Automated Direct Messaging for Instagram

Engage with your new followers with a warm welcome message. Chat online from any number of accounts and send Mass Direct Messages to your existing followers. Automate the responses by setting aside trigger phrases and shortcuts.


Group out and label your clients according to the stage of interaction or topics.
Save up to 2 hours a day with the label automation of IG DM newsletters.
Labels for bulk mail
Mail every group of people with unique personalized information. You can sort your dialogs by groups to easily filter and search them.
Automatic responses for different labels
No need to check chat constantly and repeat the same info. Your customers will instantly receive prefab answers depending on labels.
More on this below
Personal data for each client
Put private comments on chats with clients, add private info: phone number, email, address, and other client data available in DM Instagram.
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H Jessicajades D P Ready to buy, waiting 10% off Add label H D P Hot Doubting Price sent New label 30%


You’re automatically answering 24/7 now! Build an entire chain of actions,
customized by labels, keywords, and type of service subscription.
Welcome message
right after following
Immediate response
to messages with keywords and phrases
Prefab answers
for first, second, third messages
Interactions within
labeled groups
Hey, where could I find prices for you gorgeous jewellery? Here is our catalog: Can I do something else for you? KEYWORD RECOGNISED
Hello-message after following
A greeting will be sent to all your new followers. Here you can tell about yourself, your proposal, or a product. Offer your client a choice of several keywords that will help to build communication.
Keyword-based Auto-Conversations
If your client used the word “delivery” in their message, they will get all conditions and prices of delivery immediately. If "how much" and “cost” keywords are used, they will be mailed a catalog or price list. Set up any keywords you want and corresponding actions for them.
Easily customizable messages
Make your Instagram DM online conversations more personal in a few clicks. Factor in @username and the gender of your customer. Customize messaging with replacement of single words or even phrases.
Multi-language recognition
Clients from all over the world will be amazed by the level of service you offer. Automate your DM in various languages. Now we can recognize the language of your customer by their profile and a few messages.
Message Hello @username ! Thank you for your support of project. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Eng Word variations Hi Hey New variation SAVE


We say NO to confusion and YES to simplicity! Inflact Instagram Bot Powered By A.I. provides different modules, which include all our popular features. You can get a bigger discount when you subscribe for more than one module and an extended period. The decision is up to you:


The unique message design increases the open rate by 76%
How to boost sales using
Direct Messanger for Instagram
Read the story of the fragrance shop owner, who increased sales by 27.8% and customer loyalty by 45% using the Inflact DM just after two months. On top of that, with our service, you can save 160 hours and thousands of dollars. Do you want to know how to achieve the same results?
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Inflact Character Sends Messages
Type a message... Hi, you are awesome! 11:25 Thank! How can I help? 11:26 Can you tell us more about the services? 11:25 Look at the price... Go to our website. Thank
Manage chats for multiple accounts
Can you imagine that all the Instagram DMs are available on your desktop? You can control business and personal Instagram profiles in one web service.
Speed up communication
All clients want to receive immediate replies. Adjust auto-responses, create mass messaging, automate all communication processes, and improve the effectiveness of your business.
Show your love to followers
Greet your followers, thank them for following, notify them of exclusive offers and discounts. Ask what they think about your product or service. Devote your attention to the audience and prove that you care about them and their opinion.


No need to be a pro – get a ready-to-use technique for 5X revenue growth. Sign up, buy Direct Module, and leverage your inbox to generate leads.

Instagram DM module: 6 Benefits You Will Get

Messenger for Instagram Business
Use Instagram Chat for efficient bulk messaging, increased response rate, and boosted brand awareness.
Direct Messages on Desktop
Access your Instagram Chat any time, anywhere, and from any device. The possibilities are unlimited.
Single Instagram Chat
Connect all your accounts and communicate from a single Instagram Chat without constantly logging out.
Award-Winning Support
Get comprehensive support and handy promotion tips in addition to an advanced Instagram Messenger.
Unique Bulk Messaging
Randomize your texts via Spintax for a risk-free messaging campaign. Send out distinctive and engaging DMs to your followers.
Engagement and Sales Booster
Send automatic Instagram DMs to reach out to your followers. Turn them into clients with an amazing offer.


