Did you know that some hashtag sets work better than others on Instagram? Much better. And some of them work 1000% better.
Instagram promotion lifehack: a clever way to reuse your competitors’ hashtags

So, these are hashtags that we need to use asap. And this success is illustrated by the publications that come out on top in a hashtag search. Have a look at these publications. Do you think they won due to their excellent content? Or due to the best reactions and engagement? Or is it really the ideal composition of their hashtag sets? You’d be at least partly right whichever one you guessed. But the last variant seems to be the most controllable one, doesn’t it? So, let’s master the art of savvy hashtags reuse. Let's find the most successful hashtag combinations of your competitors to reuse under your posts and get more engagement.

IG hashtags lifehack preparation

The lifehack preparation step involves creating a list of your most successful competitors. Try to find competitors with the best engagement and traffic. Look for competitors who have the same type of audience that you need in your profile. When you find these competitors, add them to your list. Then analyze the activity of their profiles — if it’s really great, and the engagement is higher than 3%-5%, then use it for this lifehack. All you need to do is to create a list of keywords that describe your business, brand or public figure best.

Step-by-step instruction of how to use competitors’ hashtags

To make this lifehack clear and easy to repeat I’ll show you how to use it on examples.

#1 Use a tool to create a list of competitors

Type your main keyword into the Advanced Instagram Search. Unlike a basic Instagram search, this service can show your results by category, number of followers, even the gender of an Instagram profile. To find your sucessful competitors:


basic Instagram search


an Instagram profile


number of followers


inspiration to real marketing analysis

#2 Take the most successful accounts into your competitors list

Now, after this quick and dirty competitor survey is done, you need to go through some social listening. This is the only way you can uncover the ideas and the real stats you hadn’t considered before. With the list of profiles you’ve collected, you will now go from inspiration to real marketing analysis to get the right hashtags for your own brand. Look through the profiles you’ve got — are they really successful? Does the content appearing on these pages match your brand guidelines? Look through the followers of these profiles: do these followers seem to be similar to your audience?

#3 Identify the most successful publications with the Profile Analyzer

Open up all these competitors pages in the Profile Analyzer tool. You can do it two ways:

Advanced Instagram Search Profile Analyser tool

At this stage, you need to find the most popular and highest-ranking publications on your competitor’s profile. It is easy with the Profile Analyser tool, as it automatically provides you with a grid of the most popular posts of any Instagram profile — just scroll lower.

publications right on Instagram winning hashtag sets

This is brilliant knowledge for those who want to find the key to success. Open these publications right on Instagram by clicking the “More” button.

set of hashtags

#4 Copy their best hashtag groups

Now you need to copy these most popular and winning hashtag sets to a new document. Just copy all of them right from the Instagram post, group by group.


Don’t mix the sets between each other! Remember, these hashtags are working better together.

#5 Randomize the hashtag order

Now to add a uniqueness and creativity you should randomize the word order in these groups. To do it easily, use this tool: Onlinerandomtools.

most successful publications

Paste a set of hashtags and shuffle words in one click.

#6 Use the sets you’ve created on your posts

Now you have a bunch of sets of the most successful hashtags! Congratulations. The only thing left to do is to use them properly. These hashtags are making money for your competitors, so you need to use them wisely to make money too. You need to post great and engaging content with these hashtags to get the biggest reach. However, this strategy doesn’t work immediately from the first time. You’ll need 10-50 posts with excellent hashtags to get a chance of possible success. Don’t forget the main rule of any hashtag strategy — use only relevant words. Don’t try to paste or type in hashtags that are just popular and trendy, but have no connection with the content you’re posting.

P.S Don’t forget to track your success

Check the traffic which is coming to the post through the hashtags and highlight hashtag sets which work best for your profile to use them in future.