preferences of your audience! Make the templates of future mailouts and save them in drafts! Use it at any time when you wish!

Still hesitate about Direct Messages?

Sweetie! Inflact provides you with the ability to manage all your chats from PC! Great, isn’t it?

Easy work with Instagram followers and clients! Simplify the working process and save time, money and effort.


Moreover, soon, our team launch the unbelievable perk - auto-replies. You’ve read it right. The special algorithm will reply to your followers without you. They only need to write some marked words and the system will reply to the message in seconds.

Stay in touch!