Let’s find how to monetize Instagram in the most efficient way. While some people are just wondering how to monetize Instagram, some others are actively doing it. Do you want to become a member of the second group? Read this article!
How to Monetize Instagram: Easy Answers to This Serious Question

In 2022, it is absolutely not a secret that it is possible to earn money on social networks. Monetizing Instagram, you can really earn a fortune. But the question is what is the right way to do it. Some skeptics may say that nobody will pay you for posting photos. And partially they are right as everything depends on the type of posts made and the audience that you can reach with your posts. However, it is only the most general understanding of the ways to monetize Instagram. Let’s dive deeper into the issue and find out what you can do to get your first money from this issue.

How to monetize Instagram: the best methods in 2022

There are a couple of different directions that you may choose for your development in order to monetize Instagram.

Please, have a look at some of them:

  • To become a blogger
  • To offer some services via Instagram
  • To sell goods via Instagram

Blogging as a way to earn money on Instagram

If some decades ago children used to dream about becoming actresses and cosmonauts, now children want to become bloggers. And in general, we can say that it is not a bad idea. Of course, being a blogger means not only posting beautiful photos and getting money for them.

Being a blogger includes working on expanding your audience, communicating with followers, providing valuable content in your niche, monitoring the interest of your audience, establishing cooperation with other bloggers and brands and making many other things that may let you get more followers.

And as you know, the more followers you get, the more money you could earn. If at the initial stages, it will be you who will need to look for collaborations, later you will be the one who will have an opportunity to choose from hundreds from offers.

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Offering services via Instagram

If you are a nail master, a hairdresser, a private teacher or maybe you can repair cars, Instagram is a nice way to attract new clients. So, okay, initially you need to attract followers (how to do it? Practically the same way as when you are a blogger).

But if bloggers have a chance to choose what topics to cover in their posts and what to post in general, you have a narrower choice. If you offer some particular services, your Instagram account should have a clear relation to what you are offering.

You can share some professional secrets, you can tell more about your sphere, you can explain what exactly your clients will get if they choose you. Moreover, your target audience in this very case is more specific. However, in your case you have several sources of income. First of all, you may attract new clients who will pay for your services. And secondly, you can earn money as a blogger as well.

Selling goods via Instagram

To tell the truth, this point is very close to the specificity of offering services on Instagram. Your task is to attract followers who will become your potential buyers.

Moreover, you can focus not only on sales but on the development of your account as well. As a result, some other brands (not your competitors, of course) may come to you to order advertising.

If you don't have a product to sell yourself, you can use clickbank to gain exposure to products that can easily be dropped shipped. Check out this guide on How to Monetize Instagram for more details about this method.

How to attract new followers?

There is a long list of various strategies for expanding your audience. You can even find 200-page books that explain how to monetize Instagram.

For example, you need to order advertising from other bloggers or offer collaborations, you need to stay active on your account and on the accounts of others. Yes, all these things are correct and they really work. But today I want to tell you about the easiest tool that also has unbelievable efficiency.

I am talking about hashtags. In 2022 they still work, guys. However, to choose the tags that could bring you followers can be a much more difficult task than you think.
That’s why to save your time and efforts, you can use a special Hashtag generator that will help you choose the hashtags that will be appropriate for you.

To use it, you need:

  • To visit the Inflact website.
  • To go for the Tools section and click the Hashtag generation line.

Hashtag generator screenshot

  • Now you have an option: you can either download a photo that you are going to publish or enter the link to your post that is already published. You can also just enter a keyword.

Instagram Hashtag generator screenshot

  • The AI-powered system will analyze your image and offer a list of hashtags that are appropriate for your photo based on the popularity of this or that tags.
  • Now you need to choose those tags that you like most of all (or those that you consider being the most suitable ones), copy them and add to your posts.

Sounds great, right? Yes, maybe your tags mean nothing for your existing audience but for your potential followers they provide a chance to notice you. The more people see your posts, the more of them become interested in your blog. The more of them are interested, the more followers you have. The logic here is obvious.

So, let’s summarize what we’ve just discussed.

What are the main rules for monetizing Instagram? (Please note, that these rules are applicable regardless of the way that you choose: you may be a blogger, a seller or a services provider. It doesn’t matter, just bear in mind that there are some principles to follow).

  1. Build your own audience.
  2. Invest in your account growth (at the very beginning it’s very important).
  3. Share valuable content.
  4. Don’t be afraid of collaborations with bloggers.
  5. Interact with your followers.
  6. Work with brands.
  7. Stay honest and creative!

Of course, today the competition among bloggers and brands is rather serious on Instagram. And to win the attention of your audience at the first stages may be a rather challenging task. However, with a well-developed strategy and valuable tips from experts (that you can find in our blog), you will definitely succeed. You have no choice. Good luck!