Let’s see how staying posted about the latest IG updates can bring your account to the next level. Discover Inflact’s insights on new features now available om the platform to make up your own decision whether to apply them for yourself later.
Zero or Hero? A Profound Review Of the Latest IG Content Formats

Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi. We are patient with potential users who wait a long time before signing up or trying new content formats. After all, being wary of anything is an innate behavior. Thank evolution for such a vital skill. However, for SMM specialists and big Instagram names who are eager to know how to grow on Instagram in 2024, low tolerance for uncertainty can be a direct path to oblivion. The digital environment always involves the risk of stepping into the unknown.

Take the unprecedented resistance Reels faced at dawn. The queen of all Instagram, Kim Kardashian, announced a boycott of the new format and supported the “Make Instagram Instagram again” campaign, which was actually a serious danger. We all remember Kim's half-sister's tweet criticizing Snapchat's redesign, which sent the app's stock down six percent.

Now it is more like a funny thing since all members of the Kardashian family actively post videos that consistently receive millions of views.

reels engagement

Those who still dodge short videos do themselves out of organic growth. As Statista holds Instagram Reels receive greater engagement over regular posts. Yet, even if you managed to jump on the bandwagon, don’t expect to roll on the same content as four years ago.

Since Instagram is an ever-changing platform, you'd better play smart and keep your eyes on the ball. So, the Inflact team has already tested some updates and is ready to have our say about Instagram updates in 2024.

Make your Reels Shine: Hots and Nots

As mentioned earlier, Reels are essential for any successful account. You can always see us on YouTube or Telegram, so the author has tested some new features on his profile. Some made her happy, but still some raised questions.

It is the bright side we’d like to start with.

The UX interface is simply the best thing that could have happened. If you've ever tried anything with Reel, then most likely you've opted for third-party services like CapCut, InShot, etc. Thank God and Developers, we're blessed with good templates and beautiful transitions right in the app.

You may be a conventional content creator who edits videos from scratch, which is also a personal choice, yet we see browsed templates as a silver bullet. The easiest way is to scroll for the one you like in advance, yet in our case, everything has been done on the go. Take a closer look at @agnesnicolee for cool Reels ideas.

reels templates

And again, let's not go off-topic. The template has been found and all that remains is Add media. Now you can select files from any part of the camera roll without wading through a bunch of material in search of the very ones. If you are working with video, as was in the author’s case, then simply mark the pieces you like Favorites and then go to the video folder. Why do you need this MUMBO JUMBO? It helps to easily figure out what to select by looking at the likes in the lower left corner of the cover.

add media for reels

Should you add media without cutting them off and chaotically? Exactly! Simplified filming allows for getting it covered while editing. A long icon tapping or the Reorder button will send you to a special section for organizing the way you want it to be: change the timing or delete inappropriate ones. If, on the contrary, you need to increase the number of files, then use the Add Clips option.

how to change the timing for reels

What about music?

With Instagram's advanced settings, go to the extended music library and select the melody. In case you lack ideas, guide yourself by the genre. However, instead of listening to random tracks, we still recommend deciding on the song or sound in advance. You can either import it from any video in the phone's gallery or apply pre-made ringtones from the saved folder.

how to grow your socials in 2024

However, it is not that smooth. Still, some work is required from your end. Even though Instagram did what we've all been waiting for and finally introduced more than 20 additional filters, it is still not enough to create attractive shots. Just compare the image in the Prequel and several strange filter choices by default. You see everything with your own eyes. Nothing to talk about.

strange default ig filters

Therefore, it is better to do color correction through third-party applications. This way, instead of turning your footage into something unnatural and clearly modified, you can actually improve the original pic through mild adjustments. Choose favorable lighting, add sharpness, in general, do everything that is meant by aesthetic visuals.

Unlike TikTok, which allows users to download clips, Instagram still considers this a potential copyright infringement, so Reels are difficult to keep. It would make sense, still, it doesn’t beat when you happen to have deleted your favorite images and there’s no backup on your phone. Fortunately, the partner on a trip to Rome may take pity on you and fish out a couple of pearls from the phone’s memory. (shout out to the best sister ever).

Having survived such a crisis, the Reels Downloader by Inflact is a must when uploading any sensitive content on the platform.

