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Twitter vs. Threads Round One Fight: Make Your Bets!
A parallel with Mortal Combat may seem too much, but it is not far from a real situation going on in recent months between two technology moguls. We all have watched with bated breath as those two have been negotiating a cage match, trading punches on their own social media, and soon are going to see each other in court.

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It is a no-brainer what could have become the trigger for such a deadly feud. Let’s face it, the relations were never easy due to the high competition in the social media industry. Yet, after Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, launched its Threads text service announced as its “response to Twitter” recently acquired by Musk, the tensions have soared.

And yes, despite a big rebranding move so far, we stay with this guy.

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Well, whatever thrilling it may be watching two movers and shakers of the digital industry sorting things out, the last word is still on users. Let's get straight into it and consider what the platforms can actually offer.

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In this article, we will compare the features of the two social networks so that you can make an informed choice.

Features Available Both on Twitter and Threads

As stated before, the hallmark of both platforms is digital communication in the form of short text messages. In fact, we have received an updated version of an already existing format.

The content is still channeled in the recommendations; you can leave likes and comments, or make reposts and add your own piece of opinion to them. In Threads, the text limit is 500 characters per post versus 280 ones on Twitter. Both social media allow including photos and videos (up to 5 and 4 minutes on Threads and Twitter respectively). However, no posts can be edited, as we were taught, that said, by Telegram or WhatsApp.

Twitter and Threads features

There are clickable links introduced in Threads that are a one-off feature, yet on Twitter it is possible to post voice messages, track viewing statistics, and bookmark favourite content.

Features You Can Get Only on Threads

1. Quick registration for new users.

It is possible to sign up only if you have an Instagram account. Just click on the “@” icon in the upper right corner of the IG profile and get yourself redirected to the PlayMarket or App Store. After the app is installed, all your Instagram account data is available on a new social network. The whole process takes pressing one button. This will allow you to automatically follow your subscriptions, and retain a nickname and profile photo. Talking of the settings, everything may be changed if necessary.

Yet, the decision to try a new social network is rather irreversible as the platform shares the same password with Instagram. So, there is no option to delete Threads without affecting your IG account likewise.

2. Free verification.

This feature is a huge advantage for influencers and content creators who want to advance in social media. Unlike the new owner of Twitter who has made paid subscribers his prime focus, you won’t have to cover an annual Twitter Blue subscription to prove your identity or be eligible to reach those who don’t follow your account yet. In other words, you can appear in recommendations without a check mark on Threads.

Threads new features

While Mr. Musk is redesigning Twitter's promotional mechanisms for paying users, Mr. Zuckerberg enables everyone to grow organically through good old engagement statistics. The more likes, comments, and reposts you have, the higher your chances of making it big on socials.

3. Threads content integration into Instagram Stories and Posts

Those who have not installed the app can get a general idea of the platform from the stories and posts of other users as the app allows you to share Threads in Instagram accounts. There is currently only one background design available, but you can edit the image, and add tags, geolocation, stickers, and more. Generally, you can customize it in the same manner you would do with any other piece of content before publishing.

Threads stories posts

If you lack an Instagram account, use the Stories Viewer to access Threads posts. However, be prepared that you remain limited by the author’s choice, so a full-fledged immersion is not an option here. Even so, it is a good service to go to just to test the waters.

4. Inclusiveness and privacy settings

Inclusive features available on Instagram, such as AI-generated screen reading and image descriptions, are also part of Threads. In addition, you can hide posts containing certain words in the feed and adjust privacy, including post tagging. It comes in handy if, say, you want to keep your account public but restrict users from reposting your content.

At the same time, the service is not available in the European Union to launch. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told The Verge that the decision was driven by some EU’s new data privacy regulations which come into effect in 2024.

Features you Can Find on Twitter Exclusively

1. Direct Messages

It would seem that DMs are an integral part of any social network. However, you can only conduct personal chats on Twitter. In Threads, all dialogs are public in the discussion thread under the post. Just like on Twitter, you can hide user responses, block or report, but sharing funny memes with a bestie is only possible on Instagram.

With this in mind, using Twitter is much more convenient. After all, you can simultaneously conduct verbal battles with the large audiences, and, say, discuss the outfit for a pink Barbie party this Saturday. Being able to multitask in our fast-paced world is a major boon, you know. Therefore, switching between sites, albeit in one click, takes a couple of pluses away from Threads' karma.

2. Hashtags

It's been more than ten years since the hashtags first appeared on Twitter and changed the very essence of communication on the Web. The mere fact that the word “hashtag” was officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014 speaks for itself.

It's still the best way to organize content in a digital space. Not many of us look for information on Instagram by profile name or geolocation, most will scroll either to the first tab (which is also formed by hashtags), or go directly to the hashtags tab. Strange it may be, in Threads you need to know either the exact nickname or be content with those profiles that initially include the search word.

Twitter search hashtags

Features Both Platforms Lack

Neither Twitter nor Threads allow users to download any content. On Twitter, at least you can bookmark it. But on Threads, there is no such option. The only thing left is to repost it. We bet, for example, that the recipe for an anti-acne mushroom tincture is not the information you would like to share with all the followers.

Of course, the easiest way is to take a screenshot, but in this case, you lose a lot in image quality. For text, this may still be acceptable, but for a photo, and even more so for a video, it is a poor solution.

On Threads, you can resort to such time-consuming tricks as adding what you want to a post or story on Instagram and then archiving it. So you can keep the information for your personal use.

This method will also work for Twitter. However, you can simplify the whole process even further. Just go to the Twitter Downloader or the Instagram Downloader and get any public photo or video in the original quality and resolution on your device.

A Simple Guide for Setting up the Downloader

  1. Open the twit or thread supposed to download and copy the link.
  2. Go to the Inflact official site and paste the URL in the input box.
  3. Press the Download button.
  4. Get the twit stored on your device.
Twitter and Threads downloader

The Main Takeaway

Even though Threads hasn’t yet swelled to the same audience as Twitter, it showcases overwhelming growth. According to the most recent data, the platform is accomplishing with more than 114 million users worldwide, and the numbers continue to go up. The Inflact team also conducted research and here is a comparison breakdown that also says much for rising popularity.

Inflact downloader

The results speak for themselves. Making the most of promotion on both platforms comes across as a smart solution. This way you get to double your target audience span and boost your social media presence significantly. However, as platforms bring forth different features, the biggest challenge is to work out successful strategies for further advancement.