How to use Instagram Direct for business? DM Tools Trends of 2022: Mass Mailing, Webchat, Labelling for Sorting out clients and Notes for building up a customer base. Stop messing around and use Direct like a pro.
10 Best DM Tools in 2022

Instagram, as a place of business, is an unbelievably beneficial, winning platform, but in terms of convenience, it is at a DISADVANTAGE.

You can’t manage the conversation with your customers properly and close purchases effectively through Instagram DM online as Instagram doesn't give you a chance to work from PC:

  • No Instagram DMs on desktop;
  • No mass messaging;
  • No convenient search for messages;
  • No useful chats sorting.

This article will show you how to monitor Instagram Direct messages and give you the top 10 best DM tools, which will help you do that effectively from any device.

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1. Inflact

2. IG:DM

3. DMpro

4. Instavast

5. Instazood

6. Instagoo

7. Instamber

8. Directbulksender

9. Getinfame

10. Gramto

Why Use Instagram Direct For Business?

I consider Instagram Direct the most underrated and underused marketing tool. It no worse and even better than email marketing, but brands sometimes ignore all the possibilities that DMs offer.

1. Closer connection with customers
According to statistics, the first welcoming message to a new follower increases his or her engagement by 89%.

2. Better customer care
You can answer all the questions about your services and goods immediately and settle disputes before they turn into scandals.

3. Nurture loyalty
Personal contact works for customers’ loyalty upbringing. Provide exclusive updates and limited discounts to get repeat customers.

4. Work with influencers
You can find new collaboration prospects and promote your brand effectively by contacting users right through Instagram Direct.

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Top 10 Best DM Tools for Desktop

Inflact — #1 for businesses of any scale

There are a number of features that distinguish Inflact from the rest of similar tools — the combination of auto bulk messaging and the whole CRM-system, which will help you manage customers’ data.

“That is details that make all the difference” — Inflact.

The key features of Inflact Direct Messenger include:

  • Auto-messaging to all new followers/all followers/custom list;
  • Spintax format messages;
  • Single chat for multiple accounts;
  • Instagram message and user search;
  • Users' profiles built-in Info;
  • Leave notes function;
  • Labels for chats;
  • User information adding.

Such a vast feature set will make the process of communication with customers extremely convenient and, through that, efficient. Here is what Direct Chat looks like:

direct chat on Instagram

Bulk messaging:

Inflact screenshot 2

Price: $29 per month (the greater period, the bigger discount)

Check out a full review of Inflact here.

#2 IG:dm Pro — Tool to DM from desktop

A lot of people asked for IG:dm review. Here it is.

IGdm pro picture

IG:dm is an old player on the automation services for Instagram market. This app needs to be downloaded, so be careful, download Desktop IG:dm only from the official website.

This tool is created mainly for sending Instagram desktop messages from a PC or Mac. Though there are cool features that you will find useful: unsend messages, delete conversations.

With IG:dm you can:

  • Continue conversations;
  • Search for users and messages;
  • Unsend messages;
  • Quote messages function;
  • Save photo and video functions.
Price: €10

#3 — curious service to DM on desktop

DMpro screenshot

This is another unique, newly introduced to the public tool for sending Instagram messages on desktop. It claims that it is a lead generation tool. It can be true if we take into account its features. The main focus has made on auto-messaging functionality.

Key features of DMpro:

  • DM to email, email to DM;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • Auto messaging (unlimited).
Price: $19 per month

#4 Instavast — famous Instagram automation tool

Instavast screenshot
Instavast is a rather popular service that helps you grow on Instagram. But speaking only about Instagram direct, Instavast offers limited functionality.

Key features of Instavast auto direct messages:

  • Auto messaging;
  • Spintax format messages;
  • Clickable links in DMs.
Price: $10

#5 Instazood — good Instagram Auto DM tool with standard functionality

Instazood screenshot

Instazood is a large-scale service, however, its certain components can’t be called unique or somehow outstanding. Despite this fact, for some businesses, it’s enough.

Want to know all methods of how to see messages on Instagram from PC? Read Instagram DM Online: Use Instagram Direct On PC!

Key features of Instazood DM:

  • Auto messaging;
  • Messaging to non-followers;
  • 18-120 messages per day.
Price: $14.99

#6 Instagooo — service for automation and easy account managing

Instagooo screenshot

How to send private messages on Instagram from PC? Use this tool!

Powerful targeting, good, functions diversity — all that can be said about Instagooo. There are a lot of good reviews on the Net, that’s why, today, it is the top 10.

Key features of Instagooo Direct Messages:

  • Auto messaging;
  • Send posts function.
Price: $29.99

P.S. The price is even higher than for Inflact; however, the functionality is not so broad.

#7 Instamber — great for mass messaging

Instamber screenshot
Instamber is also quite a well-known service for those who actively promote their Instagram accounts. The interface is similar to Instazood, so if you used one service, you won’t be confused. It’s good for sending Instagram messages from a desktop version.

  • Mass auto messaging (up to 120 messages per day);
  • Attachments;
  • Message status.
Price: $10

#8 Direct bulk sender — extremely specialized service

Direct bulk sender screenshot

This service has been created with one and only aim — mass DM sending on Instagram. The main specifics is the payments policy — you pay for the number of messages you send.

Instagram inbox desktop is not provided.

The key features of Direct bulk sender:

  • Mass messaging;
  • Unlimited accounts.
Price: Business package: 500 messages = $7,30

#9 Getinfame — cool tool for Instagram managing

Getinfame screenshot

It will seem to you that its interface is familiar. That’s right, it is similar to Instazood and Instamber. However, with it, you can easily send messages on Instagram desktop.

The key features of Getinfame:

  • Bulk direct messages;
  • No limits for messages;
  • Instant Direct Chat.
Price: $12

#10 Gramto — credible bot for promotion

Gramto screenshot
I wouldn’t say that it is a mediocre service as it offers a great variety of tools. However, you can’t purchase just one service to Instagram Direct message on desktop — you have to pay for the whole package.

The key features of Gramto:

  • Auto-messaging;
  • Live chat;
  • 1 picture and 1 clickable link attachments.
Price: $5 per month for 1 account, $20 per month for 10 accounts

The final word: Can you message on Instagram desktop?

No doubt, you can. And you can do it with benefit!

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I hope this article’s made you see: your business needs direct dialogue with customers.

To balance all the possibilities Instagram offers and all the inconveniences connected with the use of cell phones, I offer to make Instagram Direct Messenger your daily customer relationships management kit.

Inflact is a safe winner in this battle: it is result-oriented, it constantly evolves and offers the best solutions. With Inflact Direct Chat & Auto Messenger, you can streamline your sales and grow your revenue!

Start to communicate efficiently and sell MORE!