Oh noooo...Why is Instagram removing likes, and how will you benefit? Read in this article!
Instagram Removing Likes: Causes & Mental Effects
Today seven countries are among the first to test the Instagram free of likes version. If the trial succeeds, other Instagrammers won't see the number of likes under your posts. Only an account holder will be able to view who liked the content.

The invention of IG CEO is wholly altruistic. Considering that Instagram is a marketplace where likes measure influencers' and businesses' effectiveness, they may lose engagement. This change leads to many questions.

Why is Instagram hiding likes? How will the change impact a user's psychology? Is it easy to become famous without Instagram likes?

Let's explore the potential of removing likes from different sides. Relax and read up to the end!

Why is Instagram removing likes?

We read the official interview of the Instagram CEO to make an unbiased conclusion on why is IG hiding likes. The devs believe that reform will benefit users.

They aim to lower the pressure the community causes in society, especially among the youngsters. People are trying to outdo one another; they update the feed several time an hour to view how many likes they got. Instagram intends to reduce annoying competition and refocus people on their uniqueness. If you want to save time on Instagram but don't know how, read this article. Brava mindfulness and freedom!

But if the revolution might favor our self-esteem, bloggers are under the question... How will the quality of the content be estimated? Instagram claimed they integrate new measuring algorithms so that the content quality won't suffer.

They also predict that people will concentrate on comments as long as likes to disappear. Short messages or emojis encourage people for stronger interactions. Comments are more personal and unique but tend to impact mental condition even more since they can be positive or negative as well. Let's consider how the likes hiding will affect our digital psychology.

How will the changes impact users psychologically?

We assume that Instagram likes elimination will have both positive and negative impacts. Here are some healthy effects on your mind:

  • Feeling more relaxed. If Instagrammers can no more view like counts, they will likely spend fewer hours a day troubling. Thinking of how many reactions their posts collect consumes a lot of energy, the brain is always busy and stressed. Given only you are the person who sees the number, you will be less accented.
  • Engagement with real life. Assuming that people will feel more relaxed, they will become more open to the world. IG CEO suggested that users will have more spare time to connect with real-life inspiring objects and other people. You will be surprised how much free time you are having!
  • Stop comparing. The necessity to compete on Instagram always urges in comparison with rivals, friends, influencers, celebrities, etc. How many plastic surgeons gained due to this competition? Remember those AR masks that change your appearance according to the Instagram-likable standard? As long as a public tally of likes removes, people will feel more comfortable about their face, body, and lifestyle.
  • Authenticity growth. This point correlates to the previous one. When people end up comparing, they will boost the qualities unique to them. Instagram may start a trend for being a true-self when removing likes!
  • Mindful app usage. According to trial first outcomes, people have become to run Instagram wisely. The mental liberation made users think over how much headspace Instagram grabs daily. When the real value of communication clears up for people, they will be more connected to their friends and relatives. The platform might transform into moment-sharing media instead of a public place where you are judged by the cover.

Remember, that Instagram as it is now, influences you like digital cocaine. When you disengage, you will feel free.

Nevertheless, no revolution can be estimated from one side. Removing likes on Instagram also has several drawbacks.

  • Losing the meaning of self-expression. While people will feel more freedom, content creators might become depressed. They are an artistic kind of people who need social recognition and appreciation. Public likes were a sound instrument to feel necessary and admitted.
  • Less dopamine. Instagram without likes will stop anxiety. But at the same time, people will get fewer pleasure hormones, like dopamine. Our body releases this essence when we have sex, work out, eating a favorite food, video gaming, and...Getting likes! Even though the source is quite tricky and artificial, our body benefits anyways.

We don't know yet, will likes fade away forever or not. Both ways, the update will change the performance and psychology of an app user. Disregarding like count won't matter anymore, the Instagram fame and business stay with us.

How to become Instagram-popular without likes?

Inflact is an online service that leverages your performance on IG in multiple ways. If you are in influencer or a business owner, your Instagram will gain engagement in a like-free environment. That is why you should try to manage IG via Inflact:

  • Desktop chats. Time-saving chats from a computer will unload your inbox. Plus, you can create templates for auto-DMs and divide followers into customized lists. A targeted and automated mailing will work better than likes.
  • Enhanced analytics. In-app analytics is basic. Inflact clearly shows specific stats. Enjoy the infographics and curves and make wise decisions!
  • Proficient targeting. To win the attention of your followers, we advise you to adjust the promotion and communication according to the portrait. Inflact allows you segment the audience by demographics, geography, and other metrics.
  • Scheduled posting. A content plan is important; no matter will you get likes or not. Upload pics and vids, carousels, Stories and set aside the desired time. You will always be on time!
  • Niche hashtagging. Tags drive extra traffic to your profile and website. Inflact suggests you the best options in a specific area, considering the post count. Follow suit!

In conclusion

Remember that your account on social media is just a gallery made of air. Don't let likes becoming digital cocaine and use the app with mindfulness. If you run a blog or a business and don't want to lose your audience as the changes come, pay attention to an online service Inflact. It boosts engagement and facilitates communication regardless of likes count!