A team-up of the century? All the pros and cons of this novelty are inside.
Instagram Direct on Facebook? Is It Real?
Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks in the world today. Both projects are managed by the same company - Facebook. Therefore, your two accounts on these social networks can be easily linked and this can bring you a bunch of benefits, such as reading and replying to messages from two networks in one place using facebook direct inbox!

The possibility of connecting an Instagram page to a Facebook account is an indispensable thing for promoting business in social networks. With it, we get a useful tool that opens access to analytics, statistics, and advertising. The connecting of these two social networks also gives the Instagram account a user-friendly interface for followers and visitors. In turn, this will give status and authority to your brand.

In addition, it has recently become possible to use Direct on Facebook. That is now, you do not need to switch from one network to respond to messages in another. Thanks to the innovation, each user can do it simultaneously on one site, and most importantly, from the computer!

Learn all the pros and cons and discover the cool alternative with this article It will be interesting, I promise!

Make Friends: Connection of IG and FB accs!

Connection of Instagram and Facebook accounts gives the following advantages:

  • The ability to promote your posts on Instagram as advertising due to the linked business account to Facebook.
  • Add an address with a link to Google Maps, which makes it very easy for followers to find your store or office.
  • Possibility to call the company immediately.
  • Ability to send an email to the company.
In addition to the advantages of the interface, there are also additional useful features such as:

  • Facebook and Instagram posts can be added at the same time, i.e. automatic crossposting.
  • Notification for your Facebook friends about your Instagram prasence, making it easier to find future followings.
  • You can access your Instagram account through your Facebook login details and vice versa.
  • Great time savings resulting from the previous points!

How to make a connection through a mobile phone?

First, you need to register on Instagram and Facebook. Then:

  1. Go to the tab "Profile” on Instagram;
  2. Go to the " Settings”;
  3. Find the parameter "Linked accounts”;
  4. Click on snap “Facebook”;
  5. Log in data to Facebook;
  6. Confirm the system message.
Remember, you need to switch your personal account to business. If you don’t know how to do this read Instagram Switch to Business Account: Step-By-Step Guide and stand poised for this process!

hand with instagram direct on facebook

How to make a connection through PC?

Facebook and Instagram accounts can be connected via a computer if you can't use your phone for that. To do this, you need:

  1. Log in to Facebook;
  2. Go to the "Settings" option;
  3. Select the "Applications" section;
  4. Find from the list “Instagram” and click "Edit”;
  5. Select "for all" in the application availability graph;
  6. Then go to the "Profile" section on Instagram;
  7. Go to "publish Settings" and specify "Facebook”;
  8. Enter the data to log in to Facebook, and in the new window select "Do not save”;
  9. The message will appear: Publish the mark "Like" on Facebook - select "no”;
  10. Click on the Facebook area (the menu should appear);
  11. Select the option "Publish to" - " Chronicle”;
  12. Agree that "Instagram wants to manage your pages”.
This way you can merge one account with another.

Instagram Direct on Facebook: Real Problem!

Once you have linked two accounts, you can manage them simultaneously through a Facebook page. Instagram and Facebook are now available for you to monitor both social networks through a single window, from which you can work on Instagram and Facebook.

Now you can read posts and respond to Instagram comments on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram accounts will be linked and you will see notifications about comments in the Messages => “Inbox tab”. You can see the names of users and the time when they left a comment.

Click on the post notification to see the comments on it. They will appear side by side.

Respond to comments left under your post. To do this, click on the arrow and the name of the user you want to reply to will appear.

If you want to delete a comment from the message flow - click the next button.

By the way, Instagram usernames are not hyperlinks, so you won't be able to view their Facebook profiles.

But what's the catch? Probably you want to ask me. Unfortunately, it is!

After all, Facebook can not be used to the maximum as the place where you can read Instagram messages and respond to direct Instagram messages as well as to use all its features.

Moreover, there is no possibility to send voice and video messages, and you can not send pictures and videos, posts of other users.

What to do in this case? After all, the advantages of connecting two accounts are too big to refuse them. However, we have found a solution for you!

Get ready, it's easier than you think!

laptop with instagram direct on facebook

Real solution to the problem!

Now, It is possible to use all features of two popular social networks through Inflact Direct Chat. After all, if you have linked two of your accounts, then you can work with messages from these applications through one direct chat window. Also, there is the searching line feature that helps you to find the necessary account to start chatting with. All you need is to write the profile’s name with @ and the system finds the account for you.

Moreover, it is a convenient service for quick replies to messages if you have your own business on Instagram, which you promote also on Facebook.

Direct chat allows you to save time. After all, you no longer need to switch from one social network to respond to a message in another. Here, everything you need is in one place. This is especially actual for business accounts.

Increase your speed. Thanks to the quick response feature, you increase the speed of answers and work by 3 times!

Save your money. No need to look for untested solutions to the problem of using two networks at the same time. You pay once - and use the service to the fullest!

Keep your nerve. The service helps to save your nerve cells because you no longer need to look for a solution to the problem of communication in social networks. We did everything for you! All that is needed from you is:

  • Go to the official website of Inflact;
  • Sign up or Sign in;
  • Select “Direct Chat” option;
  • Launch your work.
I’ve already written about all other possibilities of Inflact Direct Chat in the article Instagram Direct Chat On Your PC: Make It Simple! Don’t waste time, and use what you have at full!

The choice is up to you!

The creator of Facebook and Instagram are doing everything possible for us to use both platforms, so the integration of services was predictable.

Thanks to this, the users do not have to remember and enter additional data for authorization. Everything they need is to remember email and code from the already available business page on Facebook.

No less useful will be the ability to use facebook direct message. After all, it saves time, saves resources, saves money! Solid savings!

Estimate all advantages of the new feature of Inflact Direct Chat right now! Register and surprise all followers with incredible performance, speed and agility!