Inflact will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human being would. We offer this at a price where people would consider it as almost free.
trust Inflact
New followers
per month on average.
New clients sign up
on average.
Clients are happy
with our services.
4.4 of 5
Based on 583 reviews
Aman Kaith
May 24, 2023
Inflact provide us the best #hashtags…
Inflact provide us the best #hashtags for our reels . Almost my every copied hashtags to reels from here goes viral
Oct 06, 2022
Stellar customer service
Stellar customer service! Very reactive and kind. Really participates to the all experience
Josh Snoddy
Sep 08, 2022
I've used a few of Inflact's tools over…
I've used a few of Inflact's tools over the years and found them all to be fantastic. I'm particularly keen on their Promo and Hashtag modules. Customer service has always been excellent. Can't fault anything, highly recommended!
Yogesh Shinde
Aug 25, 2022
It sure is one of the best hashtag generator platforms…
It sure is one of the best hashtag generator platforms I have used in a while. They help me generate specific hashtags that help me garner the perfect audience via hashtags. I am glad to have found them. Thank you.
Jun 29, 2022
I did the 3 dollar 7 day trial and I…
I did the 3 dollar 7 day trial and I was surprised with how much I liked this. 10/10 instagram marketing tools. Every other service I tried felt like a scam but this one is legit! I really enjoyed the promo & and hashtags features.
Jan 10, 2022
Amazing Instagram tool
Amazing Instagram tool. Great for research and also great for those who want to use instagram features without the account on.
Dec 27, 2021
Must try there bulk downloader service…
Must try there bulk downloader service , its easy and prefect.
 Karo Buczkowska
Dec 15, 2021
Quick answers with screenshots!
I had many questions starting with the tool and the support service was really great. Very quick, concrete answers (even with screenshots). This is the approach that I really appreciate.
Nilesh Chawla
Dec 03, 2021
Amazing tools and Amazing content. Their support staff is great.
Amazing tools and Amazing content. Their support staff is great. They guide and cooperate at each step. Definitely worth a try. 5/5
Nov 26, 2021
I have been using inflact free services
I have been using inflact free services for a long time and this time i wanted to try the paid subscription as I need bulk download of my profile. Not only their responded immedialy as i was having problem with payment method ... they also helped me with the entire process of how to do it . Their support team is excellent "Lola was very helpful and very patient the entire time and answerd all my quiries and helped me with my issue.. thank you"

Need Any Help?

Read our blog to learn more about some new techniques for Instagram promotion. If you have any questions about our service, visit our FAQ section.
How many accounts can I switch to the Direct Module?
You can integrate up to 10 accounts with the advanced Direct Module. If you need to manage more accounts, contact our support at
How can the Direct Module improve my business on Instagram?
With the help of our desktop messenger, you can turn your Instagram into a client management system. Take advantage of:

  • Welcome messages to convert new followers into buyers.
  • Auto-replies to save time and reply to common questions rapidly.
  • Bulk Direct messages by filters to help you reach out to hundreds of clients in minutes.
  • Labels to help categorize chats to reach out to various specific audiences.
  • Notes and the address bar for users that are viewable for all employees to assist delivery and management for your IG-based business.
  • Searching by keywords and notes to help you find needed chats in seconds.
  • Quick replies with shortcuts that assist your effectiveness.
  • Auto-reactions that help to be responsive to your audience’s replies to stories.
Finally, you can track your performance and measure the open rate of your Direct messages.

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How to add an account for DM

If you want to add a new account, you need to order the Direct module for more accounts and authorize this account in the Direct Dashboard.

  • Go to your Inflact profile and open the menu item My Subs.

  • Find the item Direct and adjust the number of accounts you want. You can order for more than 10 accounts by contacting our customer support at
  • Confirm your choice and pay.
  • Choose the menu item Accounts in your Inflact profile.
  • Choose an Instagram account and click the button Authorize.

Now you can use the Direct module for more accounts on Instagram.