Final thoughts: It is not yet possible to fully satisfy all of a user's needs as a content creator. We must admit that generating visuals in-app gets to be much handier. With the advent of a single panel for editing, templates, music, etc. you can easily shift between. However, most of the IG community is still waiting for adequate filters and the ability to make backup copies of their content or the one they like.

Note We Have Notes: Hype or a Long Story

Notes which are a part of recent Instagram updates represent the user's avatar with a short text within the circle. After it gets clicked, you see the message and can react to it, which later is navigated to the author's DMs. It is somewhat reminiscent of Stories, and it disappears after 24 hours. Since stories are still the most shared content, it is logical to assume that notes receive the same portion of user attention. However, things are different there.

Unlike Stories with a separate tab at the top of your feed, notes encroach on the most sacred thing. Being the most private area on Instagram, only some are happy about the prospect of seeing something extra in DMs.

However, we liked the notes as the feature adds up to staying in touch with our subscribers who actually are the core of the target audience. At the very least, we appreciate getting closer to them. In addition, it turned out to be a good option for promotion. This is how we deliberately reduce the information noise and, instead of annoying advertising mailings, notify subscribers about the launch of a new product or, for example, seasonal discounts.

notes for Ig

It naturally follows that notes drive DM’s which is good as such reactions have a positive effect on engagement rates. And this is well-noticed by Instagram algorithms. Yet, notes are clearly not a fit for boosting reach. Since this content can only be seen by subscribers, it is not effective in reaching new audiences. This can be considered a disadvantage because Instagram still measures the number of views along with interactions. In addition, we are very limited in means of expression. It is only sixty-characters-length texts and emojis. That’s all that is available to us, in contrast to the same stories, which open up a wide scope for creativity.

notes for stories

If your message is relevant for more than 24 hours, we still recommend opting for Stories, which can always be pinned in highlights. Vulnerable content in notes can't be saved, so don't expect it to serve long.

Final thoughts: Notes are a controversial feature that, on the one hand, helps you stay connected with your audience, but on the other, limits your interaction to followers only. We're unlikely to make it our primary focus, as Stories tend to be much more versatile in terms of available content formats. Yet, it can be tried for some situational tasks like pitching news or stirring user activity in DMs.

It is Time for Channels: One More App Inside the App

Instagram's newest updates often have a trial period on the platform, as do Broadcast Channels. It is more like an analog of Threads, that is, a separate digital area that allows you to manage content differently. You get a Telegram alternative to publish texts, photos, videos, voice messages, and polls in one place.

And again, given that it is connected directly to all Meta platforms, this allows you to maintain omnichannel without being scattered across different social networks. If we talk about the advantages of the platform itself, then this is a convenient way to keep the audience informed of all updates, without spamming in Stories and posts.

For now, the new format is available to a limited number of users, so we decided to see what’s going on from afar and joined Mark Zuckerberk’s channel. At the same time, only those who subscribe to the author’s main Instagram profile get access to this content, which is an additional bonus to its maintenance. Anyway, we hung out there for a month and matured enough for an opinion.

There is a pleasant ratio of text and visuals. For example, to report an update or simply conduct a survey, you don’t have to think about the background, beautiful stickers, and all these design things, which are default ones for Stories or posts. You simply ask a question and get an answer. Nice and clear.

Insta last updates

This is a handy format for keeping the audience in the loop about current work processes or just fooling around with a funny observation or a question. After all, you are unlikely to hear Tobi Lutke giggling in a voice message over his AI version elsewhere.

Final thoughts: We think it is the hottest one and hope that the format will soon become publicly available to test it in practice. Of course, for now, we see obvious similarities with Telegram, which we are successfully developing, but why not try ourselves on one of the Meta’s platforms, and channels are definitely not one of the new Instagram updates that we would like to miss.

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The Bottom Line

Being aware of what the new Instagram updates are allows content creators to leverage new features to engage with their followers most productively. By monitoring the changes on the platform, it is easier to adjust marketing strategy and make sure everything goes according to plan. Understanding how these features impact engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares is to improve Instagram content performance. So, you may consider Reels and Channels the ones worth your effort. They are the promising ground for staying ahead of the curve. Yet, things with notes are not that bright, as they don’t have enough potential to compete with Stories. At the same time, stay consistent with your daily routine on the platform and make the most of the automated tools to get yourself a bigger fish to fry.