How to set up an auto-reply

Learn how to set up welcome messages in this video.

  • Choose the menu item Auto-replies in the tab Direct.

  • Click on the button Add Auto-Reply.
  • Pick the type of message you need.

  • Select labeled groups, enter keywords for replies and adjust targeting by languages for your automated responses.
  • Add variations (different versions of your message), so the system can pick one randomly.
  • Attach images, if any.
  • Click on Preview to see what message will be sent.

  • You can see how many messages were sent when you click on a particular auto-reply.

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How to sell on Instagram with DM for brands and influencers (strategies for 6-figure sales and 300% engagement growth)
Who will receive auto-replies on Instagram from me?
Both your followers and non-followers will receive replies by trigger words if their messages contain any of them. All new followers will receive welcome messages. If you set up replies by labels, only labeled users will receive the messages.
How to set up bulk messages
  • Go to the tab Direct.
  • Pick the menu item Bulk messaging.

  • Click on the New message button.
  • Insert the text of your message. Use the Spintax feature to create different variations of messages. Also, you can use the @username if you want to address a user by a nickname.
  • Upload an image, if any.
  • Activate the slider Custom filter.
  • Adjust filters for mass messages.

  • Activate the bulk messaging.
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Can I send mass messages to non-followers / a list of users? Can I import contacts from an external file to the system?
You can send mass messages to your followers and those non-followers with whom you have active threads. It’s impossible to bulk message to other categories of users or by imported usernames.
How many messages can be sent per day?
The number of messages per day is limited for your safety. Otherwise, Instagram may recognize you are spamming. It will send:

  • 100 auto-replies or 50 auto-replies with images daily.
  • 100 bulk messages daily.
You can manually adjust the limit for welcome messages in the settings.
How do auto-replies by keywords work?
Replies by keywords will be sent if you receive a message including a certain keyword. The system will recognize this word and reply with an associated response.

For example, you can list “price,” “how much,” and “cost” as keywords. Next, you can specify prices in a message, attach a media file with prices, or paste a link to your website. Every time you get a message from followers and non-followers with these words and expressions, Inflact will send the price list.

You can monitor how many replies were distributed. Go to your Dashboard → Direct→ Auto-replies→ Log to see the status of all sent messages.

What is randomization and how do I apply it?
Randomization is a smart system that helps you send messages in bulk without the risk of banning because of spam. If users send numerous identical messages, Instagram may find this behavior suspicious.

When you add variations, Inflact chooses between them and randomly sends various versions to users.
Can I use a @username to address a user in messages?
Yes, you can insert the tag “@username” if you want to mention people by their IG nicknames. Apply this hack for bulk messages and auto-replies.
How to monitor a report for sent messages
To view the report for bulk messages do as follows:

  • Open Direct→ Bulk messaging.
  • Choose the item Log on the left corner of the screen.
  • See the status for every message.
If you want to check reports for auto-replies:
Open Direct→ Auto-replies
How to set up replies to stories mentions and reactions
Auto-replies to mentions will work every time a user tags you in their story or reacts to your story. Follow these steps to set up replies to mentions:

  • Open Direct→ Auto-replies.
  • Pick Reply to First Message.

  • In the menu item, Extra settings choose Story reaction/Story mention.
  • Type the message you want users to receive from you after tagging you in stories or replying to a story.
  • Preview and save an auto-reply.
How to purchase the Direct Module
You can order the Direct Module on the Inflact main page, Direct page, or on your Inflact profile. Go to your account → My Subs to get a subscription to Direct.
How to change the subscription
You can modify the plan in the Inflact profile. Do as follows:

  • Open the Inflact profile by clicking the arrow next to your name.

  • Click on My Subs.
  • Choose the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.

  • Modify the number of accounts or period of subscription, or apply promo codes in this section.
How to cancel the subscription
You can stop the subscription anytime. You will not be charged the next month in this case.

  • Open the Inflact profile→ My Subs.
  • Click on the pencil icon in the block with your subscriptions.
  • Find the button Unsubscribe at the end of the block.
  • Confirm you want to cancel. Check your email for a confirmation letter.